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Diseases A-Z
Doctor Joel Wallach
Doctor Leonard Coldwell

Dirty Electricity 
EMF Smart Meters 
Opt-Out Scams / Revived Living Products / Salt Lamps

For Great Health:

Minerals Ultimate Classic


Biggest Killers
Indoor Air

Killing Us by Medicine

Public Enemy Number 1!

Heart Disease 

Deaths by Government

System Hack

Exercise Burn Fat Build Muscle Slow Aging 10-16 minutes Every Other Day

^Above^ 60 sec. Bust Training & 3 Minute Rest Timers^ gallon water jugs make good  beginner Dumbbells.


Air Filtration & 2. Maricle 2 Non Toxic Products 
World's #1 Health Risk 
98% Time Lived Indoor Air Pollution, Other's Mold, Radon Gas,....

Box Fan Air Filtration System Test Data
 4 Shoulder Hight Areca Palm:+ 6-8 waist high Snake Plant+ Many Money Plants
    :Rachel-Selena: Crain 
Environmental Health: Maximum Healthy; Food, Farming, Clothing,   
    Shelter, Housing, Permaculture Collaborative Village Design, Energy/Fuel/Transportation....    

                                          Radon Test

20x20 Box Fans + MERV 13 Air Filters, are Better Than Expensive Air Filtration Systems

Box Fan Air Filtration System Infromation Review

2. Miracle 2 Non Toxic Products

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