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Saving The World Together (STWT) Laws:

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Laws 20A)
Ministers Expense Debit Card Usage, 
You are free to Use Your Ministers Expense Debit Card for all those things 
you need to fully pursue your "Ministers of Love, Good Samaritan Family Neighborhood Ministry".

If you question your expenditure is for the secular world products, services etc. and if you need to use You Ministers Expense Debit Card to take out a personal no interest baring loan do that. See Law 11 for more details on STWT No Interest Loans.

You can use your Ministry Expense Debit Card for your Memberships in a Non-Violent 2nd Amendment Organization & Library of Needful Things- Memberships or and Doctoring Consultant Clinics or anything else that is STWT promoted or STWT project created-or-manufactured things exchanged between members.

2) Health Practitioners

People with experience and current licensing to practice various types of Doctoring (Medical Doctors, Naturopathic, Chiropractic, Dentist, etc. and Apprentices may qualify to help those seeking help through, Saving The World Together's Clinics under the following Conditions: 

1) If there is a disease or sickness, illness that a person suffers from that is curable by diet, exercise, nutrients, drugs or anything else and the STWT, DoctoringConsultant does not provide the or those Cure(s) to their STWT members looking for help from them, giving the one looking for help the liberty to choose from the cures which they want to apply, or in any way profit from the products, services, helps or the hospitalization of anyone seeking their help or from third parities such as manufactures or publishers of a product or services literature or in any way not described here in, that "Doctoring Consultant" will loss Our Assembly, Ecclesia's approval to do DocotoringConsulting within STWT's Assembly, Congregation, Ecclesia

[NOTE: No one is to profit from the sufferings of others. This is the #1 Disease in our world today! It is the madness of a Systematized Greed Based Economy! Even the 66+ Ancient Historical Writings mis-taught by the over 41,000+ divisions of Christianity struggles to point this out to us through their quagmire of misdirected doctrines / denominations. Read this and c 4 ur self: Are Doctors a Gift from God? 

2) Applicants who have Proven to County/Parish Support Team & Global DoctoringConsultants colleagues they have a excellent working knowledge of all Dr. Joel Wallace Publications &'s information & other recommended website health modality cures &....  For more GO TO: DoctoringConsultants Required Knowledge.  

3) On the recommendation of the world's leading Cancer Cure, Stress & Burn Out Syndrome Dr. Leonard Coldwell 2nd Video Below >Middle< & Global Doctor of the Year Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD. PhD.-3rd Video Below >Right>, DoctoringConsultants agree not to recommend as part of our STWT's collective "Healing Cures", "Hypnosis", "Meditation" or commonly accepted (Muscle Testing) "Applied Kinesiology" (AK), or "Yoga" even though you may find them in some of the video's or literature others promote on our website and may find some of their various forms, types and or practices beneficial yourself as some professional promoting better health also do with their specialized understanding and practices of some of these modalities themselves which you can view some in the first video's below.  

This is not to say that you may not be using Applied Kinesiology AK for a more healthful experience or Hypnosis or some form of Meditation or type or teachings of Yoga that is or has been or helped bring about a more healthful experience for yourself in your experience in dealing with some of your physical or mental, emotional challenges but rather that while working with STWT Doctoring Consultants you will not recommend them, your type or style or anyone else's type or style of them or any form or type of channellings of information form the spiritual world such as divining rods, weegie boards ect, ect, ect, to any of your STWT patients, members, ministers as a "Healing Modality Cure" approved by STWT's DoctoringConsultants. NO OFFENSE HERE IS MEANT TO ANYONE'S PERSONA
L PREFERRED HELPFUL HEALING METHODS, BELIEFS OR RELIGION!  We Love You & Your Personal Bill of Rights Comes With Our Loving You! 

IN OTHER WORDS: ALL THIS MEANS IS THAT: We "Good Samaritan Family Neighborhood Ministers of Love" do not use Saving The World Together's" funds to pay for anything associated with improving our skills or services of others associated with Meditation, hypnosis, Applied Kinesiology AK, Yoga, Channeling, Diving rods, Weegie Boards etc. or anything Pagan that may in some chases end with inviting Spiritual Beings sometimes referred to as demons in to the midst of our relating. Some of the best doctors I know practice Meditation including Dr. Kiven Finley, Dr. Danial Amen, Scientist Raymond Francis to name a few. Closely related to what I call The Practice of Focusing, Nose Breathing, Muscle Flexing, Modalities I'd associate with IngIng, (The Art of Avoiding Fighting).  

STWT's Definition of "Meditation
": The Action or Practice of Meditating. Meditating; Deliberately, Intentionally, Thinking About Something. Deliberately, Intentionally Musing Over, Concentrating On a Clearly Defined Worthy End Goal, Thought or Action. Even if you call that thought "Nothing" or "Void of Everything" or "Bending with the Wind" or "Emptying Your Mind"! 

NOTE: All Who Purposely Focus On, "Pure Love & Pure Truth" with a Passion, Are Energized by "Pure Love & Pure Truth". All other paths are Less Rewarding!!!! :Roy: Thompson 

NOTE: All Who Purposely Focus On, "Pure Love & Pure Truth" with a Passion, Are Energized by "Pure Love & Pure Truth". All other paths are Less Rewarding!!!! :Roy: Thompson THE END

7 hours of healing sleep in 20 minutes     Dr. Leonard Caldwell's Stress Reduction Package  
Videos & Outside Materials in or linked to site are for general content, not for agreement with use of words, ideas, concepts or religion.

STWT's Definition of or "What Is Yoga": 

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Science proves Words effects People & Things & our DNA has ancestral  memories (& I believe they do) they may hold memories all the way back to our own creation. Therefore It Is Logical to believe that from the creation of a word to it's now it has some power to effect things in the now. Therefore it is reasonable to suggest that believing something is not what it is and always was from it's beginning may be how evil establish stresses in our subconscious minds engendering a stress gap between the original meaning of words we use and traditionalized use of them . Stress kills people. Avoid connecting with stress by: NOT USING WORDS SEPARATED, TRANSLITERATED, MISDIRECTED AWAY FROM THEIR ORIGINS. Pure Love & Pure Truth
Is A Person's Life's Ultimate Practice of Love.


1) The Numerous Expressions, Types and Styles of The Active Combination of "Stretching" & "Breathing" & "Meditation" & Focusing  Exercises with the passive, almost in some cases invisible, secret, underling promotion of Hindu Scientifically Proven Dangerous small deviation, misdirection, away from actuating Pure Love & Pure Truth & the fullness of STWT's Style & Way of Life, "Loving Ourself, Loving One Another & Loving All Our Neighbors. The underlining problem being the passive acceptance of & familiarity with the secretive, hidden stress eating, human stress producing spiritual entities sold to us by the passive packaging of "Stretching, Breathing, Meditation & Focusing Exercises" into a form called "Yoga" where it's origins promote familiarity with deceptive, human stress producing, through deceptive, passive aggressive divisions of We The People of Pure Love & Pure Truth, Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another and Loving All Our Neighbors. Evil, Demonic, Up To No Good Spiritual Beings, Passive Aggressively Killing, Stealing and Destroying The Abundance of Free Life Living Through Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another and All Our Neighbors is at risked here. 

Even though I do not go by "Christian" or "Atheist" I am 100% for The Christian's Gray Habermas and Hue Russ and The Atheist Scientist who Work together with them! Together they come up with what I conceder to be some Off The Charts Objective Research Conclusions that applies to every one alive. Just listening to some of their videos and you may agree.

The Testimonies and Works of the Following have contributed the the Law that the only Therapy STWT Funds are to be used for is "Reality Therapy / Choice Theory" or "Counseling taught by William Glasser" & "Cognitive Behavioral Therapy" by qualified Counselors. (Be sure to visit "Am I Believing A Lie .com" a do it yourself Cognitive Behavioral Therapy &:
listen to the following Cognitive Behavioral Therapy videos & visit Julia Kristina Cognitive Therapy website.

Dr. Nail McLaren    Fred A. Baughman Jr. MD    Dr. William Glasser   Dr. Gary Kohls    Peter Breggin MD

Reality Therapy is the method of counseling that Dr. Glasser has been teaching since 1965. Reality therapy is firmly based on choice theory and its successful application is dependent on a strong understanding of choice theory. Reality therapy training is available to anyone…the first step in learning this tool is to enroll in a Basic Intensive Training.


Since unsatisfactory or non-existent connections with people we need are the source of almost all human problems, the goal of reality therapy is to help people reconnect. To create a connection between people, the reality therapy counselor, teacher or manager will:

    • Focus on the present and avoid discussing the past because all human problems are caused by unsatisfying present relationships.
    • Avoid discussing symptoms and complaints as much as possible since these are the ways that counselees choose to deal with unsatisfying relationships.
    • Understand the concept of total behavior, which means focus on what counselees can do directly – act and think. Spend less time on what they cannot do directly; that is, change their feelings and physiology. Feelings and physiology can be changed, but only if there is a change in the acting and thinking.
    • Avoid criticizing, blaming and/or complaining and help counselees to do the same. By doing this, they learn to avoid some extremely harmful external control behaviors that destroy relationships.
    • Remain non-judgmental and non-coercive, but encourage people to judge all they are doing by the choice theory axiom: Is what I am doing getting me closer to the people I need? If the choice of behaviors is not working, then the counselor helps clients find new behaviors that lead to a better connection.
    • Teach counselees that legitimate or not, excuses stand directly in the way of their making needed connections.
    • Focus on specifics. Find out as soon as possible who counselees are disconnected from and work to help them choose reconnecting behaviors. If they are completely disconnected, focus on helping them find a new connection.
    • Help them make specific, workable plans to reconnect with the people they need, and then follow through on what was planned by helping them evaluate their progress. Based on their experience, counselors may suggest plans, but should not give the message that there is only one plan. A plan is always open to revision or rejection by the counselee.
    • Be patient and supportive but keep focusing on the source of the problem – the disconnectedness. Counselees who have been disconnected for a long time will find it difficult to reconnect. They are often so involved in the symptom they are choosing that they have lost sight of the fact that they need to reconnect. Help them to understand, through teaching them choice theory and encouraging them to read the book: 
    • Choice Theory: A New Psychology of Personal Freedom, that whatever their complaint, reconnecting is the best possible solution to their problem.
As Saving The World Together, "Ministers of Love"
The principle here is the same as why we 
are told when flying in an 
airplane and the oxygen masks are lowered in an emergency, for you to first put your oxygen mask on before trying to put one on your child or spouse or anyone else. Because you will be unconscious and not able to help yourself 
or anyone else if you do not.



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All Videos & Outside Materials in or linked to site are for general content, not for agreement with use of words, ideas, concepts or religion.

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