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Advanced Plans: 
1) 2019 Voters Resolution, Digital Signatures Implementation. 

2) Freedom ForIDays
Members and their guest, living closest to the public offices of our elected servants, "Public Area, Waving Love and Good Will, Wearing and  Holding "" Signs Walk Through" (Starts 4:00 pm the 5th (last work day) of the week and Ends at 4:30 pm and "Neighborhood Get-Together After Party" which starts at or before 5:00 pm with two or more of us and continues when you get there before everyone goes on their way.   

3) Freedom Brigades for helping Kick Start, Enhance, and Advance, Every Borough, County, Parish activities and Saving The World Together's Economical, Environmental, Physiological and Spiritual (Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another and Loving All Our Neighbors) protocols.

Freedom Brigade's Also known as "GIFTS TEAM CARAVANS" in our organizational structure.

Each Freedom Brigade is made up of Three (3) Freedom Brigade Team Builders and Two (2) Occasional Constitutional Guard Transport, Public Safety Teams for escorting Freedom Brigade Teams from one Borough, County, Parish to another while working with our local Sheriff's and "We The People" as Constitutional Guard, Public Safety & Training Teams in the interim, being members of Saving The World Together and Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. 


4 Types of TEAMS:

4a1) Sheriff Richard Mack, Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (, Saving The World Together, 2019 Voters Resolution Speaking Borough, County, Parish TEAMS.

4a2) 2019 Voters Resolution, Freedom ForIDaysSaving The World Together Implementation TEAMS. 

4a3) Accounting, Local Currency, Banking for The Common Good, The Library of Needful Things, Research, Invention, Production and Distribution TEAMS.

4a4) Environmental Health: Maximum Healthy; Food, Farming, Cloths, Shelter, Housing, Permaculture Collaborative Village Design, Energy, Fuel and Transportation TEAMS.

Saving The World Together 
Equipment & Housing Needed:
Development of Borough, County, Parish Protocols
Or Any Reasonable and Appropriate Substitutes For:

Motor Homes or Military Housing & Transport Vehicles

1) Office Equipment & Housing for 4a2 above 
2019 Voters Resolution, Freedom ForIDays
Saving The World Together Implementation TEAMS.

2) Office Equipment & Housing for 4a3 above
Accounting, Local Currency, Banking for The 
Common Good, The Library of Needful Things, 
Research, Invention, Production and Distribution TEAMS.

3) Office Equipment & Housing for 4a4 above
Environmental Health: Maximum Healthy; Food, Farming, 
Cloths, Shelter, Housing, Permaculture Collaborative 
Village Design, Energy, Fuel and Transportation TEAMS.

Financial Support Needed:
Equal Cost of Living Expenses for;
Cost of Living Expenses for 4a2 person above
Cost of Living Expenses for 4a3 person above
Cost of Living Expenses for 4a4 person above

Maximum Ministry Support for Saving The World Together 
Full-time Ministry Volunteers
equals Borough, County, Parish Cost of Living Expenses. 
First Defense Constitutional Guard Training & Pubic Safety TEAMS
Men & Women, Active or Retired Sheriff, Police, Military  
Qualified Constitutional Guard & Volunteer Sheriff Posse

Two Motor Homes or Military Transport & Living Quarters Vehicles
Or Any Reasonable and Appropriate Substitutes For:
Escorting Duplicating Saving The World Together, Voters Resolution,
TEAMS to new Borough, County, Parish Assignments.

10th Amendment Playlist        Advanced Plans is, Non-Combative, Economical, Environmental, Physiological
(Physical Healthy Functioning), Spiritual (Love Ourself, Love One Another and Love All Our 
Neighbors) Medics, Pilgrims of Love!        Membership Enrollment Button    Donation Button

The untied states' 1st Constitutional Establishment, Exclusively for Freedom through Loving 
Ourselves, Loving One Another and Loving All Our Neighbors. 10th Amendment Playlist   

Where, We The People of Love are helping "Save The World Together" from a Lack of 
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