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EMAIL PROTOCOLS & Message for February 2019: [Edited for This Article]

Dear Stephen Fox, Thank you for taking my call. After my extenuated over blown loud and boisterous declaration of, by the way totally wrong opinion of my belief in others and the Terry Dillon, Judy Liab project that I was 100% totally wrong about. Your obvious wisdom grounded in reality that you still care enough to take my call at all. (Is

The only bad guys in the short story I am about to tell you is those in power to manipulate things in order to kill, steal and destroy the love and harmony of our human race. 

I began living here at 803 Splane Drive, Apt. B, West Monroe, Louisiana 71291 in august of 2006 under my land lord friend Troy Kennedy. Gabe Livingston bought the property after Troy's death. Troys survivors had replaced the carpet for selling the property. 

Troy had all the carpet removed so I could keep my bare feet on the concrete for grounding (Grounding, Healing at Little or No Cost) to fight against the EMF waves from the smart meters being installed around the properties. 

I nor the new property management people Elie and Walter Gray did not act very quickly to my telling them about water standing in the back bedroom or tub or the water leaks. I do not think either one of us, Elie and Walter or myself ever really though much about mold at that time. In my conversation with Gabe he merely said stop the water, stop the mold. That has been a rule for many years that in the past was and mostly is true even today with the mutations of mold traced back to cell towers and EMF waves from Smart Meters we today have mold growing in Jet Fuel and on hot concrete. 

Because of Gabe's loving nature once a missionary to Bolivia he had the carpets removed after learning about grounding. While pulling up the carpets Mick Myers and his crew of maintenance people's discovered black mold living under the carpets, Some times latter black mold from a roof lick in the small bedroom appeared looking nasty and smelling bad. I white vinegared it well until it all looked and smelled like it was dead and gone. When notified the leak was fixed almost the next day. During the time after the first leak there was a bathtub back up of water in the tub that I told them about but was not fixed so I found a 3 inch by 18 inch solid concert block I managed to leverage move with a garbage can dolly and into the bath tube so I could stand above the backed up water to shower myself. During that time I believe the maintenance crew was told they could not do anting extra with getting a tested ok from Elie. The block was to heavy for me to lift out of the tube. One day John one of the maintenance crew was there I asked him if he could take it out of the tub. He said he would do it and I was amazed at how strong he was and easy it was for him to. As soon as he lifted it we both saw black mold had made it home on the tube and bottom of the concrete. Which I white vinegared immediately. 

A few months ago Erin Breard MD. told me all my blood work was normal. I had over come Diabetes the second time.    

A few days before my call to you Stephen, checking my blood pressure it was 204 over 184, I panicked. 

When paying my rent on the 1st of this month I asked told Elie I wonted to move. She told me to look at West Monroe Rentals online. She told Gabe and Gabe is supposed to call me this week. Section 8 says I have to stay put for another month as they have paid the rent for this month.. 

Elie says I will need a $400.00 deposit or Gabe's ok. 

I have been on month to month always paid on time since 2006 always paying on time and they want me to sign a 8 page lease they all seem to ignore my sickness ( when I am effected and thinking massed up about it, as it does not exist. 

I think I had fought a good fight and was winning. I don't think with I am thinking right that Loving People like yourself, Gabe and Marci mind set change over night, however there is much evidence mold and fungus suffer's mind sets do. The dizziness is most aggravating today.  

Facing 204 Blood Pressure Levels and all this, I panicked and called the one person who said if you ever need me please call me. and that is what I did. I called You Stephen. 

Stephen you know me in some ways maybe better than I thought I knew myself and your family being the 2nd largest land owners in Ouachita Parish and a believer in Our Alway Loving Creator as are Gabe and Marci Livingston and myself I believe you are the one person who can see things from all of our view points and maybe of some real help to all of us and us by way of this situation become a blessing to renters, home owners and land lords who have and do face similar circumstances. It has cause me to do a big rethink as to what it is that I  have not done that I could be doing other than panicking at the onset of physical mold toxicity symptoms.

Every man and women who ever tried themselves against the Navy Seal, or Arm Ranger's  or other elite arm force training will tell you when you think you are done and can not go another step? YOU CAN ANOTHER 60% MORE!!!! 

So I while repairing more bicycle tires than I ever thought a person who only owns one bicycle would have to repair in a weekend asking myself what can I do that I have not already done? Came up with these things which I am implementing as fast as I can. .

1. I am removing stuff and 
2. Preparing for using the MMS Clorine Dioxide and Citric Acid - 50% solution activator for Fumigating rooms and hopefully killing Mold I hope and deodorizing. 
3. My Health, Jayron and or others may be the judge. 
4. If for some reason my body does not survive then please all of you help see to it that Rachel and those who can go with her get to Raw Food Chief School, Permaculture School with Geoff Lawton and Ployface Farming School the learning will benefit everyone they work with. Rachel's knowledge about herbs has already saved my life, can you Imagen what her multiplied can do for our communities. :) 

I can not think of a better bunch of people than you Stephen Fox, Gabe & Marci Livingston, and members of Saving The World Together to pray and care not just about me and this present situation but about all of our efforts helping others. 

Love You Stephen and All of You STWT Members & Readers, Thank You for Your Prayers. :Roy: Thompson   

Margaret Mead — 'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.'
This is the video that lead me to seeking MMS Chlorine Dioxide as a way to eliminate Indoor Mold:
More information about MMS, Mold, Chlorine Dioxide: MMS Taken Internally Feeds Mold & Fungus. Video 5

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1 Earthing (Grounding), Exercise & Food      2 Intermediate, Dry & Water Fasting    3 Stress    4 Eye Site    5 EMF    

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Gabe & Marci'e Northpro Properties and Elie & Walter's West Monroe Rentals takes your living safety and health seriously fixing 
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