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For: Viewing, Having, Providing A Service to Us You Agree with Our Terms, Protecting Our Members.   COVIDCURES.WORLD-          American Heroes

Member's & Other's Videos/Articles/Opinions For General Content, Not For Agreement with use of Words, Ideas, Concepts or Religion. | Everyone Atheist/Every Religion Loving Themselves, Each-other & All Their Neighbors are Welcomed Members. | Give | Join | (EnergyDollars©™)
The Peaceful Solution: Printable Community Flyer & Check List
What are EnergyDollars©™?  

What are local Currencies?

What Is Special About EnergyDollars©™?     

What are EnergyDollars©™?
EnergyDollars©™ are the Local Complimentary Currencies promoted by
They were created to help promote trained elected public servants & MaximumHealthyEverything©™
by sharing an Asymmetry of Positive information printed on each 
EnergyDollars©™ as they circulate though
communities helping to empower them for 100% Employment, advance paid up local taxes, Love & Good Will!   

What are local Currencies?
Local Community, Complimentary, Alternative Currency are Currencies that can be spent in a particular
geographical locality at participating organisations which help keep it's buying power in the local economy.

A regional 
currency is a form of local currency encompassing a larger geographical area such as a Borough,
County, Parish, therefore 
Energy Dollars©™may more appropriately be called a Local, Regional, National or 
International flexible exchange Currency as it is 
envisioned today to help small businesses & area's maintain &
build a MaximumHelathyEverything©™ Thriving Economy in today's Pandemic of Corruption with a connection
that is beneficial for everyone using EnergyDollars©™

What Is Special About EnergyDollars©™?
EnergyDollars©™ are different from all other currencies used in the world today in that they like the Swiss WIR
[Dollars] from the Swiss Membership Bank, ZAK Bank, can be and are used side by side with the prevailing
Currency of the day and other global currencies around the world in exchange with terms of use for Protecting
Members of SavingTheWorldTogether [.org]. 

The uniqueness of EnergyDollars©™ is it's origin; "Saving The World Together" (STWT) with it's Terms of Use
which each user is notified of with a statement at the top and bottom of each EnergyDollars©™. 

For example if you live in a small town named (Small Town) the EnergyDollars©™ would feature pictures from
Small Town along with Small Town Elected Public Servants who are trained in the art of Constitutional Respect
& Love 
for every man, woman & child in Small Town taught by "Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace
Officers Association".

This Localness, Pictures, Denominations of Currency 
with Pictures of Public Servants Loving everyone
with the numbering of the actual
EnergyDollars©™ printed locally becomes a counterfeiter's nightmare
and people's looking for a place to live a place to visit and explore.

Making Your Local EnergyDollars©™ making EnergyDollars©™ a valuable asset to your community, 
catapulting your local 
economy into Thriving for individuals & businesses in spite of whatever the
international Greedy, Now 2020 Pandemic of 
Corporation Bankers do or don't do!

If you're a small business person, Join Saving The World Together with 11 or more of your small business
peers choose three 3 of you to be Coordinators & 9 to be Coordinator Advisors and begin a EnergyDollars©™ 
NOT A BANK in your area today. You can check us out at Saving The World Together About Us! C Read More


EnergyDollars©™ 4-1 Thriving Local Business 4-2 100% Employment 4-3 Freedom with Constitutional
Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association 4-4 Enviromental and Physical MaximumHealthyEverything©™                                 

This isn't Wörgl Austria in the great depression of 1932This is West Monroe, Louisiana in the united states 2020
with the nightly news telling us we have over four million unemployed and run-away-spending of our private banking system called the federal reserve which many believe may lead to worse than the depression in 1932 with the principles no less deterred to steal, kill and destroy you and me and our children rather than see us Thrive in an Abundance.  With 1) thousands of alternative currencies, 2) Constitutional Sheriff's and Peace Officers backed by 3) the united states Supreme Courts and 4) The History of "The Miracle of Wörgl" & "Berkshares" etc You & I, We The Common & Ordinary People for & of the united states and Ouachita Parish Louisiana have everything to gain and not a thing to loss for Working Together to make Our Own History of a Thriving Abundance in Ouachita Parish Louisiana. You & I Together are the one's who can make this happen!

Energy Dollars©™ is a tool designed for everyone to use with a special emphases of protection for those who choose to be members of and make use of, "NOT A BANK©™s".

Energy Dollars©™ are designed to be spent and loss 1% needing a stamp to assure it's usefulness for the next 30 days / 1 month. This Makes them even more valuable as Scrip turned over transactions 415 times to a 1 time transaction turn over of the conventional currency used by Banksters in Austria, creating a Community Abundance, multiplying alternative currency's effectiveness, making $5,000 turning over in to $2,500,000.00 in just three (3) months. That will make Ouachita Parish a wonderful place of abundance to live, have a business & raise children!!! 

In My Opinion This Makes It All Worth Giving It A GO!  :Roy: Thompson

Why, EnergyDollars©™           
Ways to Get Started, Where U R With What You Have! 

Table of Contents:
[For Your Borough, County, Parish; City, Community, Neighborhood, Rural Area, Village; Thriving Economy]

What are EnergyDollars©™    |    How To Use EnergyDollars©™    |    How & Where to Get EnergyDollars©™

EnergyDollar'sBanking©™    |    What Is On EnergyDollar's©™ Front & Back & What Is It For or Does It Mean?

How Business People can begin a EnergyDollar'sBank©™ in your Borough, County, Parish Local Area!    

What are EnergyDollars©™ 

EnergyDollars©™ is the Environmentally & Physically Safe MaximumHealthyEverything©™ Low Tech dependable alternative currency copied after the Labor Certificates called Scrip in 1932 produced by "Wörgl Austria" 1932. See Story in above business Announcement Poster & 1st Video on this page, (We Accept EnergyDollars©™). 

The Purpose for EnergyDollars©™ is to help move Borough, County, Parishes into an abundance of 
MaximumHealthyEverything©™ including Personal Freedom best protected with, "We The People" backing; Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association and having control of our own local currency EnergyDollars©™ & other alternative local currencies with Employment, Food & Environmental MaximumHealthyEverthing©™Sustainability.    It was called the, "Miracle of Wörgl"! 

If you're a business owner within a Borough, County, Parish in the united states EnergyDollars©™
exist to support businesses like yours.
 Keep money circulating locally—from hand to hand to hand—prioritizing local trade and production and minimizing the money that leaks out of the local economy to credit card companies, outside suppliers, and gigantic banks.

EnergyDollars©™ is here to
1) Promote your business as a special part of The, "Your Business Community"
2) Promote Your Personal, Family, Friends & Neighbors Liberty & Freedom through Constitutionally Trained Sheriff's and all other Elected Public Servants with We The Peoples and support EnergyDollars©™ support.

Compared to large national or multi-national corporations, locally owned businesses contribute more to the local and state tax base, provide better and more stable employment opportunities (especially youth), and are more likely to purchase from other local businesses. Businesses such as yours therefore play an essential role in sustaining and enriching the vitality of our community. Add to this our impasses on Organic MaximumHealthy©™ Locally Grown Food & Local Food Hub Distribution Centers and EnergyDollars©™ is the Sustainable Stability Communities Need in Today's World!

Why accept EnergyDollars©™
Businesses that accept EnergyDollars©™ distinguish themselves in the eyes of consumers as locally owned and community-minded.

Businesses benefit from
•    Increased patronage
•    Free Business & Member's Directory

By accepting EnergyDollars©™, merchants are helping to establish markets for locally made products, providing an incentive for the growth of home-based industries, and creating opportunities for high-quality employment and new business start-ups in the region.

How do I start accepting EnergyDollars©™

If you're a business owner in a Borough, County, Parish of united states & would like to accept
EnergyDollars©™ and list yourself in our/your free Business Directory Then Join Us
Like WIR above we are a Membership Group.
It cost $1 a month shared Upkeep to join us
.  PS: You Are Also Free to Make Donations!      

It's easy!  Your business information may be listed by you in your personal and or business web directory and in any future printed materials or advertising. Please mark as ‘private’ any contact information which you would prefer not to make public.

By registering for our Personal & Business Directory, a business is agreeing to accept EnergyDollars©™ for full or partial payment for its goods and services.  EnergyDollars©™ a division of Saving The World Together reserves the right to edit and/or select entries. Confirmation of the listing will be sent by email and additional materials about EnergyDollars©™ may be other acceptable way sent.

The Law of Agreements is Rule of Law here. You own and Sell, Discount and Bonus what is yours for what you agree is fare with whomever you do so and under the circumstances that is mutually beneficial to You and Your Customer. 

You can copy and print between this and the below black line:
For Viewing, For Having, For Providing A Service to Us, You Agree with Our Terms, Protecting Our Members.

EnergyDollars©™ Basics

These recommendations may be selected, copy, cut, and pasted between the above and below black lines.  

How To Use EnergyDollars©™

EnergyDollars©™ are cash and can be handled in essentially the same manner.  We suggest devoting a separate slot in the cash drawer to hold EnergyDollars©™ One big difference between EnergyDollars©™ and dollars is that there is no coinage for change. For amounts under a dollar you can give change in US coins. If you owe more than a dollar in change it’s best to have enough small EnergyDollars©™ bills on hand to give change in EnergyDollars©™ for a EnergyDollars©™ transaction.  You may also offer EnergyDollars©™ in change for US Dollar transactions.

Have a supply of EnergyDollars©™ directories on hand to give to customers. The more places people know they can spend them the better the circulation will be.

There are many places you can spend EnergyDollars©™, and many ways to use EnergyDollars©™ received for business expenses.  Remember, you don’t give a 5% discount for a EnergyDollars©™ transaction unless or until you return the EnergyDollars©™ to the bank, so look for a way to spend them!  You can spend them on legal and accounting fees, advertising and consulting, employee bonuses, compensation of the business owner, food for staff/events, web design and development, and change for sales.

We welcome feedback and are available to advise on use of—and accounting for—EnergyDollars©™
Contact us at                    or at call                          with any questions or comments.


1. Setting up your accounting system for EnergyDollars©™:

  • Set up a separate current asset “EnergyDollars©™ cash account” (like a petty cash account) in your QuickBooks or other accounting program.
  • Set up an expense line titled "EnergyDollars©™ discount."   (like accounting for credit card fees).
  • EnergyDollars©™ are cash, so it is also important to establish a secure place for EnergyDollars©™-on-hand.
  • Prepare a "Paid in EnergyDollars©™" envelope for receipts, much as you have for petty cash

2. Receiving Payment in EnergyDollars©™

  • Remember that EnergyDollars©™ are cash and customers will want a receipt on payment.
  • Record the payment as a deposit to the "EnergyDollars©™ cash account" at the full amount received in EnergyDollars©™.
  • We recommend calculating and collecting sales tax at the full dollar amount of sale. Sales tax can be collected in EnergyDollars©™ or in federal dollars.
  • Credit the appropriate inventory line for the full amount of the sale as you would when recording payments with checks.
  • The total number of "EnergyDollars©™-on-hand" in a secure place should always equal the total amount in the "BerkShares cash account."

3. Paying invoices with EnergyDollars©™

  • EnergyDollars©™ are cash. Payments should be made in person. 
  • Remember to have a copy of the invoice so that you can have the vendor verify payment and date.  This signed receipt will go in your "Paid in EnergyDollars©™" envelope for backup purposes.
  • Credit the "EnergyDollars©™s cash account" for the full amount of the payment.
  • Debit the appropriate expense line with the same amount as you would with purchases made with checks.  This practice ensures all normal inventory controls are in place.

4. Depositing EnergyDollars©™

If you find that you have more EnergyDollars©™ than can be spent with vendors, given in change to customers, or paid to employees as a percent of salaries, then EnergyDollars©™ may be taken to one of the five EnergyDollars©™ Exchange Banks and deposited at ninety-five cents on the EnergyDollars©™

  • Prepare a separate deposit slip for your EnergyDollars©™ deposit.
  • The bank will then deposit federal dollars in your account at ninety-five cents per EnergyDollars©™ or give you the funds in cash.
  • For your accounting purposes, if the amount of EnergyDollars©™ is 100, credit the "EnergyDollars©™ cash account” with 100; debit your business checking account for $95, and debit the "EnergyDollars©™ discount" expense line for $5. 

The "EnergyDollars©™ discount" is shown as a business expense (much like a credit card fee or stock broker's fee) and the total taken from profit at the end of the year in determining your federal and state income taxes. 
Be Sure Here to Read: The Criminal IRS by Sheriff Richard Mack & check with your local sheriff before interacting in anyway with the IRS!  

The intent of the program is that more business transactions will take place as a result of EnergyDollars©™ promotion of local businesses, which can help make up for the discount if you’re unable to re-spend all you receive.
5. Exchanging Federal Dollars for EnergyDollars©™:

If you are using more EnergyDollars©™ than you’re taking in, the process is the reverse of depositing them. 

  • Write a check to EnergyDollars©™ for a multiple of $9.5, say $475 federal dollars.
  • Take the check to an Exchange Bank or EnergyDollarsBank©™.
  • You will receive 500 EnergyDollars©™.  Credit your checking account for $475 to record the check.
  • Credit the "EnergyDollars©™ discount" expense line with $25 (this is new value to your business).
  • Debit your "EnergyDollars©™ cash account" with $500. 
  • Place the 500 EnergyDollars©™ in the secure place you have already established, waiting to pay bills!
  • The total number of "EnergyDollars©™-on-hand" should always equal the total amount in the "EnergyDollars©™ cash account."

6. Recommendations:

  • Issue a specific amount in EnergyDollars©™ each day so change can be given in EnergyDollars©™.
  • Encourage change from federal dollars transactions in EnergyDollars©™ (many customers do not have time to go to the banks and like to trade in EnergyDollars©™ even without the 5% discount).
NOTE: The 5% discount is subject to the exchange rate of Federal Dollars)
EnergyDollars©™ from your Local Borough, County, Parish Community. 


  • Keep enough EnergyDollars©™ on hand in a secure location to pay bills.
  • Reference the published list of businesses accepting EnergyDollars©™ to be creative about where to recirculate them, and check for the most up-to-date listing.
  • Ask if a business will accept full or partial payment in EnergyDollars©™, even if not listed in the EnergyDollars©™ directory. 
  • Do not hesitate to place restrictions on acceptance if you need to.
  • Support branding of EnergyDollars©™ by adding "EnergyDollars©™ Accepted" in your advertising.
  • Add a EnergyDollars©™ link to your website. Ask customers if they have or know about EnergyDollars©™.
  • If you’re unable to recirculate them and the five percent discount is higher than your business margin can accommodate, limit payment in EnergyDollars©™ to 50% of sales price thus creating a 2.5% discount instead of 5%.

For Viewing, For Having, For Providing A Service to Us, You Agree with Our Terms, Protecting Our Members.
You can Copy and Print between the above two Black Lines.

How & Where to Get EnergyDollars©™
Participating Local Banks and EnergyDollar'sBanks©™ as of now , 95 Fed Debt Based Notes or dollars or Their Equivalent in other Currencies yield 100 EnergyDollars©& 100 EnergyDollars©™ yield
95 Fed. Debt Based Note dollars or Their Equivalent in other Currencies.

You can get EnergyDollars©™
from your local participating Banks, Businesses & "NOT A BANK©™s, providing local banking services by 12 or more of your local business owners for your convenience".  

EnergyDollars©™ can be spent at face value to pay for the goods or services offered by participating businesses —for example, 10 EnergyDollars©™ can be used for a $10 purchase. This face-value spending provides the consumer with a 5% discount when making purchases with EnergyDollars©™, while also serving as encouragement for businesses to continue circulating the currency: the business faces a 5% loss in revenue when exchanging back to federal, national or other dollars or bank notes.

Today, Thousands of Currencies, united states Constitutional Sheriffs with Supreme Court backing, it's Lawful & in my opinion necessary for a Borough, County, Parishes' economic survival. Energy Dollars©™ can make a Life Much Better than Starving To Death Depression! That Is A Fact! YES IT IS! DON'T YOU AGREE?
your Energy Dollars©™ with, "Your Faces and Palces" added on them! 

$1 Front Side: Ouachita Parish Louisiana united states
$1 Back Side: Ouachita Parish Louisiana united states


Your information will be added to the EnergyDollars©™ Directory.
Your business information will be listed on our web directory, in printed materials, and in our print advertising.  
By registering for listing in the
EnergyDollars©™ Directory, a business is agreeing to accept EnergyDollars©™ for full or partial payment for its goods and services. Listings in the EnergyDollars©™ Directory are free. Energy Dollars©™
 reserves the right to edit &/or select entries. Confirmation of the listing will be sent by email & additional materials about EnergyDollars©™ by mail. If you have questions or would like to put together your registration via phone or email, please contact us at (___) ___ ____ or info@EnergyDollars©™
Everyone Can Use EnergyDollars©™ for Local Abundance & help secure Freedom & Liberty for Ourselves & All Our Children Supporting Training of Local Sheriffs all Public Servants.

You can get EnergyDollars©™ 
from you local participating Banks, Businesses & "NOT A BANK©™s; providing local banking services by 12 or more of your local business owners for your convenience".  

Energy Dollars©™
Look, Size, Weight & Law

What the Pics top of EnergyDollars©™ backside are For?

Saving The World Together Store

Atheist and People form Every Religious Background, who Loves Themselves [Selfness NOT Selfishness], 
All of Us Members and All Their Neighbors are, "Welcome Members of"

Ouachita Parish Louisiana, Monroe, West Monroe where Saving The World Together Began.      
1st Constitutinal Sheriff us City Home 2020 choice is, -Hastings Michigan with Sheriff Dar Leaf 

A Peaceful Solution: Printable Community Flyer & Check List


No Matter What We Believe, It Is Never A Time to do anything better than
"Loving Yourself, 
All Your Family, Loving One Another, Loving All Your Neighbors & All Their Children Also! 
THINK ABOUT THIS: Meany of Our Personal Beliefs change over our life times & nowhere
in our lifetimes is experiencing discord, discontentment, Us vs Them! Good 4 Us or Anyone Else! 

For Me or You to do less than Loving Ourselves [Selfness Not Selfishness], One Another & All Our Neighbors
including All Yours & Their Children would be to give up all the power for good Our Togetherness Provides All of
Us. In the united states the Power of Our Constitution and Bill of Rights, Mutual Respect and Honor, Freedom &  
Liberty this kind of Togetherness affords us all, as We The People!  The True Republic Government of Ourselves!

Portable Farming: Backyard & Rooftop Project for Rural Areas & City Blocks

For Viewing, For Having, For Providing A Service to Us, You Agree with Our Terms