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Coherent Satisfaction
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NOTE: Writing, videoed Materials and Conclusions by STWT's 1st Volunteer Host & Writer, ":Roy: Thompson" in
or linked to this website are for general content,
 not for agreement with use of words, ideas, concepts or religion.

Some of The People I Am Thankful To:      

This is a growing list, One That I Am Positive I Will Not Be Able To Keep Up To Date:
Not Gonna Be Able To Do That,
Beginning With Those Who Are Alive as I begin: 01/21/2019

My Sister:
Laura Parker (Family Care Taker once STWT Volunteer) for her consistent Love and encouragement!
STWT Archive of Non Active Volunteers AS OF END OF 2018:
Laura Parker (Thompson)  

My Sister:
Garnett Thompson (Once Garnett Thompson: Operation Borzoi STWT Volunteer)
for her Love, Encouragement and Support in the many years of STWT's Development

:Rachel-Salena: Crain
:Rachel-Selena: Crian Nickname (Angel Heart) 
Someone who is incredibly kind & has an
adorable nature. :Roy: Thompson

My ExWife whom I last knew as:
Valerie Ann Chase Orry wife of Dentist John Orry in Saint Francesville,
Louisiana whom became the loving step mother of at least two children.
Valerie is a champion living with me for almost 16 years with me not
having a clue, growing up dysfunctional with disabilities I did not under-
stand and in need of saving by The Fantastic Four 2&3Xs Ph.D. Doctors. 
If I could talk with Valerie today I would tell her how much her influence
for good means to me today. That She Truly Was & Is A Real Champion!

Valerie Ann Chase Ory
I Real Champion in every meaning of the word related to:
Claire Lee Chennault of The Flying Tigers

This Maybe, Valerie's, John Joseph Ory, 4792 Audubon Ln, St Francisville, LA 70775, (225) 775-2426

:::::::                                                                                                                     ::

Len MCca, Friend from 1970 1st Mission Coffee House in Dearford, LA 
Living Here In West Monroe, LA. 
for Encouragement, Love and Help!

Linda Milliken (To her dad and her for a place to stay when starting the
first Mission Coffee House here in 1970 and all of her loving kindness
through many, many years.

1969 Blast From The Past /
1st Coffee House Mission Dearford Louisiana,
Larry Bones youth director Gallilee Baptist Church 

Stephen (Steve) Fox 1970 2nd Coffee House Mission, Monroe, Louisiana
Highway 165 North, across from Pizza In near NLU (ULM now) UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Judy Laib, Self Taught Nutritional Consultant that help saved and prolonged my mother's and my life first in 1997 from Mother with Cancer and myself with heart attacks. Awakening Medical Doctors looking for cures themselves would come and spend time with Judy to learn things she from her that differed from what the had learned in that what they had been taught did not work!  What Judy Did Worked!  I Real Champion and Hero is Judy Laib! I credit Judy saving my life 5 different times. 
Thank You Judy!!!!

Chuck East 1997

The Great Encourager, Kevin J Finley DDS
3801 Cypress St. West Monroe, La. 71291 

Troy Kennedy 2006?

John & Susie Franks
Troy Kennedy's Daughter & Son In Law

Patrick Lawrence



:Jayron-Darnell: Williams

Bill Shoemaker Thanks for the bicycle I am now riding. 01/26/2019

Mallory Debnam DDS
3801 Cypress St. West Monroe, La. 71291 
Thanks for the dental work, kindness and love

Gabe & Marci Livingston
(Their Boys' "Mark 14, Asher 12, Adin 10, Mason 8).

Jennifer Gonzales
(her boy,

Mike Myers (his boy Jonas)
[Redneck 4 Hire]

To Be Continued....some day?

Coherent Satisfaction   |   Poetry by :Roy:    |   Disabilities/Positive   |   What Happened?   |   Some People I Am Thankful To: