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Foddering for Humans & Other Animals
Do I
t Yourself, Inexpensive Lifetime Health.
Home Grown, Inexpensive, Nutritionally Complete Food, Fodder for Humans & Other Animals!

How humans differ from & are alike other animals & the cure for all most all diseases in both can be Inexpensive, Do It Yourself Non-Hallucinogenic, Eaten Raw, Not Smoked or Cooked Cannabis/Hemp ( 2018 Became legal in all 50 united states!   
100% Good for Human and Other Animal's Health!

NOTE: Saving The World Together encourages everyone to fully corporate with your local  County/Parish Sheriff. As the united states Supreme Court decision you can read about in Richard Mack's book County Sheriff America's Last Hope Our Borough/County/Parish Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the united states. 

If your Sheriff is behind your actions & they are constitutional (Constitutional Bill of Rights) Saving The World Together members are with you. Saving The World Together is Non-Combative and Always Encouraging all of us to cooperate with our local Borough/County/Parish Sheriff. 

We can always vote another Sheriff into office at the next election if we find our Sheriff is unconstitutional.

Working Together is the only way we all win!     We All Win By, Working Together!!!!

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100% Proof Hallucinogenic, Medium to High THC Cannabis Smoke & Baked Goods (Marijuana),
Alcohol & Sugar Does Harm, Damages Human Brains & What to Do for Addiction.





Dietary & Medicinal Study Of Cannabis CANNABIS INTERNATIONAL

Animals consist of many species of creatures (cats, dogs, elephants, giraffes, goats, horses and grasshoppers, etc.).

Humans, refer to a single species called Homo sapiens. Some differences between humans (Homo sapiens) and other animal species is our ability to use our Imaginations, Our Scenes & Minds for Learning, for complex reasoning, our use of language (instead of, barking etc.), our ability to solve complicated problems, and introspection (describing our own thoughts, feelings, emotions), our proven inter love and compassion for one another, our ability to group learn often referred to as
The 100th Monkey Effect. We do more complex things because of our more highly functional brains.

  Human: Compassion        Stress/Happiness            Learning                           Languages/Words

                                                                We can Master Language or Be Mastered by Those Who Do!

However as Doctor Joel Wallach's Monumental Research Concludes....

....All animals (vertebrae),
Humans and Other Animals Need 90 Essential Nutrients for a healthy body life.

Raw NOT-Heated, NON-Hallucinogenic, LOW-2-NO-THC Cannabis, Hemp Cures Most All Diseases! Give Yourself, Family, Friends and Neighbors The Raw Cannabis Advantage! Become an At Home Raw NOT-Heated, NON-Hallucinogenic, LOW-2-NO-THC Cannabis, Hemp Closet, Indoor or Backyard Farmer today!!!!


Indoor Growing Super Hemp Nutrition for Yourself, Family & Other Animals 
1) Sprouting, 2) Microgreens, 3) Fodder and 4) Juicing Them (Vibrant Health) 
Feeding, Inexpensive, Economical Daily Yourself, Family and Friends Together
Living Foods for Other Animals and Humans, for Vibrant, Maximum Body Health. 

Raw, Not-Heated, Non Hallucinogenic, Low-2-No-THC Cannabis, Hemp Cures Most All Diseases!!!!
1) Indoor Dwelling, Sprouting Hemp Complete Nutrition for Yourself, Family & Other Animals:

Raw, Not-Heated, Non Hallucinogenic, Low-2-No-THC Cannabis, Hemp Cures Most All Diseases!!!!
2) Indoor dwelling and outdoor Growing, Hemp Sprouts & Microgreens 4 times +  
Complete Raw Nutritionfor Yourself, Family and Other Animals.

Foddering for Humans
and Other Animals....

Definition of fodder. 1 : something fed to domestic animals especially :
coarse food for cattle, horses or sheep. 
Fodder | Definition of Fodder by Merriam-Webster 
Foddering: Feeding Livestock & People Nutritionally Complete Hemp Sprouts or Microgreens.
Definition of Foddering by :Roy: Thompson 01/2019

Raw, Not-Heated, Non Hallucinogenic, Low-2-No-THC Cannabis, Hemp Cures Most All Diseases!!!!
3) Hemp Fodder for People and Other Animals.
Fellow Humans, NOW IS THE TIME to use our imaginations and think of all the following
Foddering Greens in the Videos Below as that of the Non-Hallucinogenic, Low 2NO THC
Cannabis, Healthy, Safe, Nutritionally Complete Hemp Foddering, Healling Food 4 U & Me

Foddering, PEOPLE & PETS 
Micro-greening Systems

Buying Hemp Seeds Online for Growing


Maximum Healthy, Cost Effective Housing is, Non-Combative, Economical, Environmental, Physiological
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