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by :Roy: Thompson
The following is not part of STWT's Common Beliefs but Ideas & Concepts of our autonomous  hosting, free thinking team for All Us Prospering in Freedom, Health & Love. STWT is not concerned with members personal beliefs but Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another & Loving All Our Neighbors. THE END 

   Our Hearts Desire is for us to Grow, Invent, Love & Thrive Together in a MaximumHealthy©™
  Ecological, Economical, Physical and Social Environment of Love.
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Not Any One of Us People, Our Loving Friends or Loving Families Are Safe!
Our Children & None of Their Loving Generation's' Freedom, Liberties Or Pursuit of Happiness Are Safe, As Long As There Is One Elected Local, Borough/County/Parish, State or Federal Public Servant That Is Not A Member of Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association, Constitutionally Trained by & Endorsed by Them ( 

01) Why Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association?
02) What Historical & Scientific Evidence of Freedoms Loss Is There?
03) How Did The Greedy Rich Start and Get Control, Take Over?
04) How Common, Universal & Constitutional Law differ from
The Greedy Rich People's Self Profiting Fake Pretend Laws?

You may take exception, even violent exception to the above opening statement and Some if not all the above four questions I propose to answer.  

If you do, Please consider turning off your television, radio News Stations, stop reading the Bad News Papers and their propaganda designed to make you think in ways that result in those earning money off of your compliance to your blinded enslavement of yourself. For they are Farming You like an animal, making themselves the recipients of 99% of your's & the rest of the world's riches & you & me more of their debt 'slaves.

The Above Statement, is Reality, whether you think you have a lot, Billions or a little, nickles & dimes or like me considered poor in the united states but having food, shelter, clothing, running water, energy for cooking & running appliances, filtered air, a Water? The Water Need & Solutions  for drinking, cooking & showering.

We the united states so called poor with a roof over our heads, refrigerated food & Electricity Are Rich beyond Imaginations of most humans who lived before us and
are alive Today. 

              Dr. Rima Liabow AVD Card-                         Neighborhood Alliance

However, I think this story from us Thompson Children's Childhood may help you understand where I am coming from. [I am over 70 years old today]. There where four of us Thompson Children, Barbara was the oldest and in High School while the other three of us where still in Elementary School when we moved to Phoenix Arizona. Dad had taken a job as the Manager of Olin Mills Portrait Studios.  [Founded in 1932 now owned by Lifetouch inc.] Where my sisters and I would sometimes work in the call or telemarketing center to make a little spending money.

It was this desire for spending money that took us Thompson Children in various directions, such as Selling Envelopes discarded by a business door to door and putting on Magic Shows and Knife Throwing Exhibitions for the neighborhood children's change, pennies, nickle, dimes and Quarters while we where in Elementary School in Phoenix. 

Dad managed Olin Mills but his calling was that of a Missionary working in the united states as a member of an institutionalized religious group. A Sniper & Cook in the Military. He loved studying Greek and Hebrew Languages, had a doctorate degree and a sizable library that went with us everywhere he went.

Dad was a politician that worked to help put others in office.  Grandpa was a Secret Service agent, radio personality, with one eye known as Two Gun Thompson for some of his signal handed daring fits [using his gun and taking the gun form a notorious killer and his brother, bringing them in when no one else would go after them alone or with others] among his servicemen piers and among others for successfully rabbit hunting with a pistol. This was before they where called secret service [W.L. Thompson Sr. you may even find records of him being sheriff of New Orleans while blasting away at voters corruption on the radio and his 3 times candidate for Louisiana Governor]. 

My Uncle Ivy All Marine Corp Fighting Champion. Uncle Joe and Uncle Jack where also decorated military. Joe liked to see how much pain you could endure, while Uncle Jack a joyful person, fun to be around, smaller and faster than most, after the military enjoyed putting on shows, wrestling matches. I liked to watch him. 

This background information with the fact that a Magic Professional lived with us for a while whom we learned a few tricks from may help me explain some of my opening paragraph, why I might think the way I do. 

Yours and My Possibilities of doing and reaching and experiencing has and is being challenged by those who see us as properties it is their right to own, to exert control over for their benefiting from our very existence. 

These are insane peoples who are sick in the head.

This does not mean that everyone who has riches is evil, wrong or not a loving and great person. Some who have riches actually Love Themselves, Love You and Me and Loves All Their Neighbors.

These We All Want As Our Loving Friends and Our Loving Neighbors.

If you don't want them give them to me,
I will take them anytime of the day or night. LOL That's A FACT!


We’ve all heard the saying "one bad apple spoils the whole bunch," and have probably seen instances where it does apply to people, but does it actually happen with fruit?

Yes. As they ripen, some fruits, like apples and pears, produce a gaseous hormone called ethylene, which is, among other things, a ripening agent. When you store fruits together, the ethylene each piece emits prods the others around it to ripen further, and vice versa. (Fun tip: Want to quickly ripen an avocado? Stick it in a paper bag with an apple overnight.)

The riper a piece of fruit is, the more ethylene it produces, and overripe fruit gives off even more ethylene, eventually leading to a concentration of the gas that’s enough to overripen all the fruit. Given the right conditions and enough time, one apple can push all the fruit around it to ripen—and eventually rot.

Additionally, an apple that is infested with mold will contaminate other fruit it's stored with as the mold seeks additional food sources and spreads. In both cases, it actually does take just one single apple to start a domino chain that ruins the rest of the bunch. [From Google Article]

One of the most frighting things I did in my life was standing up to the community bully who in my eyes was much bigger, stronger & faster than I was.

I around 15 years old, believed this boy was a monster to be avoided.

However stealing our toys was one thing but he was now saying he was going to hurt my sisters. Believe me, my younger sisters could take care of themselves. Once in a Phoenix Arizona Elementary School two boys started to hit me and my two younger sisters showed up like out of nowhere and began humiliating them and beating them with their purses. They did not really hurt the boys but I am sure they could have.
You where always better off trying to hurt me than messing with my sisters,
they could hurt you but prefered humiliating you in front of everyone else. LOL

Even though I realized my sisters could take care of themselves I felt responsible for taking care of this treat to them, myself, so I walked up to the bully in the middle way of a long road he often walked and told him he needed to return our toys and never threaten my younger sisters again or (as I looked up into his face) I told him I was going to hit him.

I believe He Laugh at me and got very load and mad at me spouting some kind of four letter words I would never use. So, I hit him like I said I would and to my surprise he turned and walked toward his house and so did I turn and walked back to mine.

That night my dad asked me if I had hit the neighbors boy, I told him the story.

Dad said the boy was in the hospital where his jaw was broken in a number of places and they did surgery wiring his jaw back together. The bully returned our toys he had taken and never threatened my sisters again. That was the only good thing about the incident, middle road on the way to the bullies house.

This is the way it has always turned out when these global bullies come face to face with Our Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers, the bullies back down.  

You see they know it is not just the Constitutional Sheriffs they have pitted themselves against to carry out their abusing us and trampling all over our personal Inalienable Freedoms, Liberties and Rights but it is us and our constitutional laws which includes Our Supreme Court and each and every one of We The People of and for the united states they are facing off with an defending armed force of We The Peoples which according to the Global Coalition for The Rule of Law with Karen Hudes and 189 Minsters of Finance and over 70% of all the world's armed forces and all of us of and for the united states which they can not hope to win over or stop.

And they already know they have lost that battle before they can start the war against We The People with Our Constitutional Sheriffs and Peaces Officers. 

You may want to know:
"How these guys who back down when they come face to face with Sheriff Richard Mack and Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers, and armies of Volunteer Natural Solutions' Foundation, Dr. Rima Liabow Lawyers

I would like to answer that question for you.

But before I do I would like for you to know a little more about who these guys are that have controlled the planet's riches and been farming you and me and most all of the planet's people efforts for their profits of blood for close to 7,000 years. So Please humor me and spend some time listening to the videos and read about the things you learn at the following two site:   
1) Greed 4$, Power & Control Gone Fully Mad  
2) We can Master Language or Be Mastered by Those Who Do!

I will link: 
"How Crazy (Off In The Head) Deciever's Stole The World?"
on the above two pages for helping you
find the answer to this question for yourself!

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No Matter What We Believe, It Is Never A Time to do anything better than
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THINK ABOUT THIS: Meany of Our Personal Beliefs change over our life times & nowhere
in our lifetimes is experiencing discord, discontentment, Us vs Them! Good 4 Us or Anyone Else! 

For Me or You to do less than Loving Ourselves [Selfness Not Selfishness], One Another & All Our Neighbors
including All Yours & Their Children would be to give up all the power for good Our Togetherness Provides All of
Us. In the united states the Power of Our Constitution and Bill of Rights, Mutual Respect and Honor, Freedom &  
Liberty this kind of Togetherness affords us all, as We The People!  The True Republic Government of Ourselves!

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