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21 Modalities for Maximum Human Health in The 21st Century!
The Only Answer to Sicknesses-Premature Deaths!
  Knowledge, Understanding & We The People's Unified Defense Against 
Deceivers profiting from $
DiseasesGov., & Wars with Totally Misleading Global Dissemination of Carefully Packaged Lies.

21 Modalities for Maximum Human Health in The 21st Century!
01) 90 Essential Nutrients,  ((Diabetes Types 1&2 4 Our Customer Service Award Wining Banker Harmony H.))
02) OMAD-One Meal A Day, / "Self-Eating Cell" Research [Intermediate Fasting?] Wins Nobel in Medicine
03) Immune System Science & Genius Record Verified Control. Training, Breathing and Cold Showers, 
04) Burst Training: Fat Loss, Muscle Building, Age Slowing, Excising Only 16 Minutes Every Other Day, 
05) Grounding for Healing our body's of and for our Physical Muscles, Brain and Internal Organs, 
06) MMS &/or Anti-biotic/Anti-fungal/Anti-Inflammatory/Anti-Mold/Anti-Viral P73 and Diatomaceous Earth
07Natural Action Structured Water Unites / Improving Sight / Vision Coaching    See Modalities 01-07 Below  

08) Non-Toxic ((Miracle 2 Concentrated Money Saving)) Cleaners, 
09) EMF, Energy DOT ((Body Health)) Harmonizers, Smart Meters & Vaccines, 
10) Maximum Healthy Biodegradable Sustainable Farming, Hemp; Appliances, 
Cloths, Food, Fuel, Housing, Manufacturing Equipment, Paper, Plastics, Vehicles & More....
11) Apartment/Fodder/Home Garden, Portable, Polyface and Permaculture Design Farming...., 
12) Maximum Healthy Clean Energy Sources, 
13) Maximum Healthy Housing/Offices & Local Sustainable Manufacturing, 
14) Maximum Healthy Inside and Outside Air, with Healthy Sustainable Fuel and Transportation.  

15) Stress Reduction, Sleep Hacking and DSM Madness!
16) Benefits of Wild, Organic Maximum Healthy Herbs and Spices, 
17) Eating Veterinarian Only or Eating Both Plants and Eating Animals?,  
18) Eating Organic Foods Only or Eating Poisoned Foods & Sugar or Zylitol?, 
19) Local Borough/County/Parish Currency & Banking for The Common Good, 
20) Constitutional Borough, County, Parishes, Sheriffs, Peace Officers & We The People

21) Archenemies: Freedom, Liberty, Life & a Healthy Abundance vs Debt, Greed, Corrosion & Slavery

Our Self Healing System    01-07    08-14    15-21    Lagniappe.
Grow, Invent, Love & Thrive     Product Recommendations

01) 90 Essential Nutrients    90 Essential Nutrients | Dr. Joel Wallach | Youngevity | Ultimate Classic

02) OMAD-One Meal A Day / "Self-Eating Cell" Research Wins Nobel in Medicine

03) Immune System Science & Genius Record Verified Control. Training, Breathing and Cold Showers, 


The Benefits of Cold Showers (Wim Hof)

Wim Hof Breathing Techniques, Mind Over Body! 

04) Burst Training: Fat Loss, Muscle Building and Age Slowing, Excising Only 16 Minutes Every Other Day

Burn FatIncrease Muscle & Slow AgingExercising 16 Minutes ⇊M-W-F or EveryOtherDay⇊

< Burst Training  (16 Minutes M-W-F or Every 2 Days) Videos Left <
^Above^ 60 sec. Bust Training & 3 Minute Rest Timers^
gallon water jugs make good beginner Dumbbells.  

05) Grounding for Healing our body's of and for our Physical Muscles, Brain and Internal Organs,

06) MMS and/or Anti-biotic/fungal/Inflammatory/Mold/Viral Oreganol P73 & Diatomaceous Earth

MMS "Miracle Mineral Supplement" for many things but it may be used as food by Fungus and Mycotoxins!

In May of 2019 at the beginning of my "Me: Jonah & The Ruston Tornado Whale" story moving to the South Side as it was the only place available with the short noticed appearance of The Tornado Whale in Ruston, LA gave us! Confronted with an ant bed about a foot high running from one side of the apartment to the other, all I did was to spread some Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth over the top of it and left it for two weeks. Using a old boat paddle I was able to trash all the soft dirt left over, as all the insects all died and or where long gone. I plan to try this in the back of the apartment also, where it is a thriving mosquito swamp.:Roy: Thompson

07Natural Action Structured Water Unites / Improving Your Eye Sight

Improving Your Eye Sight

  • My Experiments On Vision Correction ... -

    Jul 31, 2018 · If your vision is less than -1.00 myopia you should NOT jump to glasses. The right eyeexercises can heal your vision rapidly. My improvement was -0.75 to -0.25 in 2 weeks. But if you test your eyesight in an eyeglass store you’re going to be pressured to buy a pair of glasses. So test your eyesight with your doctor.Author: Vishen Lakhiani

  • Dr. Joel Wallach Youngevity Healthy Brain and Heart Pack

    Dead Doctors Don't Lie With Dr. Joel Wallach - Live Radio Show:

    DrWallach has been appearing recently with George Noory on Coast to Coast AM. Catch our regular Dead Doctors Don't Lie show on the air or here in our podcast library. Talk to DrWallach Live, 12noon - 1pm PST : 888-379-2552

    21 Healing Modalities         01-07    08-14    15-21    Lagniappe.
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