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For Viewing, For Having, For Providing A Service to Us, You Agree With Our Terms.

Saving The World        

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Common Practice Self Organizing
Your official Membership begins with your sign up commitment to Our Common Beliefs of Loving Yourself, Loving All of Us STWT Members and Loving All Your Neighbors along with volunteering the donating of $1.00 a month to help STWT cover processing and record keeping fees. You may after you have signed up use "Good Samaritan Family Neighborhood Minister of Love" or it's shortened title, "Minister of Love" on cards & stationary you design or have designed & Print yourself or have printed & advertise yourself & business in our 1) Members & 2) Business Directories and 3) Connect with our, Special Interest Group(s) you join or initiate..

Actuating Our Love for Ourselves, One Another & All Our Neighbors into reality is Our Doctrine, Covenants & Sacraments of Worship. This is an important reality, because-in most countries it is unlawful to interrupt the Worship Services of an Assembly, Congregation, Ecclesia, Ekklesia which Saving The World Together [.org] is & Your/Our Loving & Helping One Another Is Our Worship, the activity in which we engage ourself which in our belief is central to our emotional, brain, physical & spiritual (Pure Love & Pure Truth) health, wellbeing. 

In Other Words:
Saving The World Together (STWT) is an Assembly, a Congregation, Ecclesia of People Who Believes In Actuating into reality, "Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another & Loving All Our Neighbors". Which is made up of "People of Love" and their "Establishments of Religions of Love" of which their core beliefs are "Loving Themselves, Loving One Another and Loving All Their Neighbors" which also means they/We All Saving The World Together "People's of Love and Estabishments of Relegions of Love" Believe In Truth, Evidence & Facts. Each Indiviual member is free to share in person and with links and all they desire with one another through their business and membership directories their Establishments of Religions they belong to and anythnig and everything else they want to share with one another. Saving The World Together IS NOT Concerned with what our members believe and practice outside of their Loving Themselves, Loving One Another and Loving All Their Neighbors!!!! 

Of course it is our common beliefs of Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another and Loving All Our Neighbors (Regardless of skin color, what we have or do not have or any so called societal ranking or status or education or lack of education, talents or lack thereof or absolutely anything else). The greatest amoung us is the servant of all of us and the most important amoung us is the individual regarless of anything and everything else and there is never anyone more important than you are amoung us. 

Saving The World Together is NON-Hierarchal, Everyone is truly their own boss! There are no subordinates. 

Management Task within our groups are annually elected by those who want a managers input into the work they want to accomplish after a Writen 360 Evaluation has been completed by those agreeing to work as managers for the next year. Do a good job managing and the people you manage may keep you in their management by reelecting you year after year.

We Worship: "Pure Love & Pure Truth" by Actuating it through Our love for One Another, meeting together the 1st-7th weekday for schooling Our Youngest to Oldest in the practice of "Doing What We Love, What Needs to be Done, Loving & Helping Take Care of Each Others Needs, 

Our Visioning Focus is on "Pure Love & Pure Truth". 

We Do Not Sale Products or Services or take perks for recommending them, we share some places you can get need things but you need to check them out for yourself. 

Our Laws are Superior by the Agreements & Precedence of The Common Universal Laws of Agreements Based on Love & Truth. 

Viewing, Attending, Good Samaritan Family Neighborhood Ministers of Love, "STWT Members" 
Do Not Own Any Properties of STWT. The Only Thing Each of us Owns is Responsibility to Love 
Ourselves, Love Each Other, Love All Our Neighbors & help care for Each Others needs.

Together We are difficult to defeat & Love You!

Contributors do not receive any product or services for their contributions only the demonstration of their seriousness to their commitment to our Life and Style of Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another and Loving All Our Neighbors.


NOTE: Keeping our commitments, not using coercion or deception against others is the foundation for all law. All Law is Fulfilled by us through Loving Ourselves, Loving Each Other and Loving All of Our Neighbors.

Our form of worship is the actuating into reality Our Loving Ourselves, Loving Each Other and Loving All Our Neighbors.

We are in Our in Our Best of Worshiping Services When We Are Doing Acts of Loving Kindness for Ourselves, One Another and, Any or All of Our Neighbors Individually and Two or More of Us Together.

Our Worship Service is That of Meeting Together, Communicating One With One or More and Eating Together, Doing Verioius & Fun Things Together, Communicating With One Another & Helpting Others Ourselves or Together with Others, Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc....

Instead of bracking up into denominations accintuating other beliefs, we stay glued together through concentrating, focusing on Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another and Loving All Our Neighbors. 

Mislabeled Learning experiences (Wrongfully called Failures & Mistakes Are Covered) in Our Commitment to Love Ourselves, Love One Another and to Love All of Our Neighbors are worthy of Kudos & Awards Among Us, "Loving One Another Peoples" with knowledge, understanding & unity. 

All our members are encouraged to publicly give out Kudos and Awards to those brave members among us who's learning experiences are manifested publicly as our "GO FOR IT! 
HEROES" of Learning and Focus for Never! Never! Never! Never! Giving Up!!!!     


Join Us & Be The Change, You Want To See!

Self Starting, Never Give Up!
Volunteers Always Welcomed

The untied states' 1st Constitutional 
Exclusively for Freedom through 
Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another and Loving All Our Neighbors!
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If this has been helpful to you, please make a small affordable donation for us to continue & grow our work. Thank You & Be Blessed!!!!

Videos & Outside Materials in or linked to site are for general content, not for agreement with use of words, ideas, concepts or religion.

For Viewing, For Having, For Providing A Service to Us, You Agree, with Our Terms.