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Saving The World (STWT) WE GET!      

    Saving The World by helping People Control Their Own Economic, Environmental, Mental & Physical Health.    Loving Ourselves & Each Other
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Banking For The Common Good
To Establish Common Good Banks in County/Parish Territories Protected and Defended by Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers For We The People as Opposed by Private Banking.
Progress: $ 0.00 received toward our goal of $ 20,000,000.00
For Saving The World Together Assembly, Congregation, Ecclesia, to be used Where Most Needed. Thank You for Your Contribution, Donation, Gift. You have received No Goods and or Services in Exchange for Your Contribution, Donation, Gift. ALL CONTRIBUTION, DONATIONS, GIFTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE!
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We the People will vote for members of Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association,, affirmed or sworn to, “Protect & Defend the Constitution of the united states" thereby
treating us voters equally regardless of our wealth, skin color, sex, shape, size or erroneous social
rankings, with respect, dignity and honor due the final authority to elect officers to serve us. We Will
Not allow our elected to use their office as a stepping stone to personal riches, power and control over
us Voters, or suffer you in any way interfering with our Liberty, Freedoms and Pursuit of Happiness.
Your work is to add value and meaning to our lives and help secure our individual and Public safety.

The above is more important to us than the Political Party you candidates belong to,
or campaign promises you make to get us to vote for you.

I am therefore, hereby certifying my resolve to
Progress: $ 0.00 received toward our goal of $ 480.00