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Anonymous Investigative Researchers:
We Do Note Sale or Accept Perks for Recommendations, EVER!!!
We Look for Cures That Work, You  Can Choose from for Yourselves: 
1) Looking for healing modalities worldwide in consideration of 
A) long term effectiveness,            
Alkaline PH, Water, Food and MDs
B) ease of application,                            
Alcohol, Pot Smoking, Sugar & MDs
C) sickness & disease coverage,     
The Hemp Foddering Solution 
D) availability & cost.  / Porn &TV  / Zero Waste
Foddering Animals & Humans Farming Priority We The People in Our County/Parishes Health. In the investigations of DoctoringConsultants that would be the easy growing, juicing & eating of Hemp Plants, Sprouts & Microgreens. Everyone living in apartments, elderly care facilities, hospitals, home owners & office buildings can grow, consume and experience vitalized health with Hemp Greens, Sprouts and Microgreens.

Hemp Microgreens are 4 times Nutrient-Dense than it's  Mature Plant & is a 100%  Bioavailable Consumption. Hemp Seeds, Plants, Sprouts & Microgreens seems to cure almost ever disease known to men that is of a biological nature. We classify as The Holy Grail of Health Solutions.  
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Holy_Grail noun Definition

1GRAIL    2: often not capitalizedan object or goal that is sought after for its great significance

Examples of Holy Grail in a Sentence

 Finding a cure for cancer is the holy grail of medical researchers. First Known Use of Holy Grail 15th century, in the meaning defined at sense 1

According to Brendan Davison,  founder of Good Water Farms, a microgreen farm in East Hampton, NY, and author of The Microgreens Cookbook,the trendy veggies are four to 40 times more nutrient-dense than their mature leaf counterparts, and they are 100 percent bioavailable. That means your body is able to absorb all the nutrient content, which may not be the case for similarly nutrient-dense vitamin supplements. So you don’t have to worry about peeing out all the nutrients in these pricey greens. Some: Microgreens Growing Supplies

Dr. William Courtney M.D.

  Water: Natural Action Technologies           Soil Nutrients: Bloomin Minerals                   Google: Biochar  

Portable Farms Aquaponics Systems

Home, Office & Farm Unhealthy Toxic Chemicals & Unhealthy Indoor Air? 

Dr. Joel Wallach's 90 Essential Nutrients

Get Up!, Wake Up!, Focus!, and Never!, Never!, Never!, Never, Give Up!
Get Up!, Wake Up!, Focus!, and Never!, Never!, Never!, Never, Give Up!!
Get Up!, Wake Up!, Focus!, and Never!, Never!, Never!, Never, Give Up!!!

Get Up!, Wake Up!, Focus!, and Never!, Never!, Never!, Never, Give Up!!!!

Dr. Joel Wallach's 90 Essential Nutrients   [The Universal Health Solutions]

   7hrs Healing Sleep listening to a 20minute CD is, Non-Combative, Economical, Environmental, Physiological
(Physical Healthy Functioning), Spiritual (Love Ourself, Love One Another and Love All Our 
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Ourselves, Loving One Another and Loving All Our Neighbors. 10th Amendment Playlist   

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