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Member's & Other's Videos/Articles/Opinions For General Content, Not For Agreement with use of Words, Ideas, Concepts or Religion. | Everyone Atheist/Every Religion Loving Themselves, Each-other & All Their Neighbors are Welcomed Members. | Give | Join | Member's Projects    Those Not Here are found through Our Members Directories.    Belief-(Freedom) by Loving Ourselves, Each Other & All Our Neighbors THE END
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Customer Service HELP! 
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7:30AM to 6PM Central Time/Monday-Friday
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Other International: (847) 255-0210
Along with your Membership you have
Members Directory and Business Directory 

you can share & link Information, your website and find and work with other members, 
Tech for Blogging, building Interests and Volunteer Groups. We Encourage working
together and 
doing business with one another as much and as often as you can.
Our Platform Provider ClubExpress Customer Service can help you be sure you are 
listed or not listed 
or only listing what you want listed in your "Members Directory
and "
Business Directory". You also have a number of other tools & Learning Videos to help
you master their use and personalize them for your use. 
You can change things anytime.


No Matter What We Believe, It Is Never A Time to do anything better than
"Loving Yourself, 
All Your Family, Loving One Another, Loving All Your Neighbors & All Their Children Also! 
THINK ABOUT THIS: Meany of Our Personal Beliefs change over our life times & nowhere
in our lifetimes is experiencing discord, discontentment, Us vs Them! Good 4 Us or Anyone Else! 

For Me or You to do less than Loving Ourselves [Selfness Not Selfishness], One Another & All Our Neighbors
including All Yours & Their Children would be to give up all the power for good Our Togetherness Provides All of
Us. In the united states the Power of Our Constitution and Bill of Rights, Mutual Respect and Honor, Freedom &  
Liberty this kind of Togetherness affords us all, as We The People!  The True Republic Government of Ourselves!

Portable Farming: Backyard & Rooftop Project for Rural Areas & City Blocks

For Viewing, For Having, For Providing A Service to Us, You Agree with Our Terms