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Saving The World (STWT) WE GET!      

    Saving The World by helping People Control Their Own Economic, Environmental, Mental & Physical Health.    Loving Ourselves & Each Other
1 Earthing (Grounding), Exercise & Food   2 Intermediate, Dry & Water Fasting    3 Stress    4 Eye Site    5 EMF
6 Mold/Meldew/Fungus/Mycrotoxins/Diabetes/High Blood Ps. & Diet      7 DoctoringConsultants/Practitioners

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Why Eyeglasses Actually WORSEN Your Vision
Eyeglasses Don't Compensate for Variable Vision
Avoid Wasting Your Hard-earned Cash on Contacts
Warning: LASIK May Cause You MORE Problems than Improvement
Could it Really be this Simple?    Amazingly, the Answer is "Yes"
Why Making Sound Dietary & Emotional Choices are Key Vision Enhancers

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