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⤋ Only, Call Your Sheriff 1st! 

Sheriff Richard Mack's Video above was hacked so people could not view it,
therefore I have written Sheriff Richard Mack's comments for you to read below.

As long as it works you can go to: 
Sheriff Richard Mack's Video Vaccine Announcement to listen to the video
in it's complete form or perhaps above if it gets worked out.  10/25/2019

"I get information about the swine flu vaccination all the time. 
I talked to doctors about it, I talked to nurses about it. It hasn't been tested.... 

You can see the propaganda coming out. 

But If anybody starts forcing you to take it. 
Tell Your Sheriff! and let him [or her] know IMMEDIATELY! 

I have talked to lots of sheriffs across the country and they said they will not allow forced
vaccinations by anyone on any of their constituents.

So make sure if you see anything coming down the pike that says you have to take it or
you are going to jail or you're going to some quarantine camp, make sure you get a hold
of your sheriff right a way and put a stop to it." 
Sheriff Richard Mack   

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