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Only Vote for Constitution Bill of Rights Trained People
to Occupy Offices, who will Preserve, Protect & Defend The Constitution of the 
united states & take an oath or affirm to the same and will keep their Oaths of Office!
Every Voter Constitutional Bill of Rights Information Champaign!

Fueled with a Sign-able Resolution &
by Candidates' Political Organizations &
We The County/Parish Neighborhood People for
Constitutional Bill of Rights, Responsible Authority,
The Verified Chief Law Enforcement Authority in The united states
by The united states Supreme Court,
>"County Sheriffs America's Last Hope"<
    Every Voter Year Round Information Champaign & Interest Group    

        Listen to the Story About Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers

by becoming the change you want to see with 
Saving The World Together & Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Asscociation  

This is made possible because those who belong in every public office 
are those who love you, just the way you are right now, and if they do not, 
then they are in the wrong line of work and need to go!!!!  

Join Us 
& Be The Change, You Want To See!

You Can Sign the following Resolutions:

2014 Resolution Drafted by the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association_
Add Your Signature(>Sheriffs County/Parish Resolution<)
Please Pass It On!
Encourages Everyone in Our united states to Sign The 2014 Resolution Drafted by the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association and the Following Saving The World Together's Resolution for Elections to Champagne & voters to Only Vote for "Constitutional Bill of Rights" "Lawful Authority" verifiable members of & Trained by "Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association", "".  This is to assure us, We The People Voters candidates understand and stand behind the Oaths Every One of Them have to take to accept the responsibilities and performance requirements of the elected offices they have received our votes to occupy.  

Resolution for Signatures of We The People's of Our united states County/Parishes:
We the People of Our united states County/Parish demand our elected public servants treat us their constituents with the respect and dignity due the final authority they serve and not treat our vote or their office as a stepping stone to personal riches, power and control over us, interfering with our Liberty, Freedoms and Pursuit of Happiness. 

This is more important to us than the Political Party candidates belong to or the campaign promises they make to get us to vote for them. 

Candidates running for election must join and be verifiable "Constitutional Bill of Rights" trained by Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association ( for me to vote for them as I am certifying here with my signature: 

The Following is a Sample Only Copied directly from 
Sheriffs County/Parish Resolution

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In the Clinton Administration the U.S. Supreme Court concluded a lawsuit filed by County/Parish Sheriffs lead by Sheriff Richard Mack. The Supreme Count concluded the County/Parish Sheriff is the Chief Law Enforcement Officers in the United States, with the authority to arrest the U.S. President & peoples in organizations under the federal & State governments including the State Governor.

Sheriffs & All Elected Peoples are bond by their oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the united states answerable to the People who live in their constituency. This is more important than a person's Political Party or Champagne Promises.

This is all of us, you & me being Treated with the Love & Respect & Honor in the Oath made by all of our elected officials.
 Politicians Can Keep Their Oath or NOT GET OUR VOTES! 

Mon, Nov 5, 10:15 AM 2018 As you requested, I have attached the full list of elected officials who serve Ouachita Parish. Please let me know if you need any further information. 

hank you, Jodi Geever, Ouachita Parish Public Library, Reference Staff 


Safer, Maximum Health, More Effective Schools & a Abundance 4 All: Saving The World Together (STWT) 

Your County/Parish/Library or City Chamber of Commerce may help you identify all the elected officials in your County/Parish/Cities & Towns. 

Then it is just a matter of contacting their secretaries and sharing with them Website and our 1st County/Parish Interest Group 1."Every Voter Constitutional Bill of Rights Information Champaign" and goal that we put information into the hands of every person living in our County/Parish and the hands of every Elected Official and candidate showing the importance of having every elected official elected in our County/Parish/Cities/Towns&Villages be trained Constitutional Bill of Rights members of Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association

All those elected officials who agree will want to help.
Those who have established political campaign organizations may want to have their campaign organizations help in the efforts by helping produce 
Saving The World Together Every Voter Constitutional Bill of Rights Information Champaign Packets, and Yard Signs etc. showing or leading to " Constitutional Bill of Rights Training Information.


Join Us and Be The Change You Want To See!   

Every Voter Year Round Constitutional Bill of Rights Information Champaign (with a Sign-able Resolution and SavingTheWorld Interest Group)

Join Us and Be The Change You Want To See!  

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