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08)  EMF, 5G and Energy DOT ((Body Health)) Harmonizers, Smart Meters-5G. [[[[[ Vaccines???? Answers!!!! ]]]]]
Why Some Are More Impacted?

Many feel EMF emissions around them, headaches, migraines, skin rashes, or hives their physicians cannot explain. Often our body's response to EMF exposure.  The more sensitive generally have toxic chemicals in their bodies and cannot handle the additional assault.  They're Our 21st century Canaries showing EMF symptoms before the majority.  The  effects will be worldwide, taking 5, 10, 15, or even 20 years for this low level radiation to reach it's full killer occult agenda of killing most of us (Dr. Rima Laibow Verified 97%ers Population Control).

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(949) 551-3397          Elizabeth Plourde, Ph.D.,          Marcus Ploude, Ph.D.

Hi Roy, Got your message.  We are on the road and will try to call you on Wednesday.

Our products are programmed for 5G and have been for some time.  5G is going to be difficult on people as it has a shorter traveling distance and it absorbs into obstructions (buildings - trees - people).  Therefore, it will need boosters within office buildings and homes. So people are going to be sitting closer to the 5G routers.

Our product line is the best available of its kind.  I have been looking for some time to find a product that can outperform the energyDOT line and have not been able to find anything that better.

We want to be the ones with the best available always, as that is what people need in this sea of EMF energies we are all being assaulted with constantly.

Thank you,  Marcus (and Elizabeth), (949) 551-3397,  Marcus Plourde, Ph.D.,  Elizabeth Plourde, CLS, NCMP, PhD,  New Voice - smartDOTs / energyDOTs, 
 New Voice Publications.

24 hours after receiving your Dots, the health devastation from a digital meter (replacing a working great meter on a neighboring
apartment) was healed. I was back to walking & riding my bicycle without the itchy skin, swollen legs, excruciating pain & foggy
brain syndrome.  I was no longer in misery and near death, but alive and well again. Thank You, Love U2!  
:Roy: Thompson

EMF Help Center .com

Defensive Measures 4UR Health
Shielding Against AMR & Smart Meter Radiation

My Friend & Longtime Advocate for Freedom, Justice & The Seemingly Underdog like "We The  People" "Humans" against the bullying of "Toxic Mold", "Steve Fox" Whom I 1st met in my 1st Mission in Ouachita, Parish, Louisiana. "The One Way Coffee House" on Hwy 165 North, near ULM, then NLU (Northeast Louisiana University) in 1970. Steve's family is the second largest land owners in Ouachita Parish, Louisiana. Stephen used & recommends the using of a Smart Meter Guard which is featured  in some of the video's he sent me below with other's I added which I believe relevant to a good understanding, for reducing the amount of EMF Waves bombarding us 24 /7 from Smart Meters and cellphone towers.  If I had a smart meter on my home or apartment I would and do recommend using or making a Smart Meter Guard like Stephen did and because we know now as the videos below example, Smart Meters also creates dirty electricity throughout your home or apartment even with the use of the Smart Meter Guard. The Dirty Electricity Fix is presented in the following videos "How To Fix Dirty Electricity".  

See Other Video's below also. EMF is a subject you want to be in the know about! :Roy: Thompson 02/2019

Googled: Stetzerizer Dirty Electricity Filters    Doctor EMF (Libby Darnell) Revived Living Products     Salt Lamps 
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Some Snap Shots of What Greed Has & Is Doing Globally!
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How to Eliminate EMFs So You Can Sleep, Focus, 
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