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Home Defeating MOLD @ Northpro Properties
For Home Owners, Tenants and Landlords: Defeating MOLD @ Northpro Properties take 2 
 My Heroes, Elie & Walter, Gabe & Marci, Mike &-History
Jonas Myers (Rednecks 4 Hire)  Need a place to rent? Have Possums? Call
Them!  Redneck 4 Hire Episode with  Elie & Walter, Gab & Marci, Mike & Jonas
Northpro Properties, West Monroe Rentals, 207 Benson Street | West Monroe, LA 71291, 
318-723-7555  | take 2 Answers 2 Our Environmental 
Mold, Mildew & Fugus Health & Building Problems 2day!

Research & Discoveries:

#1) Answers to Our Health Problems 
Caused by Mold, Mildew & Fungus etc, etc, etc, etc:

The Amazing Hyssop of the Bible - Wild Oregano


The Miracle of Wild Orageno 

Other Sources are Questionable?


1 A. Earth/Food/Exercise   B. Fasting/Diabetes  2 Stress Solutions  3 Doctoring Practitioners  4 Health Freedom

Plans & Actions for Overcoming Mold, Mildew & Fungus

I Plan and am eating at least: 

1 tablespoon of Flax Seed a day (I buy Bobs Red Mill at Big Lots. Bob's Red Mill "Whole Flax Seeds" and put a small amount in a blender covering the blades about an inch or so, to crack open the seeds making it into more of a meal so I can digest them. Our bodies can not digest the whole Flax Seeds in the shell. I store the cracked blended seeds and whole seeds in the refrigerator. I keep everything covered to keep bugs out as for years the weather striping of the refrigerator has been falling apart.

2 or more tablespoons of Hulled Hemp Seeds with 6 Tablespoons of Organic Oregano Leafs 3 to 4 times a day with a half or 1/4 of an avocado if I can afford the avocado. To this I will add up to a tablespoon of Xylitol (which I use exclusively as a sweetner (see videos below) & 1/2 Tablespoon of Himalayan Pink Salt from Salt Salt Works which I buy in 5 pounds bag in Structured Water from a unit from  NaturalActionTechnologies (this was a gift) and if I have it some Balsamic Vinegar (Balsamic is made from grape seeds which does not contain any oil so there is no ozidation, Apple Cider & White vinegar I avoid because of the oxidation for the same reason I avoid all oils. Youngevity is the only company I know of who goes to the health extremes to make sure that there oils are packaged in capsules with no possibility of exposer to air and oxidation. If I have it I mix all these ingredients well or those I do have. When I am blessed with some Organic of safe pasture raised Eggs I will add at least one egg yoke to this mixture and enjoy eating it 3 - 4 times a day. This proceedure has saved my life from Debetes Type 2 and Extremely High Blood Pressure.  I would use Dr. Cass Engram's Recommended Oils from "" if necessary but the "Cut & Sifted Mediterranean Oregano Leafs Organum does the healing needed without risk of oxidation.  However many years of Dr. Cass Engram's work demonstrates the oils he recommends get people well when not any thing else in this world does. Do Not Die because Your Beloved Doctor (MD or any other kind of Doctor Does Not Recommend what Works and Get You Well! Weather he or she is a MD with a thought process engeneered by the evils of the pharmicudical companies who cure not one thing ever, just make you sometimes feel better while making money every time they see you and write a prescription or any other kind of doctor. What Work Is All That Matters when It Comes 2UR Health!!!!

(I save the other half of the avocado in the refrigerator turned upside down in a small container in water to keep it from starting the oxidation process. You can also freeze avocados this way or whole which I prefer.  

This has and is bringing my blood sugars and blood pressure to more normal levels. 

Where my blood sugars where 9+ last time checked they where 7+
Where my blood pressure was at possible stroke level it often now shows normal. 09/16/2018
The Always Loving Creator of All Things was of course right on when instructing us to purge ourselves with Hyssop (Wild Mediterranean Oregano. And Doctor Coldwell about Hemp Seeds being #1 for Cancer Curring & Colon Cleansing. 

These are 5 things that can add health, value and meaning to your life!

Laura Koniver, MD............... ..EMF Freedom .com .......   .Miracle 2 Home..   .                    Natural Action Technologies.





#2) Answers to Killing Mold, Mildew & Fungus

Killing mold can be a relatively simple process. A number of techniques are usableto kill mold. When mold is dead, sporescan still survive, and be the cause of mold to recurring within days or weeks. In addition to killing mold, you will want to get rid of mold and will need to take some additional positive actions to prevent recurrence.

For people concerned with the use of harsh chemicals in cleaning, non-toxic substances common in many homes like Vinegar, lemon juice, and other acids are very effective for killing mold, and it is possible to use a tea tree oil solution or grapefruit seed extract in water to kill the mold, adding around 20 drops for every two cups of water.

Bleach is not recommended to kill mold, bleach is toxic and can create staining problems for objects that are not white.

Conventional wisdom falsely says bleach kills mold growth.  

However, bleach only kills the surface mold without affecting the membrane underneath.  

Mold's underlying membrane needs killing and removal to effectively stop mold growth.  Bleach cleaners do not and cannot kill this membrane because of it's chemical structure prevents it from penetrating porous surfaces.  When using toxic bleach mold membranes are able to move deeper into the affected surface toescape or hide from the bleach.

Using bleach can actually multiply the mold growth.  Mold is able to use bleach as a food source. Once exposed to bleach mold may grow back even faster. EPA also advises against using bleach for removing mold.  Fortunately for all of us, other household items that can kill mold much better.


To kill mold, spray vinegar onto the moldy area, allow it to soak in for a short while before wiping away. 

You may want to follow some of these protocols for safer Mold Removal:

> Protect yourself with protective gear such as gloves and a mask.

> Pour undiluted vinegar into a spray bottle. Spray moldy areas letting it set of an hour to be absorbed by the mold.

> If the mold needs scrubbing, use a baking soda solution of 2 cups water + 1 teaspoon of baking soda in a spray bottle, well shaken..

>Spray and us a scrubbing brush or pad while wearing protect mask and gloves to avoid breathing it in and making contact with your skin.

>Use warm clean water to rinse the area.  

>Spray the area again with vinegar and let it dry naturally to help make sure the mold has been killed.

Then, subject the area to heat, heat kills mold evaporates moisture, depriving mold of the water needed to recur. In the case of something fitting in a washing machine, like blankets, curtains or clothes, mold can be killed by washing the items with a cup of vinegar and drying at high heat.

To prevent recurrence of mold after killing it, keep the area warm and humidity low. 


Using a dehumidifier can be helpful especially in wet climates.

Opening Windows and doors for cross-ventilation can be helpful also. 

Moldy Area rugs and furniture can be treated with a liquid solution and brought outside on sunny days to kill mold and spores associated with the mold. In case of moldy drywall, flooring, and other fixtures, it may be necessary to remove and replace fixtures to prevent the recurrence after removing all mold.

Preventing mold is preferable to killing it, even after mold is dead, it may leave nasty stains behind.

The presence of mold can have a negative impact on human health. 

Mold prevention may be accomplished with keeping the environment hot and dry to stop or inhibit the it's reproduction.

Keep rooms well-aired. 

Never paint, plaster, tile, or carpet over mold, it will continue growing and flourish underneath the covering. Creating a moldy distinctive stain and odor and spading spores in or to the rest of the building.

#3) Avoiding 
The High Cost of 
Greed & Lies" Engendered by 
Mold, Mildew & Fungus  


To Be Continued....

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