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EnergyDollars©™ Back

Local Banking Services
Local Business Owners!
12+ Local Business Working for U!
EnergyDollars©™ in theory is based on the Energy a human exerts in one hour, most often traded $ for $ with any healthy national currency!
The 3 NOT A BANK©™ Coordinators make decisions by unanimous vote for Tabling A Decision the next seccion or Passing the subject to the 9 Coordinator Advisors for research of more information with their thoughts or for them to pass or deny by popular majority vote of the 9.  EnergyDollars©™ & NOT A BANK!©™ Services!

Are for use by Members and Non-Members of

Some Exclusively for Members Only!
Such As No Interest Loans with 7 Seven Year Loan Forgiveness Jubilees! 

NOT A BANK!©™ Locally Owned Business' EnergyDollars©™ Banking Services, is considered a Local Autonomous Decision Making Group of Entrepreneurs (Business Owners) convened for the Love of & Good for All The People in their area, fully capable of planning to & serving Your Local People as Consumers & Local Businesses based on the concepts of Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another & Loving All Our Neighbors! 


EnergyDollars©™ Back

Local Banking Services
Local Business Owners!
12+ Local Business Working for U!

You can get EnergyDollars©™ from you local participating Banks, NOT A BANK©™s or Businesses.  

Energy Dollars©™
Look, Size, Weight & Law

What the Seven Pics top of EnergyDollars©™ backside are For?

Saving The World Together Store

Atheist and People form Every Religious Background, who Loves Themselves [Selfness NOT Selfishness], 
All of Us Members and All Their Neighbors are, "Welcome Members of"

Ouachita Parish Louisiana, Monroe, West Monroe where Saving The World Together Began.      
1st STWT Constitutinal Sheriff united states City Home,-Hastings Michigan with Sheriff Dar Leaf 

A Peaceful Solution: Printable Community Flyer & Check List


No Matter What We Believe, It Is Never A Time to do anything better than
"Loving Yourself, 
All Your Family, Loving One Another, Loving All Your Neighbors & All Their Children Also! 
THINK ABOUT THIS: Meany of Our Personal Beliefs change over our life times & nowhere
in our lifetimes is experiencing discord, discontentment, Us vs Them! Good 4 Us or Anyone Else! 

For Me or You to do less than Loving Ourselves [Selfness Not Selfishness], One Another & All Our Neighbors
including All Yours & Their Children would be to give up all the power for good Our Togetherness Provides All of
Us. In the united states the Power of Our Constitution and Bill of Rights, Mutual Respect and Honor, Freedom &  
Liberty this kind of Togetherness affords us all, as We The People!  The True Republic Government of Ourselves!

Portable Farming: Backyard & Rooftop Project for Rural Areas & City Blocks

For Viewing, For Having, For Providing A Service to Us, You Agree with Our Terms