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Saving The World (STWT) WE GET!      

    Saving The World by helping People Control Their Own Economic, Environmental, Mental & Physical Health.    Loving Ourselves & Each Other
Home Visitor's Good News

Recently (1st half 2018) Sheriff Richard Mack reviewed our website. 
He noted the multiple redundancies of information, but he liked the site, 
especially the emphases on & His Book "The County Sheriffs America's Last Hope.  
Which contains information everyone in the United States Needs To Know, & Will Greatly Benefit From Knowing
I am in the process of doing the best I can to eliminate as much of the redundancies as I can and preparing a detailed report for Sheriff Richard Mack and Our Original Hosting Team of the last 20 years of Winning Strategies never published that I believe may help us toward achieving a Clearly Defined Worthy End Goal: For Safer, Economically, Environmentally, Physically Healthy and Loving Family Neighborhoods. This page "The Now Times for Visitors" and this website itself are the tools I have to build the report with and will included plans and strategies designed and not published yet to help change our world form the local ground up, One Individual, Library of Needful Things, One County/Parish at a time to a more Loving and Constitutional "Bill of Rights" Style and Way of Living Out Our Love for Ourselves, One Another and All Our Neighbors.
2014 Resolution Drafted by the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association    (Add Your Signature)

I :Roy: Thompson 21 years Volunteer Host & Writer of am personally involved in a battle for my health in an apartment I've lived in for almost 13 years now, against Type 2 Diabetes that I have found has a little known connection between Smart Meters, Mold, Contaminates, Micro toxins. I hope this turns out well with victorious information for Myself (Healing) For "Elie & Walter" Property Managers and my loving Landlords "Gabe & Marcie" & Dynamic Maintenance Men, "Mike & Jonas Myers" (Rednecks 4 Hire/Show1/Channel). Go2 (Type 2 Diabetes)  

At first I thought this battle might leave me on the streets and homeless or following MD's advise staying here and soon in my belief dead from Smart Metters, EMF, Micro Contaminates, Mold and bad advise from MD Medicine and MD Dietitians

But, However, Section 8 which I have been on for the last 12 years right here at 803 Splane Drive, Apt. B, West Monroe, Louisiana 71291 in the last few weeks, says I qualify for a two bedroom dwelling place any where in the United States. 

I will be looking for a two bedroom, 1.5 or two full bathrooms dwelling place for KLove (Rachel Selina Crain) (my beloved daughter) and I, first of all, for a short while in my County/Parish Ouachita Parish to help see Ouachita Parish County/Parish Support Team started for two reasons. 

1) Sheriff Jay Russell  and 2) Mayor Staci Albritton Mitchell
I first meet both of them in 2015 and believe them both to be part of "We The People of Ouachita Parish Constitutional, Bill of Rights Solution to All of Our Freedoms, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness". 

Sheriff Jay Russell is in his element and 100% for The Constitution and Bill of Rights for All of We The People of Ouachita Parish and the United States. 

Mayor Staci Albritton Mitchell in my opinion is also in her element, but needs to be on her way to the Governorship of Louisiana where her logical thinking and love for all of We The People and Our Freedom, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness is most needed.    

Our Creator Daddy Pure Love & Pure Truth, The Clearly Defined Worthy End Goal for all the cosmos  puts life back into even dead body's. I have seen "Our Always Loving Creator of All Things" do this. We can trust Our Always Loving Creator to do this Loving Ourselves, One Another and All Our Neighbors Through You and Me! I Love You! 

GET! "The County Sheriff: America's Last Hope" Book by Sheriff Richard Mack

Those who vision-
Pure Love & Pure Truth
are Energized by-Pure Love & Pure Truth
All Other Paths are Less Rewarding.
  Remember KLovePremaculture Design, Raw & Cooked Food School, Portable Farming help her and JayronGarnett and Laura be all they can be in helping to save our world together with all of us, you and me and everyone else who will choose to Love Themselves, Love All of Us and Love All Our Neighbors Together. Thank You, Love You!!!! :)

:Jayron-Darnell: Williams 318-418-1557 Text Only Please
& Chuck East have full Administrative access to Our STWT Website.   Be The Change! JOIN US!


   For Burning Fat, Building Muscle, Losing Weight & Slowing Aging: Exercising Only 16 minutes Every Other Day
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^Above^ 60 sec Bust Training & 3 Minute Rest Timers^ 
I began with one gallon water jugs in place of Fitness Dumbbells.  Cheap, is my heritage! 

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