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Anonymous Investigative Researchers:
We Do Note Sale or Accept Perks for Recommendations, EVER!!!
We Look for Cures That Work, You  Can Choose from for Yourselves: 
1) Looking for healing modalities worldwide in consideration of 
A) long term effectiveness,            
Alkaline PH, Water, Food and MDs
B) ease of application,                            
Alcohol, Pot Smoking, Sugar & MDs
C) sickness & disease coverage,    
The Hemp ( ) Solution 
D) availability & cost.  / Porn &TV  / Zero Waste1
Organizing Healing Modalities Costing from $0.00 to $?.??

For Energizing Your Health:
For: A) Everyday Overall Health, B) 
Indoor Environmental Health.
CLICK ON GO2 after #s 01)-02) etc, below & look below the last number for New Information. 

01) GO2 Wim Hof Immune System Breathing.  Just Watch and Do It! Breath Along! $0.00 Cost
02) GO2 10-16 minute E.O.D. Exercise, using weights or water jugs and Timers. $0.00  
03) GO2  Fasting, Nobel Prize Winning Healing Methods for Cancer/Heart/Bones Etc. $0.00
04) GO2 Grounding, Benefits, Methods & Equipment. Make Your Own $0.00 or Buy $??.??
05) GO2 Sound Frequencies Therapeutics, Music  $??.?? Cost of a something to play music
06) GO2 Biofield Tuning Therapy $??.?? Cost of Book and Tuning Forks $??.??
07) GO2 Zylitol Substituting for Sugar Wants and Needs Buying Online or in Store $??.??
08) GO2 MMS, $??.??

09) GO2 Dr. Leonard Coldwell, The Cure for Cancer; Hemp Seeds, $??.??
10) GO2 North American Herbs Wild Oregano P73 Juice, Organic Oregano Leaves, $??.??
) GO2 Natural Action Structured Water $???.?? 
) GO2 Dr. Joel Wallach 90 Essential Nutrients $???.??
 GO2 Electromagnetic Therapy $???.??

See New Information Below after CLICKING ON GO2 after each number 01)-13) above.
14) GO2 Posted Below: Non-Toxic Cleaners and StructuredWater I Use Myself $???.??


2) Water for Maximum Healthy Humans, Animals and Plants

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Exclusively for Freedom through 
Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another and Loving All Our Neighbors!
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