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Me: Jonah & The Ruston
Tornado Whale Story:Roy: Thompson
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Me: Jonah & The Ruston Tornado Whale Story
builds on what has been learned from Indoor Environmental Health
It is both on the side of Every Credible Conscientious Landlord & Their
Staff Like Mine; Gabe & Marci Livingston, Jennifer GonzalesMike Myers & Renters.
WARNING: The Following May Be A Shock 2 U, As It Has Been To Me!!!!

Before We Begin My Story Let Me Introduce You to Some of My Heroes!
Mike & Jonas
 Myers  Need a place to rent? Have Possums? Call Them! The Following is
a Redneck 4 Hire Episode with My Heroes' Gab & Marci Livingston, Mike & Jonas Myers.      

Northpro Properties, West Monroe Rentals, Office 803 E, West Monroe, LA 71291 
318-723-7555 You Will Never Find more Caring Landlords than Gabe & Marci, Property Management Jennifer Gonzales or 
Maintenance Bunch of Peoples which includes Mike Myers etc., etc, etc.... Gabe & Marci'e Northpro Properties and
Jennifer Gonzales takes your living safety and health seriously fixing leaks right-a-way. I believe they are people you can trust.
:Roy: Thompson Call them if you need a place to live. 318-723-7555 

Of Course, 
:Rachel-Selena: Crain (KLove),  :Jayron-Darnell: Williams & Sheriff Richard Mack are also my Heroes!!!!

However, "I Jonah and The Tornado Whale" became a reality when I felt lead to move to Ruston with Section
8 Housing and try and be of help and closer to :Rachel-Selena: Crain (KLove) & her friends where I could. 

THE FOLLOWING IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION: (Sorry but spell check & many other things don't work right on
this hacked Windows 7 older laptop) Last Edited: 09/23/2019, 7/12/19 6:30pm

KLove with her young wisdom had already put me on track to better health practices when I was looking
in the wrong places. I contribute KLove's advise to saving my life several times. It is my hope and belief
KLove's skills, training and wisdom will continue this helping peoples, millions of us around the world. 

KLove's Environmental Safer, More Abundant Maximum Healthy Land, Water & Air with An Abundance of
Food, Clean Air, Food, Land and Water for All The 
People's Worldwide. 

It can be so confusing out there in Investigative Research land that even the best researchers
(Which I Do Not Claim to be one of) can easily be miss lead off track into more sickness and  
(totally and unnecessary doing more sufferings bought on by deception and misdirection of those who
profit most from our buying into their health illusions, misdirection & out right carefully packaged lies). 

It had been almost 22 years ago I began working at Saving The World Together .org with :Rachel-Selena:
(KLove) joining me in her joiner High school years.

We had talked about her up coming Tech University
graduation and how
we would like to have the opportunity to live close or together for a while which had
been blocked from us in the past with the misuse of Courts, School Systems by misguided Principles
at some of :Rachel-Selena: Crain's last high school taking it upon themselves to do this evil against us. 

We mostly missed out on each others company since :Rachel-Selena: was almost 6 years old. Opposed
by simple jealousies and parental alienation brought about by the on-slot of interference of the deceptive 
practices propagated by and inherently evil unconstitutional Legal System and Academia, and Medical
Systems loosely and conjointly connected to Big Pharma and our us government for the indoctrinating &
drugging of our children
& masses of parents, while Profiteering from selling over the counter &
prescription drugs & Stifling Accelerated 
Learning Potentials of our youngest to oldest of, "We The
Peoples of and for Our 
1776 Constitution with the 1789 Bill of Rights and all congruent laws being the
enforced prevailing law of & for the united states!!!! NOTE: We Are All Proud to be a throne in their side!

For years KLove and I was left with only one option which was for me to write a letter to her 6 days a week
numbering every 
letter and enclosing a two dollar bill, $2.00. I knew KLove would get the letters, at that
time the Post Office 
was very good at delivering letters, every one was deliverer which they have shown
that this is no longer the case as after almost 2,000 letters with $2.00 bills in them where delivered they
get loss in the mail today. That Is Sad!   and brought this practice to a stand still.

I remember KLove when she was around four years old (I used to get to baby sit with her dayly)
tugging on my pants saying you do not have to buy me anything else in the future just get
me one thing and you will never have to buy me anything else. Asking OK what is it. She said, just get me
one of those plastic cards everyone uses when they go up to the counter with stuff and I can do the rest!
KLove (:Rachel-Selenena: Crian was always in advance classes of thinking) I Am Very Proud of Her!!!! 

"Me Johan & The Ruston Tornado Whale Story" Continued....

This may and will no doubt seem far fetched and very loose and not connected ideas and thoughts by most
or many of you reading this.  My Missionary & Landlord Friend, Gabe Livingston told me once that many of his tenants where trying to steel everything they could from him.  I Remember my friend Troy Kennedy always told me the water bills where costing him to much!

John Franks Troy Kennedy's son in law and my friend (both John and Suzzy Franks my friends) told me how much money Troy was really making, all the time making out like his water bill story was costing him all his money, like a voiced complaint with little meaning.  So when Gabe said his renters where trying to steel everything from Him. It did not register in my head that He was actually telling me the truth, I though it was just a landlord missionary blowing smoke.  I always try to stay ready preparing for the worst. I had done everything I could and believed I was to try and make this move knowing that :Rachel-Selena: still had till August left on her lease. So I put in a 30 day notice and was ready with some opening in Ruston only to have a Whale of a Tornado run through Ruston closing all their openings up. Asking Our Always Loving Creator what I should do, the only word I got was to stay renting with Gabe, taking whatever He had available and that was what Jennifer Gonzales shared with me was only 605 South 5th Street, West Monroe, LA 71292.  

This is where I got the shocking awake of My Life!

On both sides of me where Drug Addicts. On my left, the man was cleaning fish before he vacated the apartment in front of his and my door by the door. Leaving the fish water to attract what surely seemed like millions of flying insects. Making the first thing I had to do was wash down the front upon my returning back to the apartment. And the man, drug addict on the other side in a few days of my arrival was being taken away by ambulance and asked me to take care of his stuff for Him. So I took his stuff in and agreed to accept his keys for him and watch after things.

He left me a phone number which I text him my numbers and all seemed like it was going to be alright. This was helpful because for some reason Jennifer was having trouble getting a refrigerator that worked placed in the apartment she had rented to me and the neighbor said I could use his while he was in the hospital.

Thankfully the fishy renter moved, he said he was going to Texas.  So everything looked as if it was going to be alright when people started showing up telling me that the renter in the hospital had sold them his Refrigerator.

It looked like he had sold the refrigerator to more than one person (and as far as I knew it may not have even belonged to the renter at all). On top of that people seemed to be coming in the back door taking stuff like his bed. I put two screws in the back door to keep people from coming in the back door and taking stuff. But then the next day I could tell they had come in the front door that night. I put all the renters stuff back into his apartment with his short term addiction plaque on the wall and gave his keys to the Jennifer.     

I have never encountered anything like the bad misbehaving, lying, stealing behaviors of these people anywhere else in my life.

If my memory service me right I think Jennifer even told me they have renters that have children as much as four years old that still do not even know how to talk and all seem to be habitual lairs and thieves and cutting each other down and fussing and fighting all the time.  

Most of the good acting people's (Landlords) I know that did or tried doing Section 8 Rentals no longer do them for this very reason of going head on with continual and perpetual financial loss form the mad hater ways of today's crazed renters. 

It is my new found belief Gabe and Jennifer are really trying hard to be of help to as many as they can.
After having to change out a couple of refrigerators over a few weeks to get one that continues to work and losing a months of organic meats which Mikes Myers and Jennifer volunteered to help replace with some game meat they have as soon as they can remember to bring it from home. (What A Blessing This Is Going To Be!!!! AWESOME! Thank You Mike & Jennifer!
The Whole Bunch Really do What To Be of Help to All They Can! 

"Me Jonah & The Ruston Tornado Whale Story" is in progress, I have harpooned the Whale and am on a Nantucket Slay Ride with an unbreakable rope tied to the Spear Head burred in a unmovable grip into the Whale and the other end burred into my living story unfolding around me as the Whale exhaust all it's energies in a futile attempt to change the Clearly Defined Worthy End Goal of Our Love For Ourselves and One Another and and Our Loving All Our Neighbors and together forming a united movement of more of our loving each other and working together like musketeers (One for All and All for One) Voter'     

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