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HomeWe can Master Language or Be Mastered by Those Who Do!
The Following IS NOT PART OF Saving The World Together Common Beliefs It is :Roy: Thompson's Personal 
thoughts, concepts, ideas about the History of Himself & Saving The World Together. It is here for helping all of us fuel our own thoughts, concepts and ideas about GOING FOR OUR OWN FREE LIVES IN BETTER HEALTH and 
Saving The World Together. STWT does not care what you or :Roy: believes as long as you believe with all Saving 
The World Together
 Members in Loving Yourself, Loving One Another and Loving All Your Neighbors. THE END


We can Master Language or Be Mastered by Those Who Do!

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::                     :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
:Roy: Thompson's Investigative Conclusions 11/13/2017 which Includes the help of two anonymous                         
researchers I refer to as "Charlie Chan" & "Sherlock Holmes".::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::                     ::::::::::::::::::::::::::

All Videos & Other Materials from outside sources are for content only not for their incorrect, misuse of words, their language usage
or belief in their conclusions, concepts, academic, religious
or scientific Rhetoric: (Academia False Scientific Sounding Lies)

Rhetoric: the undue use of exaggeration, display, spin & other deceptive practices, like the misuse, mis-translations, transliterations, substitutions & hidings of original meanings & deceitfully changed pronunciations of words, keeping their popularized emotional response while hiding their deceptive, deliberately harmful reality for generating long term human body and subconscious mind destructive stresses, for deceivers' feedings on & off of engendering sicknesses by way of long term conscious and subconscious killer stresses. We can master language, or
We can be mastered (become feed for) by those who do.

Everyone is Encouraged to Check Everything Out for Themselves!

Astroturf  Manipulation
Questioning The Stats
Don't Count On News
Hate Lies. Media Lies.

The Most Important Thing About Thinking, That Eveyone Can Learn Is What I Call, "The Logic of Existence".
See Video 2 Below. The Logic of Existence; "What Is, Is What It Is" and "Is Not What It Is Not!" :Roy: Thompson


Reality is not what the collective what's you and I to believe Reality is.

Reality is not what Academia, Religious, Scientific &
"Anti Rule of The Laws of Love Republic Government"
leaders and their traditionalized, brain washed followers
                                                                                         what you and I to believe it is.  

Reality is, equal to (the inventory of) all that is, in this & each & very moment. It is an inventory that is only appreciated, known & understood by The "Pure Love, Pure Truth, Pure Spirit, Always Loving, Always Present, Omnipotent, All Powerful Creator of All Things". Reality is The Light that Creates, that Glues (Holds Together), that Sustains, That Modifies & Is In The Process of Summing All Things Up Into "Pure Love & Pure Truth". Ephesians 1:7-10 

Reality is not what the greedy master manipulators of words what you and I to believe it is. 

The Origin, Original Meaning & Original Pronunciation of Words Never, Never, Never Changes. 

The Masters of Words coveting their own desires without thought of the negative effects on others, you & me & everyone else, changes the meanings, the sounds & the spellings and combinations of words to disguise their motives for using them and their meanings while keeping the feelings the word or word combinations engender in our conscious minds though the feelings they conjure up, to steel form us, you and me and everyone else, to kill us if necessary to achieve their subrogation of all of us to their evil desires. In this process they are more than willing to destroy our liberty to make choice & freedom to have true ownership of ourselves, stuff & things for their own gain of dominance, over you and I and everyone else under the rule of their self seeking, evil desires working together to accumulate 99% of the world's profits for themselves. They have been named "The Global Network of Corporate Control". 

If our brains recognize that our social group believes certain things strongly enough it will align itself with those beliefs to survive or reproduce with the group. This has been long recognized as the primary automatic response of every human's brain. Logic and Reason has been long thought to be a secondary response mechanism.  

The new Brain Science of imaging the brains activities by Dr. Daniel Amen's research on hundreds of thousands of brains conclusion is that it is not penis envy (reproduction processes envy) that historically will make all the difference but it is healthy brain envy that will make all the difference helping us to see the condition of each person's brain and how we can fix it or make it better, more healthy than it is or ever has been.  

This means everyone of us are free to choose to respond to our social groups beliefs engineered by the elite masters of language, round pin of academic, religious & scientific enslaving us false rhetoric about knowledge or we can check everything out for ourselves with Logic, Reason & careful cause & effect examinations & discover the truth, the origin, original meaning, original pronunciation and the deceptiveness of the present emotional responses created by their misuse of the feelings of the words they use to deceive us.  

"4Test 4All Things" can help us with checking everything out!
1) Is It Producing Love&Truth or Deception&Lies, Life&Health or Sicknesses&PrematureDeaths?
What is the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Efforts & $, Funding, Helping, Supporting?
Is It A Constant of Logical Reasoning (All/Everything is what it is & is not what it is not)?
Is It A Constant of The Clearly Defined Worthy End Goal of "Pure Love & Pure Truth"?
 Is it misdirecting me away from "Pure Love & Pure Truth" or part of my focusing on, living out, "Pure Love & Pure Truth" adding value, meaning (Which Differs 4Eveyone), Health, "Pure Love & Pure Truth", to my life, or not? Is it part of my journey to Coherent Satisfaction or not. 
So they'll not be EASILY TRICKED Into Taking our Eyes off of Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another & Loving All Our Neighbors.

The Fact, The Truth is, We can master language
We can be mastered, condemned, beguiled, tricked, fooled, manipulated, feed, stressed out, prayed upon, by those who do

One of My Favorite Songs, "Change Money, Change
The world" begins and ends this twelve video playlist

The Alien Agenda Hoax. Coming to you soon! (Don't Fall for It!)
Brought to you by the world's Global Network of Corporate Control

The Knowing, Learning, Applying & Practicing The Truth Will Set You Free, from The Deception.  But First It May Anger You!

Making The World a Better Place


The Following is a reprint from the end of the article: "Public Safety".

....You may want to know:
"How these guys who back down when they come face to face with Sheriff Richard Mack and Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers, and armies of Volunteer Natural Solutions' Foundation, Dr. Rima Liabow Lawyers 

I would like to answer that question for you. 

But before I do I would like for you to know a little more about who these guys are that have controlled the planet's riches and been farming you and me and most all of the planet's people efforts for their profits of blood for close to 7,000 years.So Please humor me and spend some time listening to the videos and read about the things you learn at the following two site:   
1) Greed 4$, Power & Control Gone Fully Mad  
2) We can Master Language or Be Mastered by Those Who Do!

I will link: 
"How Crazy (Off In The Head) Deceiver's Stole The World?" 
on the above two pages for helping you
find the answer to this question for yourself!

How Crazy (Off In The Head) Deceiver's Stole The World?

  Only a Committed, Small 5% is Needed to Save Our World, The Rest Will Follow....

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Videos & Outside Materials in or linked to site are for general content, not for agreement with use of words, ideas, concepts or regilion.     
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