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DNA Scientist Prove Adam and Eve as they call them are every human's origin couple. They were, "Black Skinned Africans" and 
that there is almost less than 1% difference in our human DNA while there is almost 3% difference in the DNA of monkeys, making it a fact that there is only one race and that all of us are Humans and related to one another. Furthermore our biological, physical and mental makeup, human nervous system is hardwired making all of us with a natural empathy, feelings of compassion for one another.

Therefore we where 
all created to Love One Another which is short circuited mostly by the temporal feelings that come with the illusion of having more $$$$, more than others giving us feelings of having the upper hand with more riches or social control like that which in today's world comes most often with the holding of a public office, thereby creating a cap between Loving One's Selfness, Loving One Another and Loving All of One's Neighbors and widely destructive greedy behaviors of self serving profits over the health and wellbeing of others.  

These scientific facts in evidence is why "" Resolution & Campaign
for the selection of Constitutional Trained and Endorsed candidates for our public offices in the united states be approved 
by the "Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association" ( Proving, to you & me & our children that they Know, Understand & are willing to Uphold, Defend & Obey the Constitution & the Bill of Rights & all congruent laws in and for the united states before we vote and put them in a public service office. 

Imagine! (We The PeopleOne Race) For 
You & Me, More Freedom Forever!!   

2019+... In The Partial Truth
for Maintaining  Corporate Profits, NEWS!

Videos & Outside Materials in or linked to this website are for general content,
 not for agreement with use of words, ideas, concepts or religion.

Video Evidence In Facts Provided Below (See Dr Phil)
Trump Signed Papers Saying He Legalized Good For Your Health Industrial Hemp, Non-Hallucinogenic Cannabis. 
Industrial Hemp IS NOT MarijuanaIndustrial Hemp Sprouted, Microgreened, Juiced Cures HUMAN SICKNESSES!
Replaces bad for the Environment Petroleum Based Products and Pharmaceuticals that are killing us & our Earth!

Bad 4 Health, High THC Hallucinogenic Cannabis Marijuana Is Poison! Industrial Hemp is Maximum Health 4 ALL

Get A Copy of "Sheriff Richard Mack's" book, County Sheriff America's Last Hope

With a Constitutional Sheriff we can
Grow, Invent, Love & Thrive Together. 

Without a Constitutional Sheriff                 
We are Doomed to Repeat The Bad Past    
Those Who Do Not Remember The Past Are Condemned to Repeat It. George Santayana
The Bad Past &: "We The Awakened!"

Every united states Borough, County, Parish priority needs be the Election of a RosaParksApproved
Constitutional Sheriff, to Protect and Defend Their Liberty and Freedoms from infringement by political tyrants.

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