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    Dr. Leonard Coldwell, World's Leading Expert on Natural Cancer Cures, Stress & Burnout Syndrome
    Hemp Seeds are The Cure for Cancer and The Best Colon Cleanser Ever (in The Whole Wide World)!

      CAUTION: Starting a new health Protocol or Product U, May Want 2 Start slow with low doses, 2 Avoid Detoxing Sickness Concerns.       

2 pounds         5 pounds         12 oz

Buy/Canada has strict laws against pesticides on Hemp Crops/Canada!

Oregano, Organic, Non-GMO Leaves
   The Hemp ( ) Solution     Buy "North American Herb & Spice" Other Sources are Questionable?



Burn FatIncrease Muscle & Slow AgingExercising 16 Minutes ⇊M-W-F or EveryOtherDay⇊

60:00 Second Burst Training Timer

03:00 Minute Rest Timer 



      Dr. Joel Wallach's Research & Practice Proves our unborn children needs 90 Essential Nutrients before          

      conception to avoid birth defects and all of us need the 90 after conception for everyone to stay healthy.       


Dr. Laura Koniver M.D.  free-earthing-idea-book  Dr. Wallach Nutrients-Dead Doctors Don't LieEpigenetics-Let's Play Doctor

Let's Play Herbal Doctor-Passport to Aromatherapy-Truth About Nutrition-Hell's Kitchen-Rebound fx-Dead Athletes Don't Lie



Home, Office & Farm Unhealthy Toxic Chemicals & Unhealthy Indoor Air? 




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