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HISTORY: Section 8 Correspondence from :Roy: Thompson

U All R AWESOME!!!! (Water Flood in Back Bedroom)

   2:57 am 12/31/2018

:Roy: Thompson

2:57 AM (0 minutes ago)
At around 1am this morning while cleaning up, water began flooding the back bedroom coming from un the roadside window. I alluted Elie & Walter by text as I thought they would appreciate knowing this. A week ago your maintenance person and all round great guy John removed the 3.5" by 18" solid concrete block from the apartment bath tube which I placed their some time ago (1-2 years ago?) before Mike Myers fixed the tub water faucets. It was to heavy for me to move but John had no problem removing it and set it outside the back door where it sets today. Underneath it was a large amount of black mold looking substance. I was out of white vinegar but was able to get some the next day. Sprayed the black mold looking stuff, let it set and all of it washed away the next day. Not soon enough to keep me from experiencing the symptoms of toxic allergic for me, mold, mildew and fungus. However, I am and we all should be more capable of handling this as a result of our dealing with this for such a long time and finding ways to and Defeating Mold at Northpro Properties with West Monroe Rentals in our resent past, ways that may be of help to others also. See: 

I hope our having to deal with this Mold, Mildew and Fungus problems together in the 21st Century, results in better ways for other Renters, Land Lords, Home Owners and Property Management Persons to more effectively and more economically for peoples health, physically and economically in the future. I have some more to say about how we might facilitate this coming true but for now I am getting to sleepy to continue so I plan to put this in another email. 

You All Are Truly Awesome!!!! My life is enhanced know people like yourselves who care are here among us.    

Love All of You! :Roy: Thompson    


From: :Roy:


9:31 PM (0 minutes ago)
I am not nor have I ever been Roy A Thompson. I have never even had a misdemeanor in my lifetime.

Roy Thompson is all that is on the birth certificate and I go by :Roy: Thompson. 

Therefore Nothpro Properties Management, LLC is receipting the wrong person for my payment.

Cynthia this could have only come from your office. I have asked you in the pass to please correct this as I do not want to be associated with anyone else.

Elie and Walter Please correct this and (Thank You for the receipt this month this was very welcomed)

Please send a new receipt to me: Roy Thompson for I am Not: Roy A Thompson. And I have never signed my name as such!

Thank You All of You, My life is blessed just Know All of You! You all are the best of peoples Ever!!!! Love You All!!!! :) 

From: :Roy:

I don't think your maintenance people told you but there is meany various size tar spots on the concrete floors that is almost impossible to remove. It would be nice to be able to have a clean the entire floor and get this apartment in some kind of clean condition. Because of the black mold growing underneath the carpet in the back room for such a long time because of the crack in the concrete foundation we all missed in the past which almost killed me with high sugar levers and blood pressure so high (stroke level) your kindness in removing the carpet was a well relief indeed. I am mentioning this only because I now have two empty bedrooms with a few left overs after the black mold invasion sleeping in the living room kitchen with tar on the floors and am very thankful as so should everyone be that views our story to know there is life without dieing from the toxins created by Mold, Mildew and Fungus today, without the necessary toxins that Medical Doctors would farther subject you to. 

You are my missionary brother with property management skills, with an obvious to me Love for Others therefore I want you and you also Chad to be aware of technologies that may be used against you to cause division among your friends, family and those you work with. For this I refer you to Karen Hudes and what she says about this.

Bryan Chavis of
dispels all myths and shares how it works exceptionally well for stabilizing his properties and growing his income. If you’re considering becoming a Section 8 housing landlord, here’s what you need to do, along with some of the program’s advantages. I am sure you already know all of this my reason for pointing it out is that he found 8" Ceramic Tiles works very well for him. And He makes a ton of money managing his Section 8 properties. This of course would not work in the back bedroom with a crack in the foundation that would only produce more growth of mold, mildew and fungus. Here is a link to his website. The Landlord Property Management Academy

PS: I Love both you men, Am Blessed to know you 2 and conceder my life to be most blessed that you two are! ;)
Love You Both. :Roy: Thompson

a small burner burned out on my electric stove. I left it on simmer with a pot of Organic food and it burned it up!
That happens. I disconnected it and covered the hole with burner cover. The heating element is setting on top stove. Whenever someone comes around you all can leave one that works.
Thank You.
PS you can also leave any thing Marci home cooked also. LOL
Thank You for being the loving People you are. Love You All.   :Roy: Thompson.

From: :Roy:

water standing in the back bedroom

I came home about 11am today to find water standing in the back bedroom. You may want Mike Myers to check it before we have more Mold, Mildew and or Fungus. Love You Both. U and Your Family may benefit from visiting our new site. Love You Both. :)

From: :Roy:

Gabe I remember you told me not to bother Elie & Walter with anything anymore. Mike Myers was here recently and I showed him new water in the celling hall. Recently the middle bed room smelled loudly of mildew and mold with some green mold showing through. I sprayed it with vinegar. 

I leave the celling fan running like you recommended. So I was surprised when I encountered it one night. Thought you might like to know and maybe want mike to make sure you do not have a small amount of water dripping there. 

I am doing better than ever, Sugar Levels down 2 points, high blood-pressure down form stroke level to almost normal. Found answer to Mold, Mildew & Fungus symptoms. Answers can be found at take 2

NOTE: You have been a source for good information and the love from you and your family has not gone unnoticed. 

Thank You, Love You! You and Yours are AWESOME!


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