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Funding Opportunities
1) needs $480.00+- yearly. 1/01/2019 for Digital Signature Software for County/Parish Computer Literate volunteers to operate and maintain Each County/Parish Sheriff's Territory, Candidates Status. 

Proposed Software Use DucuSign   
Help Fund Digital Signature Software 

2) Needs 1 of Sheriff Richard Mack books County Sheriff America's Last Hope 
for hand 
delivery to every elected official and  All Their Peace Officers,
Sheriff Deputies and Office Workers in your County/Parish Territory Protected and Defended by Our, "WE THE PEOPLE'S" Elected Constitutional Sheriff.  

3) STWT Needs Volunteers to attend rallies and visit with elected officials and recruit people to sign on and promote and "County Sheriff America's Last Hope". About Us

Banking for The Common Good. 
In some Countries a constitution is merely a description of a form of government. In others, such as the United States and Constitutional Establishments of Religion such as Saving The World Together, a constitution is considered a higherlaw that establishes and limits government in order to protect individual rights as well as to promote the common good.
Republic Law! Not Democracy!Not Collectivism!
NOTE: Saving The World Together embraces the idea of banking for The Common Good of All County/Parish Territories Constitutionally Protected and Defended by We The People Elected Sheriffs! But in no way accepts or compromises with the terminology of "Republic Rule of Law" or acquiesce to the acceptance of "Democracy" terminology in any form or reshaping or deceptive repackaging ever! 

As most Banking For The Common Good of All We The People uses such language, that Lagrange must and will be changed for all STWT's "Banking For The Common Good" for All We The Peoples of Our Elected County/Parish Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Territories with Saving The World Together Assembly, Congregation, Ecclesia illuminating the use of the misdirected, misused, deceptive, bond for failure without hope, word "democracy" from all references to such and the same.     

See Google Articles "Banking For The Common Good"
See YouTube Videos "Banking For The Common Good"
Googled: How much money is needed to start a Bank For The Common Good?
Starting a bank in the United States costs between $500,000 to $1 million. You will need a group of experienced bankers that pass an FBI background check and finally you will need to show that you have $10 to $30 million in capital to get your bank underway.


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