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The united states 1st Establishment Exclusively 4Freedom through Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another & Loving All Our Neighbors. HOME  [0O0000007


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We Practice Individual Freedom & Unity Through Self Management
Self Organizing, Self Managing.
Saving The World Together, Members are Self Organizing,
Self Managing using a 360 Evaluation (Free Open Source or Other 360 Evaluation
of their choice) electing their management for the 
coming year.    [Googled: Open Source Free 360 Evaluation

This makes for an almost Zero Stress Working Environment with every member having a voice, a verbal
Your Borough, County, Parish 
Group may choose any type structure they are most comfortable with President,
Secretary, Treasurer etc. 
with understanding people will elect those expected to fulfill management roles
annually by 
those they are expected to manage the next year. With (3) people elected each year to hold the
titles to properties 
of Saving The World Together for adding Value and Meaning to STWT members in their
Borough, County, Parish or 
equivalent area defended and protected by an elected Sheriff, Peace Officers
and armed peoples of their local area.

360 Feedback Performance Evaluation

Self Directed Volunteer Network         Self Management Volunteering



Freedom through, Self Management

We accomplished task requiring management, by annually electing new managers form our groups, using any 360 Evaluation of our choice, completed by candidates for those in the group to review and elect some one for the next years management task and working together. Practicing Self Management.   

Like a Ship is Turned by a small Rutter, Our Bodies, Minds and Spirits are turned by the Focusing of Our Site, Our Vision. In other words, The Target Focusing of Our Mind's Eyes.... 

Those who focus on "Pure Love & Pure Truth", "Loving Themselves, Loving One Another and Loving All Their Neighbors" are Energized by "Pure Love & Pure Truth". All Other Paths, Visions, Target Focusing, End Goals in my opinion, are less rewarding. :Roy: Thompson is, Non-Combative, Economical, Environmental, Physiological
(Physical Healthy Functioning), Spiritual (Love Ourself, Love One Another and Love All Our 
Neighbors) Medics, Pilgrims of Love!        Membership Enrollment Button    Donation Button

The untied states' 1st Constitutional Establishment, Exclusively for Freedom through Loving 
Ourselves, Loving One Another and Loving All Our Neighbors. 10th Amendment Playlist   

Where, We The People of Love are helping "Save The World Together" from a Lack of 
Knowledge, Lack of Understanding and a Lack of Unity through a Positive Asymmetry 
of Scientifically Healthy, Environmental and Entrepreneurial
 information.       Site Map

Videos & Outside Materials in or linked to site are for general content, not for agreement with use of words, ideas, concepts or regilion.     
 For Viewing, For Having, For Providing A Service to Us, You Agree, with Our Terms.