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    SEE: Sheriff Mack's Unconstitutional IRS Tax Thief Videos Below         The Peaceful Solution  

"We The People", Rosa Parks & Constitutional Sheriff's "Freedom ForIdays".

Your's & Mine, Our, Clearly Defined Worthy, End Goal:      Key to Your Freedom Forever!!

You & Me, We The People of & for the united states, Clearly Defined Worthy End Goal is 
for every united states Elected Local, City, State & Federal Public Servant and Their Staff
be active members of "Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association" who has been 
Certifiably Trained & Endorsed by & The 1776 Constitution & 1789 Bill of Rights &
all congruent laws being the enforced prevailing laws of & for the united states!!

Imagine!  (We The People, One Race) For
You & Me, More Freedom Forever!!  

Freedom ForIDays is the weekend, Last Work Day, Last School Day 4-4:30pm
Elected Public Servants' Offices, Polite WalkIn / WalkThrough /WalkOut Parade
of signers, & all age guest volunteers, with Home
Made Name Tags, Shirt Pocket &
Hand Held Signs with Thumbs Ups & Smiles,
"Good Will & Love to
All Elected Public
Servants, Their Staffs & Everyone Else!!

Our Demonstration ends at 4:30pm
with a for all "We The People's Get-To-Gether Fellowship at 5:00pm.
Where, All Signers, Their Children & Their Guest are Always Welcome.

The Idea is to make and keep importance known by all our public elected servants and their staffs for preserving Ours and Our Children's generations of Constitutional Bill of Rights futures. While providing a "Always Welcome Fun Time for a community to meet and greet and love and be of real help to one another, while starting off each and every new weekend in our futures with opportunities for new Friendship, Fellowship and Community Fun!

A Great Way To End A Week and To Begin A New Weekend!  

It may very well be written up in history books as the

Taking Part In,
Attending Your Local Elected Public Servants
Freedom ForIDay Voter's Signer's
End of The Work and School Week 4-4:30 pm
Walk In, Walk Through, Walk Out Home Made & Store
Bought Signs, Name Tags and Thumbs Up, Thanks for
Your Service
, We Love You! Parade and 5:00pm
Community Fellowship Get To Know, Love and Help
Each Other, Community Get-Together Fun Time kicking
Off Each Great New Weekend in the united states!
The Game Changer We've Been Praying For!

Buy or make a yard or front door or window or community (flier, decal, poster or sign) and put it up somewhere for "".

Hang a sign, badge or card, on your clothing.

Make some cards (business size etc.) 
or do whatever is in your heart to promote "" 

Be Self Starting, Never Give Up!
New Members Always Welcome!!!!

How to Self Start
Freedom ForIDays 
in your area.

Simple Just Start and Do It!!!!
This is not Rocket Science!!!!
Self Organize                                                               
Loving Yourself, One Another
and All Your Neighbors and
GO FOR IT, JUST DO IT!!!!     !!!! 

and "Freedom ForIDays" are part of

"Saving The World Together" and our "Motto" & "Prime Directives" are:

We Do What We Love Doing, What Needs Be Done, Love and Help Take Care of Each Others Needs.

Prime Directives:

1. Love Ourselves, Love One Another and Love All Our Neighbors.
2. No Aggregation.  If You Aggravate You Have To Go!

Our Publicly Elected Servants will always understands, If one of us shows up,
maybe 100 or a 1,000 did not!

Be Part of The Beginning and The Continuing of A Never Ending Tradition of
Freedom ForIDays in The Area of Your Closest Elected Public Servant's Office Today! 

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