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20x20 BoxFans+ MERV 13-17+ Air Filters, Better Than Expensive Air Filtration Systems. 
Box Fan Air Filtration System Infromation Review/Automatic Humidity Control 
 4 Shoulder Hight Areca Palm:+ 6-8 waist high Snake Plant+ Many Money Plants


Oreganol P73, Wild Oregeno Juice has 3000 ORAC Points per gram 1/4tsp.

North American Herb&Spice Hemp

Miracle 2 Non Toxic Products  01/10/2019

 PHONE (318) 325-4265, 800-277-5444,
738 Well Rd, West Monroe, LA 71292-5444

I use Maricle 2 Soap and Neutralizer  all the time. They are concentrated, Non-Toxic and save a lot of money and have been recommended by doctors who have had great result with them for themselves and their patients. I believe the soap in laboratory test has been found to kill all if not almost all known pathogens also. As far as the company goes they only sell Maricle 2 products as soap and leave all the great results up to their customers. Which include many doctors and their patients.

I Remember when Clayton Tedeton the original mixer of Miracle II Soap, (Today's Mixer Kirk Tedeton, Clayton's AWESOME son) brought me the first Miracle II Soap I ever had. Miracle ll Soap saved me tons of money as it is concentrated, a little goes a long way. I mean a long, long way compared to other products. I use it for my dish washer in very small quantities. Showering,  spraying myself, leaving a small amount damp on my skin as it repels insects also.  I keep 22oz spray bottles with little tsp or table spoon of Miracle ll Soap and 
Natural Action Structured Water to spray insects and clean up with, both add to its lower surface tension and drowns insects while the water protects our bodies from any harmful effects. Miracle II neutralizer has been a Miracle (so to speak) for washing my eyes. The Neutralizer I have been told has been used by farmers to Neutralize toxins from the earth before planting and getting rid of insects. When you call their office they can not and will not talk to you about product claims, but they can refer you to knowledgeable people who can share with you what the products have done for them and they will do that. 

Please do not be alarmed by the controversy over Alkaline Water.  I overheard a man who did not pay my contracted fee with him, years ago, talking aloud, laughing about a man in the room with us buying the united states rites to sell a Alkaline Water Multilevel Marketing machine with $ he stole from his new wife. If he was successful in buying it or not I was not witness to that at all however this made him & my so called friend, real John D. Rockefeller type con man. I now know both of them fooled me for a while, that is for sure, LOL.  I still Love & Wish Them Well,  just don't do business with them anymore. All of us can be fooled sometimes!
While I believe Kirk Tedeton has made a mistake being in selling PH water & provide much documentation to that fact in the videos above on your right, produced by exceptional academic professional scholars....

....I know the Tedetons are some of the most Honest and Loving People's you may ever meet in your entire life and consider it a Miracle and Wonderful Blessing to Know them at all. I Love Them and In My Opinion You will never find any more wonderful loving people in the whole world!!!!  
:Roy: Thompson

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Taking Activated Charcoal Daily?

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