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For Viewing, For Having, For Providing A Service to Us, You Agree With Our Terms, Protecting Our Members.
Videos, Outside Materials, Members Opinions; For General Content, Not Agreement with use of Words, Ideas, Concepts or Religion.     For MaximumHealthEverything©™  "Freedom & Abundance".    000000007    HELP

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LAWS 1-15, 16-20, 21
Our Clearly Defined Worthy, End Goal IS:       BACK TO: Our Laws, Love & Politics
To be an active part of Saving The World Together from             
The Lack of Knowledge, Lack of Understanding and The Lack of Unity
through an Asymmetry of Positive Information and Individual and Cooperative Acts of Love.



Saving The World Together (STWT) Governing Rules of Laws

1a) All Our Correspondence, Identifications of Products, Services, Stuff and Things shall begin and end with this statement: For Viewing, For Having, For Providing A Service to Us, You Agree with Our Terms. or with the addition of: (Protecting Our Members.) or (SavingTheWorldTogether) or ( 
1b) Every member has every other members blessings for posting their own comments or videos etc. on web pages that maybe provided for them to do so providing they began with this statement: The following is not part of STWT's Common Beliefs but Ideas & Concepts of our autonomous hosting, free thinking team and members for All Us Prospering in knowledge, Freedom, Health & Love.  STWT is not concerned with members personal beliefs but Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another & Loving All Our Neighbors. THE END.

2) Every situation is to be judged on it's own merits, No situation is to set a precedence for any other situation. 

3) The Spirit and Letter of All Our Laws is to "Love Ourselves, Love One Another and Love All Our Neighbors" & is to be judged accordingly without the use of corrosion or deceit keeping our word as it is or was given as closely as is humanly possible without greed or lust for more stuff, things, $$$$, power and or control over others.

4) We Will Never Keep Records of anyone's Learning Experiences as Failures, Mistakes or Wrong Doings!!!!
Note: GO FOR IT!!!!   

5) Each Active group of members in their Borough/County/Parish members of Saving The World Together©®™SM
 wanting a manager will annually after the use of any 360 evaluation of candidates for members viewing, elect three members to hold all titles, deeds and bill of sales who will be referred to as Borough/County/Parish Coordinators and each of them will appoint up to three (3) people to act as their Borough/County/Parish Coordinator Advisers. Note: As long as Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association ( remains the Constitutional, Bill of Rights Upholders and Defenders of The Constitution and Bill of Rights as The People's Protectors, their president or any of their board of directors will be considered as a forth Coordinator and have the right to be notified of meetings time and places four weeks in advance, and to speak at any and all Coordinator Meetings. 

All Borough/County/Parish Coordinators will annually elect three (3) members to act as their Global Coordinators. 

Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association as long as they remain Constitutional Bill of Rights adherent Founder Sheriff Richard Mack or any one (1) of his assigned or replacements and their assigns shall have the right to attend and vote in any and all Global Coordinator meetings and CSPOA be given a minimum of 1% of STWT's Global surplus monthly funds before distribution to STWT members and services and the same goes for each endorsed local Borough, County, Parish Sheriff for local meetings which will also receive an appropriate portion of all monthly distribution of surplus funds.

Members are Self Organizing, Self Managing using a 360 Evaluation (Free Open Source or Other 360 Evaluation of their choice) electing their management for the coming year. [Googled: Open Source Free 360 Evaluation] This makes for an almost Zero Stress Working Environment with every member having a voice, a verbal share!  Your Group may choose any type structure they are most comfortable with President, Secretary, Treasurer etc. with understanding people will elect those expected to fulfill management roles annually by those they are expected to manage the next year. With (3) people from each Borough/County/Parish in the united states elected each year to hold the titles to properties of Saving The World Together for adding Value and Meaning to members (Ministers of Love) in their Borough/County/Parish or equivalent area defended and protected by an elected Sheriff and armed peoples of their local area. If your Borough/County/Parish Sheriff is a member of and endorsed by "Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association", "" that Sheriff shall be considered the 4th person member of the (3) people elected by the peoples (citizens) of that Borough/Parish/County or his or her assigned election of any 3 of his or her deputies as a quorum voice on any and all matters of gravity that your sheriff feels needs his or her professional voice and vote for. 

6) A. Only the unanimous votes of all three (3) or four (4 if the Active Member, Endorsed by Sheriff or anyone of his or her named assigns is in attendance of the meeting) Borough/County/Parish Coordinators can pass any decision. 
B. Only the unanimous votes of three (3) or four (4) Global [or Interplanetary Coordinators with Sheriff's Representative in attendance] can pass any decision. Both A and B above includes those decisions voted on by their Coordinator Advisers. Without a unanimous vote the issue voted on will be tabled to after the next election (up to one year) before reconsidering it) unless there is a unanimous decision to do otherwise.

7) Coordinators may generally postpone a decision for up to three (3) months and then it must be completed.

8) Decisions may be passed to the Coordinator's Advisers for more research and recommendations or for them to decided by majority vote.

9) Every Borough/County/Parish Saving The World Together membership may employ any Organizational Meetings Structure that most fits their situation but is encouraged to study and employ Self Management Meetings Principles avoiding all truly hierarchical systems that create subordinates and add stress which accompanies hierarchical systems. Search, Study & Learn: Self Management and Worker Owned Structures.

NOTE: Learning to hold short stand up meetings may be worth a go!  

10) As long as Tax ID Numbers or their substitutes are used for securing Wholesale Buying and Exemptions form Federal or State or Local or Other Sales Taxes or securing any other economical advantage by Saving The World Together they will be available to all active members along with any other ministering support advantages our structure provides for members ministering to themselves, each other and any or all of their neighbors. 

Saving The World Together (STWT)
21 Non-Amendable Expanded Laws

Laws 1-15

01) Do for Each Other & Our Neighbors those loving, helpful, kind and healthful things we would want Each Other & Our Neighbors to do for us & those closest to us.  This is non-amendable law.

02) All for 1 & 1 for All. This is non-amendable law. 

03) We Do What We Love, What Needs To Be Done, Love & Help Take Care of Each Others Needs.  This is non-amendable law. 

04) Whenever possible, reasonable, doable, We will!: “Grow It!, Make It!, Invent It!, Build It!, Produce It, (with NO Planned Obsolescence), (to last as long as it is possible) Use It! & Share It to HELP OTHERS”! OURSELVES!!!  Holding All Our Own Patents and Allodial Titles, Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc.

Our Doing Also includes but is not limited to use of "Maximum Healthy©™, "MaximumHealthy©™, Maximum Healthy Everything©™,  MaximumHealthyEverything©™, MaximumHealthyFood©™, Maximum Healthy Food©™, Bamboo & Hemp, SM1997, Maximum Healthy Frequencies and The Blocking and Criminalization of the use of frequencies that are adverse to human, animal and planet health, the building our own Internet, radio, television, and all other types of communications networks with frequencies and other modalities
 that are best for promoting Safer and most secure Organic, "Maximum Healthy©™SM1997" Hemp when possible, for Human and Animal and Plant Life and Growth, Our Own Farms & Distribution Centers, Permaculture Blocks, Neighborhoods, County, Parish Communities, Neighborhoods, Forest, Villages, Towns, Cities, Permaculture & Back Yard Farming Blocks, Defense, Scientific & Entrepreneur Research Facilities, Development Facilities, Invention Facilities, Production Facilities, Distribution Facilities, and All Manufacturing designed for Sustainable Local Borough/County/Parish Growth, Manufacturing/Processing, and Distribution and Production Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc., Vehicles, Air Planes, Air Ports, Doctoring Consultants Clinics, Hospitals, Housing, County/Parish "Community Guard", Local and Global Networks, Marine Vessels, Space Ships, Villages and Local and Global Network of Local Currency or Currencies, and anything else that we want and desire to do that fits within the perimeters of Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another and Loving All Our Neighbors Etc. Etc, Etc. Etc. 
This is non-amendable law.

05) We Will Do No Harm! Human Life & The Constitutional Bill of Rights begins at Conception. 
This is non-amendable law.   

06) There Shall Be NO Hierarchical System [Systems Producing Subordinates, Stress, Sickness, Divisions & Premature Deaths Among STWT Members. This is non-amendable law.   

07) The Greatest among Us shall be the Servant of All of Us! This is non-amendable law. 

08) The Least One of Us All, Is of the Most Importance to All of Us! This is non-amendable law. 

09) There Are:
No Big Shot Positions,
No Politician Positions,
No Priest Positions,
No Apostle Positions,
No Prophet Positions,
No Pastor Positions,
No Shepherd Positions,
No Monk, Rabbi, Teacher, Sensei Positions,
No Queens, No Kings,
No Princes, No Princesses, No Presidencies,
No Heads of Parliaments, No Secretaries of State, just people, you & me & everyone else that loves one another & All our neighbors with acts of real help like we would want them to be of real help to us & those we love who are of equal importance & No One More Important than You Are Among Us. This is non-amendable law.


(Our old-fashioned "Plan & Purpose" walk for pleasure, in full view of the public) Should any STWT's Members, [Good Samaritan Family Neighborhood, Ministers of Love], decide to act outside of our Laws of Love, at the moment they decide to do so & before they do the unloving act or acts which may cause harm to someone or any of their belongings, agrees that they have done so outside of the scope of their calling and thereby relinquishes their protection by our laws & is encouraged to make other STWT Members, aware of their dis-fellow-shipping act or acts, & seek our help with restoration with  Saving The World Together©™sm (STWT) [.org], Members and personally take full responsibility for restitution with the party or parties for their personal act or actions which may have caused any harm, damage or cost." This is non-amendable law.   

Law 11a-k) 

Law 11a) Debt NO DEBT!  Saving The World Together is to always be a Debt Free Assembly, Congregation, Ecclesia / Ekklesia. 
For 1 Member, "Minister of Love",  "Good Samaritan Family Neighborhood Minister of Love" to try & use any of STWT's things, stuff, properties as collateral in any negotiation, agreement, deal or loan would put all Members in Debt. That is Never!, Never! Never! Never to happen! NOT EVER!!!! 

To Attempt In-debt-ing, obligating STWT to debt "Will Be Automatic Excommunication", considered as an "Act of Economical Violence" Against STWT & turned over the Sheriff & Police Chief for Criminal Charges in the secular world for attempted fraud & robbery to be tried by their laws which is provided for in our terms of agreement!  This is non-amendable law.   

Law 11b) Usury NO INTEREST! Loans by request or from the Ministry Account of Members ["Ministers of Love", "Good Samaritan Neighborhood Ministers of Love"], STWT Members, Expense Account will never be made with interest, the schedule of repayment under the complete control of the of the Member with any balance at the end to the loans 7th (Seventh) year forgiven, zeroed out for the Loans Year of Jubilee with a new debt free beginning for the Member ["Minister of Love..."] (Loans maybe used for elections only for members of "The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Offers Association in good standing endorsed by them (No Exceptions). No exception to this Law. This is non-amendable law.

If any government City, Country, State or Federal or Private (Banking etc) employee or anyone else ask for a record of any kind from you the Member / ["Minister of Love" "Good Samaritan Family Neighborhood Minister of Love", "Minister of Love", or if you just go by, "Member"] concerning Your [Ministry] Work of Love for and with "Saving The World Together" you should tell them that the records with the exception of your receipts for contributes are the property of Saving The World Together, confidential and not yours to share with them and you should ask them for "the information Sheriff Richard Mack tells us we should ask them for when ever they contact anyone in the united states". See Sheriff Richard Mack's article: The Criminal IRS for more information and you may also want to contact your Local Borough / County / Parish Sheriff and STWT Local Borough/County/Parish Support Team and if contacted twice with a request for information you must refuse them because that information is the proprietary property of "Saving The World Together" it would be considered prudent for you to send a copy of the request to your local Constitutional Sheriff.

Note: Private Information IS NOT HIDDEN SECRETS it is business that is none of some one else's business.
For more information on business being none of ours or someone else's business see
Am I Believing A Lie?.

NO HIDDEN SECRETS APPLIES TO THE FACT THAT ALL BOOKS ARE OPEN TO ALL "Automatically Tenured" [Ordained Members] (Members who have been members over seven (7) years. (This is to be an automatic process which gives each member the authority to request and receive any information about any and all of Saving The World Together accounts and accounting by submitting a request to your local three (3) active Coordinators about ministry opportunities and training form anywhere they may exist.)  ["Ministers of Love, Good Samaritan Family Neighborhood Ministers", "Ministers of Love"], STWT Members who are in good standing. 

TAKING NOTE OF THE WORK DONE BY THE MEN OF SCIENCE (5 ATHEIST & 1 CHRISTIAN SCIENTIST) IN THE BOOK "LIGHTS IN THE SKY & LITTLE GREEN MEN! Our members are encouraged to do everything they can to avoid fearful experiences like those covered in the book attributed to demonic spirits.  
This in non-amendable law. 

This in non-amendable law. 

 WITHOUT OUR KUDOS, LOVE & OUR MEMBERS UNDERSTANDING AS MUCH AS AND WHENEVER POSSIBLE, We are on a Journey to Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another and Loving All Our Neighbors for Which Their Is In Reality No Such Things As Failure.

Everything Counts In Our Experiences of Learning!!!!
Learning Experiences on the way to achieving a worthy goal like falling out of swings while having fun are to be celebrated always & neighborhoods & blocks working together, growing Maximum Healthy Food™©sm eating together, meeting together even daily & playing & celebrating together being extended family, always encouraging one another with Kudos for Learning Experiences (Not to be considered or called Mistakes & Failures) & Go For It! positive attitudes. Let's do our best with this. Let's help proliferate neighborhood family, Family Neighborhoods everywhere we live. 
This is The Progressive Realization of a Worthy End Goal of Loving Ourselves, One Another and All Our Neighbors. 
This is non-amendable law.

Law 11f) NO 
Deceitful or Pagan / Occult Practices or use of their symbols or deceptive names or double speak is to be exercised or used in any way as an acceptable practice among us.... This in non-amendable law. 

Law 11g) Living Expenses Process for All Members.
STWT SHALL MAKE LIVING EXPENSES AND EXPENSE ACCOUNTS AVAILABLE TO ALL MEMBERS-regardless of age or marital stations or secular world earnings STWT funds for living expenses based on the average cost of living in the area, Borough/Country/Parish/State/Country they are dwelling and Ministering in along with all [ministry] STWT work expenses and any special needs funding approved by their County/Parish Support Team, Coordinators or their assigns when the funds are available to be assess able through their [Ministry] Members Expense Account.

Note: The Technologies Used for Us (STWT) to accomplish this will be the best available with the goal of conforming as soon as possible to the best method (s) recommended by 
Karen Hudes and the 189 or more Ministers of Finance or their equivalents, replacements in the event they change their name or plan and purpose of serving all humans to help us avoid interference by The Black Pharaonic Nobility, Roman Catholic Society of Jesus, Jesuit Priest & their Satanic, Pagan, Occult Enslaved Mind Controlled and or Black Mailed Followers.) This is non-amendable law.

The Following Laws concerning STWT Funds was taken from information provided by ancient text I learned from, used by so called Christian Bible a collection of 66+ writings which may have been like all other such text, translated, transliterated and added to and taken away from by many different peoples over many years through the multiple and various versions. The videos I am posting here by some of our modern day religious leaders & a Employee Ownership Group are of course for general content not STWT's agreement with word usage, meaning or religious views but in hopes of helping you and I to better understand the reasoning behind them. 

Without a plan for using extra funds corruption in non-profits is common. That is why the following laws exist. 


LAW11 h) & LAW11i) Tells us how Our Distribution of STWT's Ministry Funds Work:
These are non-amendable law.

LAW11h) Priority for use of Funds:

We want the best for our Borough/County/Parish, Communities, Neighborhoods and desire building self funded Volunteers to help our Local Elected Sheriffs, Peace Officers, Police Officers, Marshals, Rangers & Local Elected Protectors, Our Public Servants [Government] Officials and their staffs by encouraging members to pay Local Sale Tax in support of our cities when using Our Ministry Expense Accounts, whenever it seems right for them to do so, taking into consideration all the aspects of their situation.  

Priority 1: Members Health Needs. 
Motto: We Do What We Love Doing, What Needs to Be Done, Love and Help Take Care of Each Others Needs.

Surplus Monthly Funds are distributed to the Borough/County/Parish they came from to Member's Expense Accounts, as Described in Law 11i below:  

The Remainder/Surplus each month is divided 50/50 between the following:  One Half equally to each: Member as described in detail in Law 11i) below. Note Expense Accounts [Begins when Programmed] where Funds originated. 

The other 1/2 half to Community Services divided equally as Law 11i below details:

The following LAW11i; 01)-10) & 01-08 maybe personalize and adjusted for each Borough, County, Parish's needs.

Our Laws for Love & Truth

e want the best 4 our neighborhoods and communities and desire building self funded Volunteers to help our Local Elected Officers & Local Gov. by encouraging our members to pay local Sale Tax when using their Expense Accounts whenever possible or not if needed for personal r other's needs. 

Priority 1: 
Members' Health Needs

Motto: We Do What We Love Doing, What Needs to Be Done, Love and Help Take Care of Each Others Needs.

Livelihood Needs = Cost of Living....
Available with Members Expense Acc.
Surplus Monthly Funds are distributed to the community they where received from Ministry Expense Accounts, as follows: 
.02% total monthly surplus funds divided & Library of Needful Things
Borough, County, Parish originated.

The Remainder divided 50/50 between the following:  One Half equally to each: 
Members Minister's" Expense Accounts [Begins when Programmed] where Funds originated. The other 1/2 half to Community Services divided equally as shown to ur right> (Continued Right Top) 01-10 & 01-08 >>>>

 Note: 6 months Livelihood needs Save

Needs NO Coordinators' Approval.

After Developing a Save of (6) Six Months Livelihood Needs Funds in Expense Account Surplus Funds will be redistributed to Borough, County, Parish Projects as follows:

[At 6 months save people physiologically relax.]
01Safe & Effective Schools
02) Library of Needful Things
03) Neighborhood Training Centers for STWT, CSOPA, Farms, Ranges, Offices etc.
04) Sheriffs' Volunteers, 
05) Police & Marshals Volunteers, 
06) Constitutional Guard Volunteers, 
07) Elected Gov. 
Volunteer Projects
08) Neighborhood Multipurpose 
DoctoringConsultants Clinic Centers

09) Neighborhood Emergency Services & 
"Help Needed" Contingency Fund. 
10) Housing for Wounded Warriors +....

Individually to the following Teams

01-Borough/County/Parish Response Team
02-Borough/County/Parish Support Team
03 Wherever Needed Response Team

04 Anonymous Global .... Support Team
05 Data Processing, Cyber Security Team
06 Public Image, Ads & Web Design Team
07-Environmental Maximum Health Team

08-The G.I.F.T.S Team Caravans (Trainers)

This is Non-Amendable Law

First Members & Members They Assign & Members their Assigns Assign...., In-Perpituity shall have the right to attend any and all meetings in every Borough, County, Parish or Global Territory, speak, express their opinions and vote on whatever is called for, sign whatever needs be signed in keeping with our Non-Amendable Laws, to help the peoples fully establish new works, projects etc. in the development of and for new Borough, County, Parishes, other places globally to help felicitate MaximumHealthy©™ Progressive Realization of STWT's Clearly Defined Worthy End Goals.

Exception to the above is: Unless a member or member(s) have reason to and have asked their Coordinators not to, and their Coordinators agree not to use 1st Members or any of their assigns, giving them more time to develop where 1st members help is not needed or desired for them to accomplish the task or tasks on their own. If 1st members and their assigns help is needful then everything 1st members and their assigns can do they shall plan to be of help in every way they can.  

All 1st Members and Their Assigns in perpetuity may create divisions of Saving The World Together with the unanimous approval of the coordinators elected in the Borough, County, Parish or Global Territory they are serving or the unanimous agreements of the other 1st Members  or 1st Surviving Assigns before that Borough, County, Parish or Global Territory Coordinators are elected by the members they serve.

First Members and their assigns etc. are not obligated to help but seek to be helpful and encouraging however, whenever and wherever possible!

Our Priority Here is providing a means for getting thing done! Without unnecessary delays!
Without establishing hierarchical oversight but corroborative engagement!                          

First Members: :Roy: Thompson:Rachel-Selena: Crain
:Jayron-Darnell: WilliamsChuck EastSheriff Richard Mack,
 Gerald Pool.
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can
change the world, indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead 


Surplus Funds, Usury [Charging or Paying Interest] and Hierarchy are a real demonstrable fraud, corruption, threats to every monetary establishment. 

Politics Always Emerges when there is “NO Objective Function.”
If you are part of an army, a group or team with a performance based functional funds assignment, that doesn't happen.

Therefore our members and projects must all have a singular Funding Objective, Function based on our Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another and Loving All Our 

There is also a great danger of accumulating to many assets which leads to “a power oriented leadership engendering moral and spiritual decay”. 

Let us take a learned lesion from the Center for the Study of Global Christianity, Fellowship of the Martyrs, IRS Professionals, Karen Hudes & Sheriff Richard Mack and others.

Just listen how, to much funds are doing things that have not one thing to do with their 
publicly posted agenda and has 
 the Loving Agenda spouted by them in the following video.

Saving The World Together Does Not Want To Follow Them In This Misuse of Funds or Go There, Ever!  So, as you will find out we distribute our monthly surplus back to public services for our members and our helping those in need of help and our members who can and will and do fulfill those needs.

        Videos & Outside Materials in or linked to this website are for general content, not for agreement with use of words, ideas, concepts or religion.

Our Objective Function in all our works is to Love and be of real help to Ourselves, Family, Friends and Other Loved Ones, One Another and All of Our Neighbors together by sharing with one another what our needs are & investigating and discovering how we can be or real and better help to one another and our neighbors with the resources we have. 

We are a need based, Not Greed Based Assembly, Congregation, Institution, Common Belief, Faith Based Organization. 

Therefore All Our Funds, Accounts are subject to our Laws, and view-able by all of our 7 Years of Service, Tenured, Ordained Members who may question or make recommendations as to the reasonable and appropriate distribution of funds and assets that may be or are coming anywhere close to being that of a hording or inappropriate accumulations of monies and assists by all individual ministries and assemblies and when and if applicable including those of Global or Interplanetary Operations. 

Every one of us 7 Years of Service, Established, Ordained, Tenured Members are encouraged to actively participate in this accountability to One Another as a loving and most needed safeguard to our vision for that of being of real help to One Another; For Safer, Economically, Environmentally, Physically Healthy & Loving Family Neighborhoods.  

Any attempts by anyone to discourage such needed and desired accountability may be subject to an investigation into the reasons for their descent to our call for accountability as any and all of us who are 7 Year Tenured, Ordained Members need to be subject to just accountability For Safer, Economically, Environmentally, Physically Healthy & Loving Family Neighborhoods. 

Caution shall be always be taken as to each projects merit and the individual member's freedom and liberty to make choice under the leadership of the "Pure Love & Pure Truth" living in them to choice and interference must only be taken under Our Republic Rule of Laws which applies to each and every member of STWT without exception. This is important to avoid the slavery the world has been subjected to by the hierarchical influence of a tyrannical Federal Government and the likes of the Black Nobility & their Jesuits Priest and Pagan Practice followers from the Roman Catholic Church

We ask all our members to take a Minimalist MaximumHealthy©™
pproach to living as opposed to a Materialistic Approach
 to Living!

1 NO OILS              2 NO GRAINS       3 NO SUGAR         4 NO PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS     Necessary Nutrients
Over The Counter & Prescription Pharmaceuticals Kills Enzymes. Killing Telomeres Enzymes, shortens lifespan.
Structured Water                      6 Salt SaltWorks       7 OMAD & Intermittent Fasting   8 Hemp, Raw Seeds & Leaves

Our Priorities Shall Always be:

The Individual's Freedom, Liberty to Choose, Factual Health Information and Well Being!

STWT's General Functions, Ministries, Priorities, Projects, Works:
1) Saving The World Together [Asymmetry of Positive Information]
2) Rosa Parks Approved [City/Raul Borough, County, Parish Action]
3) Library of Needful Things [City/Raul Borough, County, Parish Involvement]
4) Grow, Invent, Love & Thrive Together [AllAround Health/Wealth & Thriving]

[See Sheriff Richard Mack's  "The Criminal IRS"]  
This is Non-Amendable Law 

11j) Every Member and Every Project is encouraged to take someone with them when they do and go for Saving The World Together especially for helping develop apprentice and the fellowship of work, task sharing.  This is Non-Amendable Law

11k) Factious Entities (Cooperation(s) etc) & the use of their products and services and clever devices and any and all of their stuff are to be avoided, preferring the doing business with living humans and those businesses that are 100% living human worker owned and operated businesses for adding Value and Meaning and NO Planned Obsolescent Maximum Healthful Use to We The Peoples of Our Borough, County, Parish lives.  This in non-amendable law.

Law 12) NO LEASES Saving The World Together will always pay in advance for needs or wait till they can & when they have the funds to do so, or no more then 1 month at a time including the maximum insurances needed to cover all possible liabilities for the unexpected if this can not be generated by the local Borough/County/Parish Support Team. 

The final approval for anything
 rented must come from the Local County/Parish Support Team with their 3 Coordinators' Unanimous Approval. The "Local Borough/County/Parish Support Team 3 Coordinators" holds all bill of sales, Certificates of Title & Allodial Titles for STWT "Borough/County/Parish, Local Family Neighborhoods and Communities". 

Everything that is reasonable & appropriate must be done to help, to corporate with each individual member, rather they refer to themselves as just a member or a ["Good Samaritan Family Neighborhood Minister of Love" or "Minister of Love"] in pursuit of their acts of Loving Kindness to themselves and or to others. This is the reason for STWT's very existence, to help empower our Members to Love Themselves Care for themselves, their families, friends & Neighbors" Doing what they as, We The People of Our united states and Our World, Loves to Do, What Needs to Be Done, Loving & Helping Take Care of Each Others Needs. This is non-amendable law

Saving The World Together has NO EMPLOYEES EVER! 
Only 1) Viewing, 2) Attending, 3) Registered and 4) Non-Registered Members. This Is Non-Amendable Law

Our Priority Ministry Places away from our homes shall be the Poorest Places. 2018 in USA that was Lake Providence, Louisiana, in the World that was Bolivia. This is non-amendable law.

Law 15) Subversive and Aggravating Entities. 
Our Prime Directive: is two fold:

 PRIME DIRECTIVE: 1) Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another and Loving All Our Neighbors.
2) No Aggravation (Every project's major negative cost ). If You Aggravate You Have To Go!

LAWS 1-15,16-2021

Videos, Outside Materials & Members Opinions in or linked herein are for general content, not for agreement with use of words, ideas, concepts or religion.
Ouachita Parish Louisiana, Monroe, West Monroe, Where Saving The World Together Began.            BUY LOCAL
NOTE  Writing, videoed Materials and Conclusions by STWT's 1st 1997 Member, ":Roy: Thompson" and Others

in or linked to this website are for general content, not for agreement with use of words, ideas, concepts or religion.
No Matter What We Believe, It Is Never A Time to do anything better than
"Loving Yourself, 
All Your Family, Loving One Another, Loving All Your Neighbors & All Their Children Also! 
THINK ABOUT THIS: Meany of Our Personal Beliefs change over our life times & nowhere
in our lifetimes is experiencing discord, discontentment, Us vs Them! Good 4 Us or Anyone Else! 

Saving The World Together's Plan & Purpose for Us Members, Is Not being a beliefs separated Peoples but
a Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another & Loving All Our Neighbors Networking Society. 1 for All & All for 1.

For Me or You to do less than Loving Ourselves [Selfness Not Selfishness], One Another & All Our Neighbors
including All Yours & Their Children would be to give up all the power for good Our Togetherness Provides All of
Us. In the united states the Power of Our Constitution and Bill of Rights, Mutual Respect and Honor, Freedom &  
Liberty this kind of Togetherness affords us all, as We The People!  The True Republic Government of Ourselves!

For Viewing, For Having, For Providing A Service to Us, You Agree, with Our Terms.