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>>>>To have a more enjoyable, longer, more healthy life.

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::::::::::::           ::::::::::::::::::::::Roy: Thompson's Investigative Conclusions Helped by Anonimous :::::::::::::::::::::              
::::::::: ::::::::           :::::::::::::researchers foundly called Charlie Chan & Sherlock Holmes 
 :::::::::::::::                      :

THE MORE WE TEST THINGS , the more evidence we'll find of it's   
Coherence  or  inconsistencies   &   Incoherence.

4Test 4All Things Boot Camp :::: Not Required, Ever!   Volunteers Only, at Their Own Speed  ::::  »Below«

Our Boot Camp Prep School begins here: 

Boot Camps Prep School Tools
1) Business? Business? Business?

Whenever I'M feeling differently, stressed, angry, sad or mad about something or someone or their behavior(s) or lack of action, I ask myself is this My Business, Your Business or Someone Else's Business I am thinking about?

I can only think about one person's behavior at a time. If I am thinking about your behavior & how you can, could, should, would benefit from a change in your behavior then I am not in My Own Business which I have some control over but Your Business. This does nothing for you & is a source of much wasted time & energy & source of much suffering for me. 

Therefore My thought energies are being wasted on something which I can not do a thing about. Wasting My Free Life, OOCH!

When I do that, I set up a stress mill within My subconscious mind, which is connected to My DNA memory, which scientist are just discovering remembers everything like a giant computer all the way back to our first couple Adam & Eve. That is not everything but everything experienced by our ancestors in our line of beings, back to Adam & Eve. Way short of Everything but still very impressive for Me & You!

Why is this important for us to know? Good Question!!!!

When something is True or False, Love or Hate & when we in our conscious minds override Logical Thinking, "What Is, Is What It Is & Is Not What It Is Not! & What Works, Works vs What Does Not Work, Does Not Work!

Investing our beliefs in Illusions & Lies instead of Truth, Evidence & Facts, establishes a "Stress Falt" much like in a geographic rock formation that eventually results in an earthquake. Only in me & you it usually manifest itself as anxiety, depression & a verity of sicknesses & eventually premature physical deaths. 

The sooner we can catch this or tackle this head on & identify who's business we have entangled our thinking processes into & get back to staying in our own business, the sooner we can heal & feel the clarity & balance of "Pure Love & Pure Truth".

When we began feeling anxious, sad, melancholy, upset, angry or such negative feelings it may be a good idea to: 

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Who's Businesses is my thinking into, Your Business or "Our Always Loving Creator of All Things",
"Pure Spirit, Pure Love & Pure Truth's" business, or am I into thinking about my own business which I can do something about?  

You can be sure if you are not in your own business then you are helping create a stress fault in your subconscious that is in you & will find it's way into turning this stress into your own sufferings & eventual killer stress.

Who's Business Am I Thinking About?
3) Your Business?
2) Our Creator, Pure Love & Pure Truth's Business? or
1) My Own Business which is the only one I can do something about?

What produces the best outcome for me?
3) Worrying about the economy, listening to all the economic predictions?
2) Being In Our Always Loving Creator's Business? or

1) What can I do with what I have right now?

Business? Business? Business?
Who's Business, Am I Thinking About Right Now? 

Boot Camps Prep School Tools
2) Understanding,
What Is "Pure Love & Pure Truth"?

WHAT IS: "Pure Love"? 
Pure is "Original, Lacking Nothing, Adding Nothing", 100% What It Is.
LOVE: The Greeks used seven words to define different states of experiencing love: 1) Storage: natural affection, 2) Philia: friendship, 3) Eros: sexual & erotica, Agape: unconditional, divine love, 4) Ludus: flirting, Pragma: committed, married love,  5) Philautia: self love. These may represent some of man's best understanding of how we cognitive beings dissect, investigate & experience some practical aspects of love. 

The best descriptions of the attributes of "PURE LOVE" I found is in the 66 [+?] Ancient Historical Collection of Writings most often referred to as "The Bible" & that is: 
        NOTE: All Videos & Outside Materials in or linked to this website are for general content only, Not for agreement with their use of words, ideas, concepts or religion.

What Is Pure Love & Pure Truth?

Pure Love & Pure Truth are 2Two Characteristics of one existence. 

Pure Love & Pure Truth are inseparable like 2Two Sides of a Coin. 

Pure Love & Pure Truth are the Attributes of whom the Egyptians referred to as the *Neter. The Great & Supreme Being That Made All Things. 

Pure Spirit, Pure Love & Pure Truth.
The Creator of All Things that is the light in & Holds All Things Together.
Listen to or Watch Videos > > 

NOTE: All Videos & Outside Materials in or linked to this website are for general content only, Not for agreement with their use of words, ideas, concepts or religion.
In your own words explain the following:
Rewrite the above in your own words on pager.

Why "Pure Love & Pure Truth"? 
1) Pure Love & Pure Truth can not produce deception, can not produce bad fruit. 

2) Pure Love & Pure Truth is void of all deception, always in unity with themselves.

3) Pure Love & Pure Truth, Logical Reasoning concludes is the only characteristics of the sameexistence that is capable of summing up all things into it's self, while keeping the full integrity of the individual thing's complete & unique selfness. That is each & every thing is unique & different, "Itself" as opposed to everything else. You are always you, I am always Me! :) (I like this) (Permanent, Forevermore Itself, Myself, Yourself).

4) Pure Love & Pure Truth therefore are the only logical characteristics of "Pure", "Never Changing", "Always the Same", "Forever More", Characteristics that must exist as the foundation of Almighty, All Present, Creator of All Things, 100% Pure Spirit, 100% Pure Love, 100% Pure Truth, 100% Creator, Sustainer & Positive Pure Love & Pure Truth Modifier of All Things for the individual good of each & every thing. 

Pure Truth IS: Evidence that is always the same, never changes, absolute, not amenable, permanent, fact, Not Full of Facts or Factual but "Fact" "Forevermore, Eternal Fact".
Boot Camps Prep School Tools
3) Understanding Reality & UR Potential 4Change!
As much as
of our society experiences Depression! 

Fear and Excitement are the exact same chemical processes in our bodies.

We can interrupt Our Brains decision to which one it is we are experiencing by counting backwards from 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and choosing which one it is we want it to be. Excitement is a better choice than Fear. Listen to Videos >>>>
Reality is the inventory of All/Everything "that is what it is" at this very moment!
The Totality of Reality is Not Our Business,
The Totality of Reality is The Business of Our Pure Love & Pure Truth Creator of All Things

Our Best Understanding of Reality Comes From
The Logic of Existence:

"What Is, Is What It Is"
and "Is Not, What It is Not!"

I Call This: 
"The Logic of Existence

Everything Exist as what it is
& does not exist as what it is not! 

Better Understanding "The Logic of Existence" k
eeping us from being more disconnected from Logical Reasoning & closer to Seeing, Understanding Things as "they are" & "not as they are not" or as others would like us to see them.

Our focus here is on our learning to use
"The Logic of Existence" as a way of helping us look into everything we want to examine in such a way as to determine what is of "Pure Love & Pure Truth" & what is not. We want to do this because when we focus on Pure Love & Pure Truth we all, everyone of us is energized by Pure Love & Pure Truth. Pure Love & Pure Truth is void of deception & fear. 
Fear, Faith & Religion. 

Fear can be activated by an actual event or our imaginations. 

Our bodies & minds
react to both of these
in the very same way. 

Faith (trust, belief) comes in two forms.
1) Blind trust, belief, faith based on preconceived, dictated concepts, ideas, reprogrammed beliefs, fairy tales, fantasy, political or religious rhetoric, propaganda without passing the test of Logic, Reason, Truth, Evidence & Facts. 
2) Evidential Faith
based on Logic
(The Logic of Existence) Truth, Evidence & Facts. 

The Hierarchal Academia of Science & Religion maintains control with systems in place & working for them.
Sustainable Community under Fire

Understanding Your Potential 4Change!

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Boot Camps Prep School Tools
"Pure Love & Pure Truth!" 

1. Am I Believing A Lie? ... (that may be causing my own suffering?) 

2. Is what I am believing verifiability true? 

3. Is there factual evidence that what I am believing is absolutely true? 

4. How do I react, what happens, when I believe this thought

and Do Not Put It To The 5Questions r 4Test 4All Things r follow Dr. Amens Kill The Ants way

5. Who would I be, How would I feel, What would I do,
without this Belief, Belief System or Construct?

The Following Are Examples of How You Might Want to Use The Five Questions Above.
You have our permission to use them however you want & make them work best for you.


On the lines below, write down a thought, idea or notion, 
or concept about someone who is living or dead whom you 
have not forgiven 100 percent. 

“He or she does not care about me or love me” or “I did that wrong.” 
Your Answer:

Then question the the thought, 
idea or notions or concept in writing, using 
1. Am I Believing A Lie?
2. Is what I am believing verifiability true?
3. What is the factual evidence that this is absolutely true?
4. How do I react, what happens, when I believe this thought, 
   idea or notion?
5. Who would I be without this belief, without this thought, 
   idea or notion (concept)? and reverse your statements based 
   on your false beliefs and "Discover The Truth". 

(Use as much extra paper as you need.) 

When answering the questions, ask Our Almighty Ever Living Creator Daddy (Abba Father) who is "Pure Spirit and Pure Love" to help reveal the truth to you and if you like "close your eyes", be still, and listen for the answer. 

Our Almighty Ever Living Creator Daddy created you and can easily work with all your conscious and unconscious thinking processes. 

The journey to your Discoveries of Truth stops the moment you stop asking, listening and answering the questions.


Testing your neighbor • Write it down • Ask the five questions • See the lie and Discover The Truth and best of all become free form the negative effects of the deceitful, be free from the bondage of the lie. 

Fill in all of the blank spaces below, writing about someone who is dead or alive, someone you have not yet forgiven or have resentment toward. Make your sentences simple and brief. Do not hold back—try to experience all of the anger and or pain as if the situation is occurring right now. Take advantage of this opportunity to fully express your judgmental feelings on paper. 

1. Who is it that disappoints you, that angers you, confuses you or makes you sad, and explain why? 

What is it about them that that bothers you, that you do not like? 

I am 


because (Name) 


(Example: I am disappointed with Henry because Henry does not listen or pay attention to me. Henry does not respect or appreciate me. Henry disagrees with everything I say.) 

2. How do you want your neighbor to change? What is it you want them to do? 

I want (Name)_____________________ to 



(Example: I want Henry to admit he is wrong. I want Henry to apologize.) 

3. What is it that your neighbor should do or should stop doing. What is it they should be, think, or feel? What advice could you offer your neighbor? 




(Example: Henry should take better care of himself. Henry should not argue with me.) 

4. What does your neighbor need to do for you to be happy? 

I need (Name)__________________ to 


(Example: I need Henry to listen to me. I need Henry to respect and love me.) 

5. What do you think of them? Make a list. 

(Name)_____________________ is 



(Example: Henry is disrespectful, unfair, arrogant, loud, discourteous. dishonest, out of line, and incredulous.) 

6. What is it that you never want to experience again with that person? 

I do not ever want (Name)________________________________ to 


(Example: I do not ever want to feel disrespected, unappreciated, ignored by Henry again. 

I do not ever want to see Henry eating too much, drinking, smoking and ruining his health again.) 

7. What makes this person more unlovable or more lovable to Our Almighty Creator Daddy, Yahweh who is "Pure Love" than myself and everyone else? How am I better, superior, better off, more important or less important and worse off than this person. List the ways. 


The Five Questions 

1. Am I Believing A Lie? 

2. Is what I am believing verifiability true? 

3. What is the factual evidence that this is absolutely true? 

4. How do I react, what happens, when I believe this thought? 

5. Who would I be without this belief, without this thought? 

Look through this belief and "discover the truth", turn this thought opposite from the original mis-thought, half truth or outright lie: (Henry does not listen to me.) 

a) to the opposite (Henry listens to me more than I give him credit for.) 

b) to yourself (I haven't been listening to myself.) 

c) to your neighbor (I haven't been listening to Henry.) 

And find at least three truthful, specific examples of how each "discovery of truth" is or has been evident in your life. 





The Belief in Magic is for the religious the verbalization of words, verses, letters, chapters and or books, thoughts, ideas, notions and or concepts found in a collection of historical interpreted manuscripts most known as "The Bible" or any other text into the face or Our Almighty Created Daddy with the expectation of automated results. The problem of This Belief in Magic for the religious exist in the fallibility of the interpreter(s), the availability of the deceiver and the deceiver's angelic followers (33% of their homeland occupants) with their ability to counterfeit what appears to the conjurer as a miracle or miracles of Our Almighty Creator Daddy to validate this false belief with the most undesirable long term effects awaiting the conjurer's demise (separation from his or her own business, discord, stress, anxiety suffering, and pain, etc)... Far Better is the Contentment with Reality... Roy Thompson 2010 


Fill in complete the blanks below using your age, body, disease, education, health, weight, etc.

I do not like my body because it is too fat, too skinny, too short, too tall...
I do not like my stomach because it is too big, too fat, too skinny...
I need my body to be more flexible, healthier, stronger or younger...
My face is too round, square, wrinkled...
My cancer, diabetes, disability is too out of control...
I do not ever want to be out of shape, over weight or sick again...
I am sure that my body would be or would not be (if)... 

1. I do not like my body because
Your Answer: 

2. I want my body to or not to
Your Answer:

3. My body should or should not 
Your Answer:

4. I need my body to 
Your Answer:

5. My body is or is not (make a list): 
Your Answer:

6. I do not ever want my body to 
Your Answer:

7. I am undesirable, unexceptionable, unhappy because my body is or is not or can not
Your Answer:


The Five Questions
1. Am I Believing A Lie?
2. Is what I am believing verifiability true?
3. What is the factual evidence that this is absolutely true?
4. How do I react, what happens, when I believe this thought?
5. Who would I be without this belief, without this thought?

Look through the false belief(s) and "discover the truth", turn this thought opposite form the original mis-thought, half truth or outright lie: (Henry does not listen to me.)

a) to the opposite (Henry listens to me more than I give him credit for.)
b) to yourself (I haven't been listening to myself.)
c) to your neighbor (I haven't been listening to Henry.)

And find at least three truthful, specific examples of how each "discovery of truth" is or has been evident in your life. 
The answer to a few simple questions can change your life, forever, for the positive good!  


Making The World a Better Place

Freedom thru-Self Management


STWT's Boot Camps 
Volunteers, Only
for Practicing the 
4Test 4All Things  
That's All This Is!

Your 1st Boot Camp is coming up, "Congratulation for facing UR Own Fears"!
NOTE: Whenever You Are Finished With This Boot Camp, In the 1st Boot Camp after the very 1st thing that challenges you, You Quit or After The completion of all challenges (After reading & answering all the questions, everything in the 4 Boot Camps, watching all the videos & checking out all the linked materials) you are finished. When You are finished by Quitting or Completion is up to you. 

As far as I :Roy: Thompson am concerned, you being here requires your commitment to Love Yourself, Love All of Us "Ministers of Love" & Love All Your Neighbors With All of Us! Therefore, We Are All Winners, Here Together!!!! 
U Love Me & I Love U & We Love Each Other & All Our Neighbors Together!!!! 
Can anything be more Win, Win, Win, Win, that this, for All of US? 
WARNING: This is a very hard Mentally & Spiritually Challenging Boot Camp of Ideas & Information that may take you to the very end of your anger potential & to the very beginning of you quit, give up, to much, over the top, leave it behind, stop the pain, ring the bell, protect my ability to reproduce within the group of people I am already in, "Truth, Evidence & Facts" Is Not Important As That, Mind Set to me...

If you proceed, the mental & spiritual challenge will be very hard to experience or learn from at 1-119 + years old. UR Worst Enemy: Will B U & UR Reluctance to Investigate.... 

However it will help make you more dependent on the only teacher you truly have & that is the, "Pure Love & Pure Truth" Living inside of You, Yourself. The Mental & Spiritual Challenge U Face may equal the Physical & Mental Challenge of Fire Fighters, Navy Seals, Army, Marines, Sheriff & Police & 1st Responders. Decide after listening to what some of them say by Watching the Videos >>>>>>>>>>> 

Our Boot Camps Starts Here: 

When things go wrong, 
as they most definitely will:

When the road you're trudging seems all uphill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit-
Rest if you must, but don't you quit.

Life is not predictable with its twists and turns.
& this Boot Camp will make you feel worse !!!!
It will slam your face into your own created dirt!!!!
It will keep you freezing cold in the mud pits built with illusioned conclusions of reality from following misdirections away from, the "Pure Love & Pure Truth" you in your heart of hearts truly wants.

As every one of us sometimes learns,
And many people who turns about
When they might have won had he stuck it out.
Don't give up though the pace seems slow -
You may succeed with just another blow.
Often the goal is nearer than you think.

It seems to a faint, unsteady and faltering heart;
1-119+ years old 
that it just makes since to give up & quit!!!!

Often strugglers have given up
When they might have captured the victor's cup;
And when they learned too late 
when the night came down,
How close they were to the golden crown.


Success is failure that stuck it out, 
kept going when others quit & doubt 

There is a silver tint in the clouds of doubt,
And you never can tell, how close you are,
It might be near, when it seems so very, every far;
So stick to the fight when you're hardest hit -
It's when things seem worst that
you must not quit.

Boot Camps Motivational Talk
In the mid 80's I found myself talking with Dr. Lou Ryder with degrees in Medicine, Surgery, Psychiatry & Theology. The subject of conversation my diagnosis of having a Histrionic Personality Disorder only a very few overcome (as if that was not enough) latter, a time space gap in my cognitive perception of time & space. WHAT! That was a load of crap to carry around! Other PhD.s friends & circumstances revealed I had a Read, Write, Listening, speaking disabilities & some problems with facial recognitions of even family members I know & love. [How Messed Up Can That Be!!!!] 

I Really Want & Wanted for others to Love Me & 2Love Them.  My illusions of reality were all built around that goal. Dr. Lou Ryder Loved "this mess" that I call, Me, Myself & I. He gave me 4 years of time in psychoanalysis before he moved away. 

Dr. Ryder was followed by one of his teaching professors, Dr. Joe Ben Hays, MD/PhD Psychiatry Practitioner & Doctor of Theology, Dr. Marci Howard Ph.D., NCCCHT" & Dr. Michael Allen Chiropractor & PhD Counselor, 1st seen 1/12/98 Concluding PROGRESS SUMMARY NOTE Roy Thompson March 31, 2000 from "Joe Ben Hays, collaborated by "Dr. Marci Howard, Ph.D., NCC, CHT & Dr. Michael Allen Chiropractor & PhD Counselor. "...totally free from mental impairment, having a sound, healthy mind, being the most mentally sound person he (they) had ever evaluated." Over 100 years practicing of professionals found me to be the most sane (sane / my word) person they had treated & they acted like it was a pleasure to know & talk to me, they love me!!!!  

When we started Dr. Ryder told me I needed to widen my vision from my narrow illusions to a worldwide vision & test Everything myself, that brought me to the learning of the4Test 4All Things

These Boot Camps is my giving to you, passing on to you, the Love the above "Fantastic 4" gave to me!     GO FOR IT!   
Just Do It!!!! Learn to Truly Love YourselfLove One Another & 
Love All of your Neighbors through putting everything to the 
4Test 4All Things. Then You & Me, We will be more consistent, Living Proof of "Pure Love & Pure Truth".

Rest When U Can & U Must! But Never! Never! Never!     Never GIVE UP!!!!

The Next Four Webpages of STWT's Boot Camp for Practising the 4Test 4All Things may be the worst webpages You'll see in your lifetime. We Hope So!!!!

Our Boot Camps
will mentally & spiritually challenge, get even harder in it's experience in learning for the 1-119 + years old.
UR Worst Enemy, Will B U & UR Reluctance to Investigate. Boot Camps for Practicing the  4Test for 4All Things  [That is all it is]
 1st Boot Camp for the 4Test 4All Things 


Only a Committed, Small 5% is Needed to Save Our World, The Rest Will Follow....

(Continued from Top of Page)



Beliefs & Four Priorities

"Ministers of Love, Good Samaritan Family Neighborhood MinistersCOMMON BELIEFS, WAY OF LIFE & STYLE:
1) We Love Ourselves
Love One Another & Love All of Our Neighbors
2) Our Response & Our Support Team, members are 
A) A
nnually, after a 360 Evaluation of candidates elected by those whom they will help for the next year.  
B) Are members of and....
C) Use the 
4Test 4All Things to help us avoid being misdirected away from our Common Beliefs, 
Way of Life and Style of: "Loving Ourselves, 
Loving One Another and Loving All of Our Neighbors
What This Truly Means is ThatThe Members of Our
Response & Our Support Teams are active Members of CSPOA.orguse the 4Test 4All Things to help keep us from being Tricked, Misdirected, Deceived Out of Staying On Tract with Our Beliefs, Way of Life & Style of "Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another & Loving All of Our Neighbors". This does not mean two or all of us will come to the same conclusion about other things, nor are we expected to & that we-elect-Response
Team &-Support Team members who will help serve our-Community for the next year. 

"Ministers of Love, Good Samaritan Family Neighborhood MinistersFOUR PRIORITIES:
Four Ministry Priorities for "Ministers of Love, Good Samaritan Family Neighborhood Ministers":
1st Priority: Take Responsibility for your own health. 

2nd Priority: Love & be of encouragement & Help to your family, friends and neighbors to take responsibility for their own health as you are lead by the "Pure Love & Pure Truth" living with yourself.
3rd Priority: Do what you love doing for yourself and in helping others, Do what needs to be done, Love and help take care of other "Ministers of Love, Good Samaritan Family Neighborhood Ministers", Needs.

4th Priority: if you have the time and desire "Be A HERO" and try out for working with your Community Response or Support Team. Visit: Protocols for Life
2Do Good Treaty Alliance and of course  BeU withUS SignUP 


We are a Part of Your Community that Loves You.


Dr. Joel Wallach Nutrients Help 601-383-1848