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   RosaParksApproved©™SM1997                                 Rosa Parks Approved©™   The Peaceful Solution                    

Our, Clearly Defined Worthy, End Goal:     Key to Our Freedom Forever!!

You & Me, We The People of & for the united states, Clearly Defined Worthy End Goal is 
for every united states Elected Local, City, State and Federal Public Servant be Endorsed
(Rosa Parks' Approved) by Upholding, Defending, Obeying 1776 Constitution
& the 1789 Bill of Rights and 
all congruent laws in & for the united states!    


With a Constitutional Sheriff we can
Grow, Invent, Love & Thrive 

Without a Constitutional Sheriff                  We are Doomed to Repeat History.  
Those Who Do Not Remember The Past Are Condemned to Repeat It. George Santayana
History 1-11 &: "We The Awakened!"

Sheriff Richard Mack Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association  Phone 480-840-9091
Rosa Parks Musem Our mission is to honor her legacy and that of the boycott by providing a
platform for scholarly dialogue, civic engagement, and positive social change. Phone 334-241-8661


Every united states Borough, County, Parish priority needs be the Election of a RosaParksApproved
Constitutional Sheriff, to Protect and Defend Their Liberty and Freedoms from infringement by political tyrants.

  Law or Fake Law by Profiteering Cartells, Elected Greedy & Media

 We Hold Up This Sign for The People's of & for the united states of america

Our Plans:
1) Sign the FREE 2019 Voters Resolution,
2) Display FREE Pocket, Home Made & Purchased Signs,
3) Hold Hand Signs, Wear Name Tags, Display Posters etc. 
4) Make Store Front, Neighborhood Decals, Sign  Displays

5) Imagine This!

It is Friday the school bus runs picking up children & families & family vehicles & moms & dads & people from every walk of life & Vocation meet together in their own communities At their Local Elected City, Borough/County/Parish, State and or Federal Elected Servants Office, Nearest them.

It is 4:00 PM on the 5th or last working & School day of the week.
Most Everyone is ready for another Weekend, We Have a NEW NAME FOR THESE DAYS:

This is because This Day Has Been Also Purposed "For Protecting Ours & All Our Children's Freedoms" From Now On, to Forever!! This is the day You & Me with Some of Our Children & Friends, have set aside to walk through our Elected Public Servants Offices at 4:00PM with Home Made or Purchased Signs, Big Smiles & Thumbs Up, Waving Love to Our Elected Without a Word, Reminding Them, They're Important To Us & Our Children, that We're The One's who will Vote for them In elections, "If they are (Rosa Parks' Approved) Endorsed by Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association for Upholding & Defending the 1776 Constitution & 1789 Bill of Rights
and All Congruent Laws in and for the united states.

So We The People, Our Children & Generations to Come, can be as sure as possible that they will act as the protectors of our's & Our Children's Country, States, Boroughs, Counties, Parishes, Cities, Towns, Villages & Rule Area Public Servants.

Then, By or Before: 4:30 PM we will be on our way else where or to
meeting up together for "Community Fellowship" from 5pm to whenever!  
Imagine Public Servants Being Honest, Keeping Their Oaths of Office!

That Did Not SHOW UP AT YOUR LOCATION but Vote, & We All WIN!

 Voter's Resolution©™SM1997
You & Me, We The People of & for the united states will vote for local, state & federal Candidates:
Who're (Rosa Parks' Approved) Endorsed by Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association .org). Upholding & Defending the 1776 Constitution & 1789 Bill of Rights
 and all congruent laws, while treating all of us, with the respect due the true government (those in charge) regardless of our skin color, cultural background, erroneous social rankings, finances are any other labeling(s). We, expect those we elect to help add value and meaning to our lives as protectors of our Lives, Liberties, Properties, Freedoms and our Individual and Collective Pursuit of Happiness covered in the 1776 Constitution1789 Bill of Rights and all congruent laws.

Election to any one of our offices is for Adding Value and Meaning to us voters, Lives by Providing Needed Services which includes Securing Our Individual and Public MaximumHealthy©™SM1997 
Economical, Environmental, Mental and Physical Abundance of Life and Safety, while not misusing our public offices for personal gains, riches, power and control over us, or in any way ignoring or violating our Constitutional Laws. 

This 2019 Voter's Resolution is more important to us than the Political Party you candidates belong to or the Campaign Promises you make to get us to vote for you. 

When there is no (Rosa Parks' Approved) endorsed candidate, if I vote, I'll select my favorite candidate.

I Therefore and Hereby being of sound mind, proper age for voting in my Borough, County, Parish, (geographical territory I am from), without coercion or duress, am with my digital signature certificating my officially joining all these Voters in Knowledge (History), Understanding and Unity, Committed to this 2019 Voters Resolution. Together With The Constitution We Will All Win!    
Address, Borough, County, Parish, Date, etc. (DIGITAL SIGNATURE)

Digital Electronic Signature Software and Personnel and Financing Needed.
Once we have secured the needed software and personnel to oversee it, we plan to began.
When signing Voters Resolution your 2B emailed the closest elected officials in your area
for joining 4-4:30pm Freedom ForIDays Office Parades & 5:00pm Community-Get-Togethers.

Our Clearly Defined Worthy End Goal For Our 2019 Voter's Resolution & Freedom ForIDays is that every   
Elected Local, State, Federal Servant and Their Staff be (Rosa Parks' Approved) Endorsed.:
Therby becoming our Protectors, Adding Value and Meaning to Ours and Our Childrens Lives Forever More! 
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Voter's Resolution Campaign

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