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1 Earthing (Grounding), Exercise & Food
A1.Excercise (16min. Every Other Day)+,
Under Do It Yourself Freebies Below
A2.Grounding. Healing at Little or No Cost 
A3.Food (Herbs, Seeds+),     A4.90 For Life!
   2 Fasting    3 Stress    4 Eye Site    5 EMF/Cell Toertd & Vaccinations
6 Mold/Meldew/Fungus/Bacteria/Worms/Diabetes/High BP and Diet             7 DoctoringConsultants/Practitioners

A2.Grounding. Healing at Little or No Cost

FREE EARTHING IDEA BOOK   90 4Life MINERALS    Structured Water Unites     Himalayan Pink Salt

Do It Yourself Freebies Below:

Burn FatIncrease Muscle & Slow AgingExercising 16 Minutes ⇊M-W-F or EveryOtherDay⇊

< Burst Training  (16 Minutes M-W-F or Every 2 Days) Videos Left <
^Above^ 60 sec. Bust Training & 3 Minute Rest Timers^
gallon water jugs make good beginner Dumbbells.  

   As a retired physician
   ....For Living to a ripe old age..avoid Doctors & Hospitals & Learn Nutrition & Herbs. Dr. Alan Greenburg, MD.




Dr. Nail McLaren         Fred A. Baughman Jr. MD         Dr. William Glasser        Dr. Gary Kohls         Peter Breggin MD
Dr. Joel Wallach's 90 Essential Nutrients  < 3rd Video (Bottom Left Video Playlist Above) Hold Family Meetings, Listen & Discuss How To Get & Stay Healthy.

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