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5 Mold, Mildew, Fungus and Mycotoxins    6 Doctoring Consultants, Practitioners take 2 Answers 2 Our Environmental 
Mold, Mildew, Fungus Health & Building Problems 2day!!!!
#2) Some Answers to Killing Mold, Mildew & Fungus

Killing mold can be a relatively simple process. A number of techniques are usable-to kill mold. When mold is dead, spores-can still survive, and be the cause of mold to recurring within days or weeks. In addition to killing mold, you will want to get rid of mold and will need to take some additional positive actions to prevent recurrence.

For people concerned with the use of harsh chemicals in cleaning, non-toxic substances common in many homes like Vinegar, lemon juice, and other acids are very effective for killing mold, and it is possible to use a tea tree oil solution or grapefruit seed extract in water to kill the mold, adding around 20 drops for every two cups of water.

Bleach is not recommended to kill mold, bleach is toxic and can create staining problems for objects that are not white.

Conventional wisdom falsely says bleach kills mold growth.  

However, bleach only kills the surface mold without affecting the membrane underneath.  

Mold's underlying membrane needs killing and removal to effectively stop mold growth.  Bleach cleaners do not and cannot kill this membrane because of it's chemical structure prevents it from penetrating porous surfaces.  When using toxic bleach mold membranes are able to move deeper into the affected surface toescape or hide from the bleach.

Using bleach can actually multiply the mold growth.  Mold is able to use bleach as a food source. Once exposed to bleach mold may grow back even faster. EPA also advises against using bleach for removing mold.  Fortunately for all of us, other household items that can kill mold much better.


To kill mold, spray vinegar onto the moldy area, allow it to soak in for a short while before wiping away. 

You may want to follow some of these protocols for safer Mold Removal:

> Protect yourself with protective gear such as gloves and a mask.

> Pour undiluted vinegar into a spray bottle. Spray moldy areas letting it set of an hour to be absorbed by the mold.

> If the mold needs scrubbing, use a baking soda solution of 2 cups water + 1 teaspoon of baking soda in a spray bottle, well shaken..

>Spray and us a scrubbing brush or pad while wearing protect mask and gloves to avoid breathing it in and making contact with your skin.

>Use warm clean water to rinse the area.  

>Spray the area again with vinegar and let it dry naturally to help make sure the mold has been killed.

Then, subject the area to heat, heat kills mold evaporates moisture, depriving mold of the water needed to recur. In the case of something fitting in a washing machine, like blankets, curtains or clothes, mold can be killed by washing the items with a cup of vinegar and drying at high heat.

To prevent recurrence of mold after killing it, keep the area warm and humidity low. 



Using a dehumidifier can be helpful especially in wet climates.

Opening Windows and doors for cross-ventilation can be helpful also. 

Moldy Area rugs and furniture can be treated with a liquid solution and brought outside on sunny days to kill mold and spores associated with the mold. In case of moldy drywall, flooring, and other fixtures, it may be necessary to remove and replace fixtures to prevent the recurrence after removing all mold.

Preventing mold is preferable to killing it, even after mold is dead, it may leave nasty stains behind.

The presence of mold can have a negative impact on human health. 

Mold prevention may be accomplished with keeping the environment hot and dry to stop or inhibit the it's reproduction.

Keep rooms well-aired. 

Never paint, plaster, tile, or carpet over mold, it will continue growing and flourish underneath the covering. Creating a moldy distinctive stain and odor and spading spores in or to the rest of the building.

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Mold, Mildew, Fungus, Mycotoxins & EMF, etc, etc:

Note EMF sensitivity may be worsened
as a result of Mold, Mildew and Fungus. 


How to Eliminate EMFs So You Can Sleep, Focus, 
Get Your 
Energy Back,
Free Master Class

Hi Roy, Got your message.  We are on the road and will try to call you on Wednesday.

Our products are programmed for 5G and have been for some time.  5G is going to be difficult on people as it has a shorter traveling distance and it absorbs into obstructions (buildings - trees - people).  Therefore, it will need boosters within office buildings and homes. So people are going to be sitting closer to the 5G routers.

Our product line is the best available of its kind.  I have been looking for some time to find a product that can outperform the energyDOT line and have not been able to find anything that better.

We want to be the ones with the best available always, as that is what people need in this sea of EMF energies we are all being assaulted with constantly.

Thank you,  Marcus (and Elizabeth), (949) 551-3397,  Marcus Plourde, Ph.D.,  Elizabeth Plourde, CLS, NCMP, PhD,  New Voice - smartDOTs / energyDOTs,  New Voice Publications.

24 hours after receiving your Dots, the health devastation from a digital meter (replacing a working great meter on a neighboring apartment) was healed. I was back to walking & riding my bicycle without the itchy skin, swollen legs, excruciating pain & foggy
brain syndrome.  I was no longer in misery and dieing but alive and well again. Thank You, Love U2!  
:Roy: Thompson 

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Concerned about EMF (Electromagnetic Frequencies) in your home and workplace?You need to collect the evidence!

Affordable EMF and RF Scanning meters
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Plans & Actions for Overcoming Mold, Mildew & Fungus Use the information here on to Xylitol (I use 5lbs or more a month/seems to help support my healthy gut bacteria, makes my breathing easier, helps kill microfilms .... 

I like to mix 4 tbps of Hemp Seeds, 4 tbps of Mediterranean Oregano Leaves, 1 tbps of Flax Seed Mill I made from whole Flax Seed in my blender, 1 tbps of Xylitol, 4+ raw cloves of garlic blinded with Structured Water, 2+ raw large organic eggs, (yoke and whites), with raw organic Coconut Flour in what I call my herbal pudding. 1 once or twice a day. Drink a gallon Structured water with 1.75+ onces of  Youngevity Multi-Vitamin Mineral Complex (ULTIMATE CLASSIC), 1/2 tsp Himalayan Pink Salt in it and 1-Two tbps or Xylitol in it in a 24hr period. Do intermediate fasting 16 hours eating in 8hrs or eating once a day or water fasting which is a relative new thing for me.   

The Thing to be thankful for is that we are still here and faced off so far with 3 deferent Black Mold Episodes of Overwhelming Mold Symptoms. 1) Once from the floor leak under the carpets for a long many months time, 2) the small bedroom which the strong oder gave a way and 3) Under the 3.5 X 18 Concrete Block I managed to wedge and garbage roller dolly into the tube to stand above the backed up water for a few weeks. 

I am this time very much dependent on my Kalorik cleaning Power of Water the air through out the entire day to survive in this toxic indoor climate. :Jayron-Darnell: Williams came to visit and do some work with me last week but said he could not stand the bad smell which I have no doubt become so accumulated to I could not smell it.  This is very bad!  That was last Friday this is 02/03/2019. I was able to buy one of these when my sister Miss Garnett sent me a money gift one month. Best $99 health investment vacuum cleaner I ever bought. I fill it with structured water using a hand device from Natural Action Technologies. I run all my liquides through their device before using it, I even made a fit to my shower head so only structured water is use for my showering. 

Walter and Elie Gray owners of West Monroe, Rentals was new then to the management of Gabe & Marci Livingston's Northpro Properties and as I learned was waiting for me to text them. 

I am learning more about how to text now which with my disabilities is great when I get it right. 

At first, overwhelmed by Mold Toxicity Symptoms I wrote a very negative report about but as I got my health, mind and emotions back under my own control and the farther away I get from the poisoning effects of Mold, Mildew and Fungus the more I can only Hero them and recognize that how important it is to have caring people like all those who work with Gabe and Marci Livingston's Northpro Properties. As stated up above they are my Heroes. 

For Safer, More
Affordable, Sensible Housing

The Amazing Hyssop of the Bible - Wild Oregano


The Miracle of Wild Orageno 

Other Sources are Questionable?



Mayo Clinic discovered 99% of the people they tested with sinus problems had a fungus infection. 

Renters, Land Lords, Home Owners &
Property Management Groups Check Out
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Dr. Joel Wallach's 90 Essential Nutrients  < 3rd <Video <Bottom Left Video/Playlist Above) Hold Family Meetings, Listen & Discuss How To Get & Stay Healthy.

One way to know if your doctor is changing from a Vocation/Profession Captured / "Big Pharma Slow Death Assassin" / Practitioner to a "Health & Healing Practitioner" is if they are not trying to get you on some prescription but change your lifestyle and that they do not try to sell you or have anything to sale you that is not Certifiably Organic or any thing that is processed food (NOT TOTALLY ORGANIC) but whole foods that are again, "organic".  

The Following are things when affordable I use in my everyday quest for a healthier me with Burst Training.


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