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[Please begin by Listening to the above 1 minute 16 second, video by G. Edward Griffin]   4/18/2019
Voter's ResolutionSM®©  VotersResolutionSM®©  Freedom FridaysSM®©  FreedomFridaysSM®©   Saving The World TogetherSM®©  SavingTheWorldTogetherSM®©

We the People, will vote for members of 
Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association
affirmed or sworn to, “Protect & Defend the 1776 Constitution, with the 1789 Bill of Rights and congruent laws" thereby treating us voters as those who govern ourselves (the true government of & for the united states) equally regardless of our wealth, skin color, sex, shape, size or erroneous social rankings, with respect, dignity & honor due the final authority to elect people (you the elected as our "Protectors") to serve us, "We The People" for Our, Liberty, Freedom & Pursuit of Happiness. 

We Will Not Allow Our Elected to ignore us anymore or use their offices as stepping stones to personal riches, power and control over us the governing voters or allow them in any way to interfere with our Liberties, Freedoms and Pursuit of Happiness.

Your Work as Our Elected is to Add Value and Meaning to Our Lives and Help Secure Our Individual and Public Safety. THE END

The above is more important to us than whichever Political Party you candidates belong to, 
or campaign promises you make to get us to vote for you.


I am therefore, hereby certifying my resolve to the above "Voter's Resolution" herein with my digital signature. Signed

 Our Clearly Defined Worthy End Goal: Every Elected Local, State, Federal Official Trained. 


Digital Signature Programing Required:  Understanding Digital Signatures  

Your Donation Will Help Continue & Grow Our Movement. Thank You & Be Blessed.  (Donation Button
 Our Clearly Defined Worthy End Goal: Every Elected Local, State, Federal Official Trained.

Candidates for Public Office INSTRUCTIONS: 

Candidates for any public office, Join Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, Attend their training and secure their endorsement, 
and use Your Member's Directory and Business Directory
to advertise Your Candidacy, Yourself and Your Business(es).


You Can Make a Difference in Your County/Parish/Borough/Neighbood  VotersResolution 

Self Starting, Never Give Up!

Volunteers Are Always Welcome!!!

 Our End Goal: Every Elected Local, State, Federal Official Trained. Your Donation Will Help Our Movement.    (Donation Button)
INSTRUCTIONS For We The Pople, You & Me:

If you can vote and sign your name, you can Do The Following....

Doing the following can help us get programing done and we teamed up, equipped and growing faster. 

If You Are Too Young to Vote 
You Can Still Do Everything Else: 
Making Signs,
Wearing A Self Made Sign,
Telling People About Our Movement,
what you think about our movement, etc.

Saving The World Together 
Does Not have a minimum age requirement,
You can Join SavingTheWorldTogether at any age and when you can vote
then sign with your digital signature all the while doing
everything else you are led to do in helping to grow 
Our Voices! Your Voice! Your Opinion! What You Think Is Important at Every AGE!!!

 Our End Goal: Every Elected Local, State, Federal Official Trained. Your Donation Will Help Our Movement.    (Donation Button)
Self Starting, Never Give Up! Volunteers Always Welcome!!!

Buy or make a yard or front door or window or community (flier, decal, poster or sign) and put it up somewhere for "". 

Hang a sign, badge or card, on your clothing.

Make some cards (business size etc.)
or do whatever good thing it is in your heart to do to promote "".

Then Join Us by signing

Making a donation of as little as $1.00 or more will be most helpful also. 

We're, The People, working together to assure every elected local and state and federal official is our, "We The People's" Protectors, Public Servants, Subordinates working for Adding Value and Meaning to our Individual and Pubic lives. For More Safety and a Abundance of Maximum Healthy and Loving Neighborhoods, Communities, Villages, Towns, Cities and States. 

We will learn together and become The Change We All Want To See
in making Safer, More Loving, Maximum Healthy Neighborhoods for All of Us to Live In.   

All Your Signs, Decals, Posters, Name Tags etc. Need On them is any of the following, you can buy or make them yourself.

I Just write "" out at the middle of a small piece of note paper, fold the paper in half and maybe even use a paper clip or two to attach this home made sign to my clothing over the outside lip of my shirt pocket. 

It is that simple to be an active part of A Non-Combative, Non-Violent Revolution of "We The People" for the Freedoms and Liberties Provided by the 1776 Constitution, with the 1789 Bill of Rights! Sign Examples:

In Your Own Handwriting, Drawing, Art, WHATEVER!!!!

You can be creative with your signs, make sure people can read your sign and it does not have nudity or profanity or occult stuff or any other writing, words or symbols etc. on it, then, it is all good!!!


We're Volunteers, working together for making the current so called government Our, We The People's "Protectors" to add value and meaning to Our, "We The People's" lives and "We The People" the True and Only Constitutional Government In Control i.e. "1776 Constitution with the 1789 Bill of Rights"  THE END

We All Believe In You!
No One Sanely Said This Physical Body Life Was Going To Be Easy!

We Know!!!!
Our Clearly Defined End Goal: Every Elected Local, State, Federal Official Trained.

You Can Do This With All of Us!!!!

The four of us pictured below and all of you can easily find things we do not agree upon.
Religion and Politics and much more. That is a fact!

We are asking of ourselves and all of you to put all that we do not agree upon aside for the purpose of Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another and Loving All Our Neighbors for working together to restore ourselves "We The People" of our united states to the status of being the Constitutional Government with our elected peoples being our protectors, servants, with our Constitutional Sheriff's and Peace Officers in the forefront in defense of our Constitution for Our liberty, freedom and pursuit of happiness.

1) The Truth, 2) Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association and, 3) We The People relying around 4) "" can Save Our World (united states) Together by helping restore the 1776 Constitution, with the 1789 Bill of Rights as The Prevailing, Enforced Law of Our Lands!


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The untied states' 1st Constitutional 
Exclusively for Freedom through 
Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another and Loving All Our Neighbors!
Where "We The People of Love" are "Saving The World Together".     Site Map
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For Viewing, For Having, For Providing A Service to Us, You Agree, with Our Terms.