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December 2018 / There are Four Things needing to happen for Saving
The World Together (STWT)
to be Actively Involved in Saving The World Togetherother than being an information site for those looking for Solutions to restoring the Constitution of the united states by encouraging people to 1) Stand behind Our Idea of Voters Resolution, become members of 2) Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (, 3) Any-Non-Violent 2nd Amendment Organization and 4) taking charge of their own health by accessing information on our and pages: 

Four Things for STWT to become fully engaged in accomplishing our MISSION OF: Saving The World Together from the Lack of Knowledge, the Lack of Understanding and the Lack of Unity with A Positive Asymmetry of Value & Meaningful Information and Being A Living Example the following needs to be a reality, not just a dream.

1) Was Sheriff Richard Mack accepting our invitation to Join!
Sheriff Richard Mack Accepted Our Invitation on 03/18/2018

2) The Programing of 
Voter's Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Resolution

3) The Open Functionality of Our 1st Library of Needful Things,
Training Center for Teaching We The People how to grow,
prepare and consume
The Universal Health Solutions,
Permaculture Design
County/Parish Maximum Healthy
Abundance for Air, Food, Water, 
Farming, Housing,
Transportation, Economics, Communication, Education
etc. for Safer, Healthy Loving Family Neighborhoods.

4) Safe Deployment of STWT's 1st GIFTS TEAM CARAVAN to:

A) Establish STWT's first Library of Needful Things, Training Center
to Serve & Share with We The People how to grow, prepare & consume

The Universal Health Solutions and See#3 Above.

B) Develop a multiplying number of volunteers, Focused to
get everyone possible in their County/Parish to sign & share:
Voter's Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Resolution

Until no one in their County/Parish can win an election
without Supporting, being Trained and Endorsed
Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

Only Vote for Local, County / Parish, State & Federal 
Elected People; Supporting, Trained & Endorsed
Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

NOTE: We're NOT expecting to always be right,
but more accurate than NOT!

Learn More About
 Our 1st Self Managing, Self Duplicating/Multiplying (with Apprentices & Volunteers) Boots On The County/Parish Grounds "Saving The World Together", "Library of Needful Things", "Universal Health Solutions" Training Center (Under Construction) GO TO: The GIFTS TEAM CARAVANS

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