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    SEE: Sheriff Mack's Unconstitutional IRS Tax Thief Videos Below       The Peaceful Solution                    

Your's & Mine, Our, Clearly Defined Worthy, End Goal:        
Key to Your Freedom Forever!!

You & Me, We The People of & for the united states, Clearly Defined Worthy End Goal is
for every united states Elected Local, City, State & Federal Public Servant and Their Staff
be active members of "Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association" who has been
Certifiably Trained & Endorsed by & The 1776 Constitution & 1789 Bill of Rights 
all congruent laws being the enforced prevailing laws of and for the united states!!

Our Plans:
1) Sign the FREE 2019 Voters Resolution,
2) Display FREE Pocket, Home Made & Purchased Signs,
3) Hold Hand Signs, Wear Name Tags, Display Posters etc. 
4) Make Store Front & Neighborhood Freedom Project Displays 
with Signs, 

5) Imagine This!

It is Friday the school bus runs picking up children & families & family vehicles & moms & dads & people from every walk of life & Vocation meet together in their own communities At their Local Elected City, Borough/County/Parish, State and or Federal Elected Servants Office, Nearest them.

It is 4:00 PM on the 5th or last working & School day of the week.
Most Everyone is ready for another Weekend, We Have a NEW NAME FOR THESE DAYS 
This is because This Day Has Been Also Purposed "For Protecting Ours & All Our Children's Freedoms" From Now On, to Forever!! This is the day You & Me with Some of Our Children & Friends, have set aside to walk through our Elected Public Servants Offices at 4:00PM with Home Made or Purchased Signs, Big Smiles & Thumbs Up, Waving Love to Our Elected Without a Word, Reminding Them, They're Important To Us & Our Children, that We are The One's That will Vote For Them In Elections, "If they have joined Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association & Been Trained In
 the 1776 Constitution & 1789 Bill of Rights 
having CSPOA's Endorsement.

So We The People & Our Children and Generations to Come, can be as sure as possible that they will act as our public servants, as the protectors of our's & Our Children's Country, States, Boroughs, Counties, Parishes, Cities, Towns, Villages & Rule Area's.

Then, By or Before: 4:30 PM we will be on our way else where or to
meeting up together for "Community Fellowship" from 5pm to whenever!  
Imagine Public Servants Being Honest, Keeping Their Oaths of Office!


 Voter's Resolution
You & Me, We The People of & for the united states will vote local, state & federal Candidates:
1) Who are members of "Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association" (
2) Have been Constitutionally Trained by        [Watch Sheriff Mack's Videos Below]
3) Have affirmed or sworn to Protect and Defined the 1776 Constitution along with the 1789 Bill of Rights
 and all congruent laws. 
4) Who have been officially Endorsed by & thereby expected to treat all of us, "We The People" with the respect due the true government (those in charge) regardless of our skin color, cultural background, erroneous social rankings, finances are any other labeling(s). 

We The People, expect those we elect to help add value and meaning to our lives as protectors of our Lives, Liberties, Properties, Freedoms and our Individual and Collective Pursuit of Happiness covered in the 1776 Constitution1789 Bill of Rights and all congruent laws.

Election is for Adding Value and Meaning to us voters, "We The People's" Lives by Providing Needed Services which includes Securing Our Individual and Public MaximumHealthy©™SM1997 Economical, Environmental, Mental and Physical Abundance of Life and Safety, while not misusing our public offices for personal gains, riches, power and control over us, or in any way ignoring or in any way violating our Constitutional Laws. 

This 2019 Voter's Resolution is more important to us than the Political Party you candidates belong to or the Campaign Promise you make to get us to vote for you.

I Therefore and Hereby being of sound mind, proper age for voting in my Borough, County, Parish, (geographical territory I am from), without coercion or duress, am with my digital signature certificating my officially joining all these Voters in Knowledge (History), Understanding and Unity, Committed to this 2019 Voters Resolution.  

Address, Borough, County, Parish, Date, etc. (DIGITAL SIGNATURE)

Digital Electronic Signature Software and Personnel Financing Needed.  Donation Button
Once we have secured the needed software and personnel to oversee it, we plan to began.
When signing Voters Resolution your 2B emailed the closest elected officials in your area
for joining 4-4:30pm Freedom ForIDays Office Parades & 5:00pm Community-Get-Togethers.

Our Clearly Defined Worthy End Goal For Our 2019 Voter's Resolution & Freedom ForIDays                 
is That Every Elected Local, State, Federal Servant and Their Staff be Trained.... ::::::::: ::::
Therby becoming our Protectors, Adding Value & Meaning to Ours & Our Childrens Lives Forever More!
::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::  ::::::::                 

    Sheriff Mack's Unconstitutional IRS Tax Thief Videos            [The Criminal IRS]    

For More Information About Sheriff Richard Mack go to Sheriff Richard Mack 
For More Background Information, Go to Local and Global Money and Tax Fraud

NOTE 1: The above 2019 Voters Resolution does not mean that none of us will vote for you if there are no Trained & Certified Members running for the same office as you are.  However, It Does Mean, if you want us to vote for you, you will become a certifiable Trained Constitutional Candidate. 

NOTE 2: We The People of & for the united states freedoms & liberties guaranteed us & our children by the 1776 Constitution along with the 1789 Bill of Rights and all congruent laws will "Never! Never! Never! Never Again, Give Up!" those liberties and freedoms by allowing our elected to ignore us and use our offices as stepping stones to greater personal riches and power and control over us.

We The People Plan to continue our "Voters Resolution" with "Freedom ForIDays" until not any one political candidate is able to win an election without being a certifiable trained and endorsed Constitutional Candidate by In and For Perpetuity, Bing Non-Combative and Vigilant For Securing, "We The People's" and Our Children's Freedoms Form Now On.... 

Over Two hundred years ago, a brave group of 56 patriots signed their names to a document that
would change the course of human history.

Fifty-six (56) men publicly declared a commitment to “self-evident truths” forming the
foundation of our nation serving as a beacon of hope for all people around the world
who have ever yearned for freedom.

The last sentence of the Declaration of Independence is where they promised, 
to “mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our Sacred Honor,”
of them & other fellow patriots did sacrifice their lives & fortunes in service to our country.

Loss of life or money could never diminish the honor of these heroes, we celebrate today.

Thinking back about the enormous courage it took to publicly sign their names to this document, the best way for us to honor their courage maybe by making a similar pledge to ourselves, our children and all of our fellow Americans.

This is not a time to sit on your rare, stay at home or watch from the bench or sidelines.

What you can do for ensuring our freedoms
or not completely taken away form us or our children.

That Freedom
may be a permanent part of our American legacy?

You can become one of the First 56 People in the untied states or in your Borough, County, Parish to
-sign Our 2019 Voter's Resolution, 
-join Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association,
-give, become a supporter of and 
-join Saving The World Together
, also if you like.
thereby helping: Sheriff Richard Mack Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, :Jayron-Darnell: Williams, :Rachel-Selena: Crain (KLove), myself :Roy: Thompson, Yourself & (We The People) Others implement the protocols on this page and make your own heart felt commitment of Your Life, Your Fortune and Your Sacred Honor for Restoring The 1776 Constitution along with the 1789 Bill of Rights and all congruent laws, as the final enforced laws in Your Borough, County, Parish, Neighborhood and Family.

2) After the first 56 in the united states, in your Borough, County, Parish you can still
-sign Our 2019 Voter's Resolution,
-promote and give become a supporter of "", 
-join "
Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association" and
join Saving The World Together, also if you like. 
Thereby helping: Sheriff Richard Mack Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, :Jayron-Darnell: Williams, :Rachel-Selena: Crain (KLove), myself :Roy: Thompson and most of all, Yourself & (We The People) Others For the Maximum Healthy Implementation of the protocols on this page and make your own heart felt commitment of Your Life, Your Fortune and Your Sacred Honor for Restoring The 1776 Constitution along with the 1789 Bill of Rights and all congruent laws, as the final enforced laws in Your Borough, County, Parish, Neighborhood and Family. THE END.

We, "Saving The World Together", Members,
Are Not Charging $100.00 Membership Fees.

But Distributing The Minimized Cost by giving $1.00 a month each (between ourselves),
and giving whatever $0.00-$++++??.??, each of us purposes from our own hearts to give. 

This For paying our bills & treating all of us the same, without creating a burden for anyone. 

These Are Our Common Beliefs:
Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another and Loving All Our Neighbors. THE END 

Our Membership Agreement Is The Simplest Ever: 
I believe in Loving Myself,
Loving One Another and Loving All My Neighbors and Plan to Act Accordingly. 

Why Plan and Not Pledge or Swear to Act Accordingly?
Because We All Encounter Situations We are Not Prepared for and Act 
Differently that We Planned or Hoped or Expected to. These are "Learning
Experiences", Mislabeled in most of Our Human Languages as failures or

When Each of Us Encounter, "Real Life Learning Experiences",

There is Almost Not-One-Thing more Valuable Than Others Providing Understanding,
And Ourselves Recognizing, "That Did Not Work!", "I Was 100% Wrong!",
"Sorry!", and "Please Forgive Me!" & Always Forgiving Yourself
and always Going On, Moving Forward On Your Life's Journey,
To Your Clearly Defined Worthy End Goal! 

There Is Almost Not-One-Thing More Valuable Than Being With
Others Who 
Know Who You and They Are and Loves Themselves,
One Another (which includes you and me) and All Their Neighbors!!!! 

"We Are All Human" and made to Love, 
which includes Empathy, Patients, Kindness, Forgiving
and Encouraging Ourselves, One Another and All Our Neighbors!

Joins us, Patriots and Help Save America! 
Become A Personal or Business Sponsor: (COMING SOON) is, Non-Combative, Economical, Environmental, Physiological
(Physical Healthy Functioning), Spiritual (Love Ourself, Love One Another and Love All Our 
Neighbors) Medics, Pilgrims of Love!        Membership Enrollment Button    Donation Button

The untied states' 1st Constitutional Establishment, Exclusively for Freedom through Loving 
Ourselves, Loving One Another and Loving All Our Neighbors. 10th Amendment Playlist   

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Knowledge, Lack of Understanding and a Lack of Unity through a Positive Asymmetry 
of Scientifically Healthy, Environmental and Entrepreneurial I
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