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Why, (STWT)?  This question may be answered with one word!  Foundation!

All of the evil banker's use a foundation of deceit, misdirection, complication & fear!
For 20 years+ the focus of STWT has been developing a system for governing ourselves resenting evils trying to overtake & control the world!

1st off Eliminating Hierarchy!
2nd D/Tenure Bad 
3rd MaximumHealthyEverything©™,
4th Equatable Funds Distribution
2nd Management voted annually by the managed! After 360 Management Survey of candidates.

3rd We're committed to MaximumHealthyEverything©™ 

4th Monthly Surplus Funds redistributed equally
to members in area they're created.

5th Livelihood Needs are Maximized at the Cost
of Living in the area Members Live. 

6th Loving Yourself [Selfness Not Selfishness], Loving One Another & Loving All Our Neighbors Members are encouraged to ACT as lead by their own intuition of Love! 

Ouachita Parish Louisiana, Monroe, West Monroe, Where Saving The World Together Began.            BUY LOCAL

No Matter What We Believe, It Is Never A Time to do anything better than
"Loving Yourself, 
All Your Family, Loving One Another, Loving All Your Neighbors & All Their Children Also! 
THINK ABOUT THIS: Meany of Our Personal Beliefs change over our life times & nowhere
in our lifetimes is experiencing discord, discontentment, Us vs Them! Good 4 Us or Anyone Else! 

For Me or You to do less than Loving Ourselves [Selfness Not Selfishness], One Another & All Our Neighbors
including All Yours & Their Children would be to give up all the power for good Our Togetherness Provides All of
Us. In the united states the Power of Our Constitution and Bill of Rights, Mutual Respect and Honor, Freedom &  
Liberty this kind of Togetherness affords us all, as We The People!  The True Republic Government of Ourselves!


Portable Farming: Backyard & Rooftop Project for Rural Areas & City Blocks

For Viewing, For Having, For Providing A Service to Us, You Agree with Our Terms