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21 Health Modalities  The 4 Diabetes   Practitioners
The Only Answer to Sicknesses-& Premature Deaths Is Knowledge, Understanding & Unity Against profiting from Diseases & 
with Totally Misleading Dissemination of Carefully Packaged Lies.                            Get Your Vaccine Opt-Out Card Now!

21 Modalities for Maximum Human Health in The 21st Century!
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01) <<<<< Dr. Joel Wallach Nutritional Products, (90 Essential Nutrients/ 90 for Life)<<<<<
02) OMAD-One Meal A Day, / "Self-Eating Cell" Research [Intermediate Fasting?] Wins Nobel in Medicine
03) Immune System Science & Guinness World Record Verified Control. Training, Breathing & Cold Showers, 
04) Burst Training: Fat Loss, Muscle Building, Age Slowing, Excising Only 16 Minutes Every Other Day, 

05) Grounding for Healing our body's of and for our Physical Muscles, Brain and Internal Organs, 
06) MMS &/or Anti-biotic/Anti-fungal/Anti-Inflammatory/Anti-Mold/Anti-Viral P73 & Diatomaceous Earth
07)-Natural Action Structured Water Unites / Improving Sight / Vision Coaching   
08) Non-Toxic ((Miracle 2 Concentrated Money Saving)) Cleaners, 

09) EMF, Energy DOT ((Body Health)) Harmonizers, Smart Meters & Vaccines, 
10) Maximum Healthy Biodegradable Sustainable Farming, Hemp; Appliances, 
----Cloths, Food, Fuel, Housing, Manufacturing Equipment, Paper, Plastics, Vehicles & More....
11) Apartment/Fodder/Home Garden, Portable, Polyface and Permaculture Design Farming...., 

12) Maximum Healthy Clean Energy Sources, 

13) Maximum Healthy Housing/Offices & Local Sustainable Manufacturing, 
14) Maximum Healthy Inside and Outside Air, with Healthy Sustainable Fuel and Transportation.  
15) Stress Reduction, Sleep Hacking and DSM Madness!
16) Benefits of Wild, Organic Maximum Healthy Herbs and Spices, 

17) Eating Veterinarian Only or Eating Both Plants and Eating Animals?,  
18) Eating Organic Foods Only or Eating Poisoned Foods & Sugar or Zylitol?, 
19) Local Borough/County/Parish Currency & Banking for The Common Good, 
20) Constitutional Borough, County, Parishes, Sheriffs, Peace Officers & We The People

21) Archenemies: Freedom, Liberty, Life & a Healthy Abundance vs Debt, Greed, Coercion & Debt Slavery

We Look for Cures That Work, You Can Choose from for Yourselves: 
1) Looking for healing modalities worldwide in consideration of 
A) long term effectiveness,          
Alkaline PH, Water, Food and MDs
B) ease of application,                         
Alcohol, Pot Smoking, Sugar & MDs
C) sickness & disease coverage,
The Hemp ( ) Solution 
D) availability & cost. / / Porn &TV / Zero Waste
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