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Extraordinary        YOU
Always Remember You Are Absolutely Unique. Just Like Everyone Else. Margaret Mead    WAIT FOR VIDEOS TO POPULATE

The Original Story
One day while shopping
at one of my favorite
Food Stores in Monroe, LA.

Your Word Is Your Bond

Too many people loosely throw out their promises to others, and do not keep them. Whether it is through failing to arrive on time, or not completing something , a lack of conviction in keeping ones word is horrible quality to have. We have all undoubtedly experienced a ‘flaker’, someone who comes up with an array of excuses to get themselves out of a plan during the last minute. You might have planned the event months prior and talked about it in great detail however, something always ‘pops up’ for the flaker.

If the flaker is a repeated offender they begin to diminish in our eyes, we start to lose respect in them as they prove time and time again that they are not worthy of our trust. They throw their word out loosely with no attention of keeping it, these people lack integrity in a major way.

A Collection of Equatable Truths:

1) We are not a product of our circumstances!
We are better off by making logical positive rewarding choices but Not A Product of Them Ether!
However We are a product of Our Creator, Pure Love and Pure Truth!
Meaning We Are Each and Every One of Us, All of Us, Truly Awesome! 

If you do not believe in Our Creator, then Please accept my conclusion of known facts that You Are Truly Awesome! (Yes Even If You Are Misbehaving right now).

Science Proves, We Humans Where Made to Love Ourselves, Love One Another, and Love All Your Neighbors.

 The Logic of Existence; What Is, Is What It Is!  What Is, Is Not, What It Is Not!

2) We tend to take on the thoughts and actions of the average of the five people we spend the most time with.

3) We take on the thoughts & actions, attract, become what we think about most of the time.

4) Doing Something New (small, medium or large) may help renew yourself proud.

5) Mental Freedom is a product of Handling Automatic Negative Thoughts (ANTS),

6) Remember Fear and Excitement are similar feelings, 
in 5 (5, 4, 3, 2, 1) Seconds the choice is yours.

7) Your mind can only hold one thought at a time so make it a intuitive logical positive one.

8) Courage is external, from Our Creator, from Our Logical Resolves, internal, and from the external support we feel from others.

9) Make Pure Love & Pure Truth your Clearly Defined Worthy End Goal and
Pure Love & Pure Truth will energize Extraordinary YOU. All other paths are less rewarding. :Roy: Thompson 2019

10) Loving Yourself, Loving One Another and Loving All Your Neighbors which includes honor and respect and freedom and liberty to act for Yourself, and for One Another and All Your Neighbors defense against harm, fulfills every united states Constitutional, Bill of Rights Laws!

Loving Yourself, Loving One Another and Loving All Your Neighbors with mutual respect and honor and freedom to own and liberty to make choice without coercion or deception is the point of, the goal, the quest of every Constitutional, Bill of Rights Establishment of Religion.

Hierarchy and Usury forces subordination of We The People while consorting with demons produces fear, complicated thoughts, confusion, discord between ideas and peoples, and therefore is Opposed to the Freedom and Liberty of We The People, The Constitution and Bill of Rights!








Extraordinary        YOU
Always Remember You Are Absolutely Unique. Just Like Everyone Else. Margaret Mead


NOTE: This is not a dating or match making and marriage counseling site.
However as it is, Love Is Where You Find, Commit to, Create or Choose to Love. 
Friendship Is Where You Find, Develop or Make & Nurture Friendship.

Therefore You May want to visit googled sites on Relationship Training & STWT:
for interest beyond that of Loving Yourself here at "Extraordinary YOU".

YOU    Relationship Training & STWT    Things You May Want 2 Know!


Ouachita Parish Louisiana, Monroe, West Monroe, Where Saving The World Together Began.            BUY LOCAL

No Matter What We Believe, It Is Never A Time to do anything better than
"Loving Yourself, 
All Your Family, Loving One Another, Loving All Your Neighbors & All Their Children Also! 
THINK ABOUT THIS: Meany of Our Personal Beliefs change over our life times & nowhere
in our lifetimes is experiencing discord, discontentment, Us vs Them! Good 4 Us or Anyone Else! 

For Me or You to do less than Loving Ourselves [Selfness Not Selfishness], One Another & All Our Neighbors
including All Yours & Their Children would be to give up all the power for good Our Togetherness Provides All of
Us. In the united states the Power of Our Constitution and Bill of Rights, Mutual Respect and Honor, Freedom &  
Liberty this kind of Togetherness affords us all, as We The People!  The True Republic Government of Ourselves!

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