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The following is not part of STWT's Common Beliefs but Ideas & Concepts of our autonomous hosting, free thinking team for All Us Prospering in Freedom, Health & Love. STWT is not concerned with members personal beliefs but Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another & Loving All Our Neighbors. THE END

Coherent Satisfaction

:Roy: Thompson
803 Splane Dr, Apt. B, 
West Monroe, Louisiana 71291

Phone (225) 612-9713 
TO BE A MAN: A Man, A Man, I shall be, a man of great love & loyalty, a man of great courage & integrity, a man of great honor & heroic deeds. But, Abba Father, Daddy? Pure Love & Pure Truth What is this you are telling me? That the Greatest Battles I might fight are not on horse  with armor bright? But in my home both day and night? Against my own lack of caring, lack of empathy, and lack of sharing??? That my rewards of victories, land and cattle may not be, but a share of dishpan hands, dirty babe's behinds and clothes to be hung out on the line. Can't I just work and buy the bread? Pay for a place to lay our heads? Must I help make the beds? 
Knead the dough? Listen to my wife &
 children's woes? But this can not be! this far exceeds My Self Interest & Macho Image, Can't You See?  Creator Daddy, 
Pure Love & Pure Truth !!!  
Help Me! Or a real man I shall never be.  :Roy: Thompson 1987

My Hearts Desire & Payer is that We All Have The Courage to Grow Up to Be the Pure Love & Pure Truth People We All Where Created/Born to Be!

Coherent Satisfaction   |   Poetry by :Roy:    |   Disabilities/Positive   |   What Happened?   |   Some People I Am Thankful To:
NOTE: Writing, videoed Materials and Conclusions by STWT's 1st Volunteer Host & Writer, ":Roy: Thompson" in
or linked to this website are for general content,
 not for agreement with use of words, ideas, concepts or religion.

No Matter What We Believe, It Is Never A Time to do anything better than
"Loving Yourself, 
All Your Family, Loving One Another, Loving All Your Neighbors & All Their Children Also! 
THINK ABOUT THIS: Meany of Our Personal Beliefs change over our life times & nowhere
in our lifetimes is experiencing discord, discontentment, Us vs Them! Good 4 Us or Anyone Else! 

This is Saving The World Together's Plan & Purpose for Us Members Not being a beliefs separated Peoples
but a Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another & Loving All Our Neighbors Networking Society. 1 for All & All for 1.

For Me or You to do less than Loving Ourselves [Selfness Not Selfishness], One Another & All Our Neighbors
including All Yours & Their Children would be to give up all the power for good Our Togetherness Provides All of
Us. In the united states the Power of Our Constitution and Bill of Rights, Mutual Respect and Honor, Freedom and
Liberty this kind of Togetherness affords us all, as We The People!  

You and I are not as healthy as we can be unless we are healthy spiritually and emotionally also. 

None of us no matter how much money we have, no matter how intelligent we are, no matter how popular we are or how physically healthy we are are complete without taking into account our "Coherent Satisfaction that comes with having the most important of all Clearly Defined Worthy End Goals there is, Pure Love & Pure Truth". 

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines COHERENT as: LOGICALLY OR AESTHETICALLY ORDERED OR INTEGRATED: CONSISTENT {coherent style} {a coherent argument} b : having clarity or intelligibility : understandable and 

INCOHERENT as: lacking coherence: as a : lacking cohesion : loose b : LACKING ORDERLY CONTINUITY, ARRANGEMENT, OR RELEVANCE : inconsistent c : lacking normal clarity or intelligibility in speech or thought 


SATISFACTION as: a : fulfillment of a need or want, convinced assurance or certainty  

Therefore "Coherent Satisfaction" is the best way I could find to describe this most basic of all human needs. 

"The drive and quest within each of us to make the right decision. To Be Right! 

To be on the road or journey to the most beneficial end for us and for those we love as our decisions effect their choices also." 

"The Five Languages of Love" by Dr. Gary Chapman, 
"The Six Human Needs" by Anthony (Tony) Robbins and 
"The 7 Habits of Successful People" by Stephen R. Covey, all of them woefully have failed to adequately address the most basic, most vital need we have and that is the need in all our hearts, in our minds and the very essence of our life force within each of us to be correct in our life’s focus, to have believed in the Truth rather than a deception. To be on a Clearly Defined Worthy End Goal Journey that is in unity with the Clearly Defined Worthy End Goal Journey of The Creator of All Things for All Things in Our Created Cosmos. 

Coherent Satisfaction is available to those of us who are willing to put everything to the 4Test 4All Things.

To keep only that which is of pure 100% Love and 100% Truth, complete by the proofs of evidence and facts while throwing everything out that is tainted, that contains the lest amount of deception of misdirection away from “Pure Love for One Another” and “The Pure Truth about Everything”.

You and I are not as healthy as we can be unless we are Brain, Emotionally, Physically, Spiritually (Love Yourself, Love One Another & Love Your Neighbors, Which Includes Everyone), Healthy. >>>>>>>>>>

NO matter how much money we have, how intelligent we are,
no matter how popular we are or how Emotionally, Mentally, Physically 
Brain, Spiritually (Love Yourself, Love One Another & Love Your Neighbors, which includes everyone) healthy we
think we are, We're incomplete without taking into account our "Coherent Satisfaction". 

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines COHERENT as: LOGICALLY
OR AESTHETICALLY ORDERED OR INTEGRATED: CONSISTENT {coherent style} {a coherent argument} b : having clarity or intelligibility : understandable and 
INCOHERENT as: lacking coherence: as a : lacking cohesion: loose b : LACKING ORDERLY CONTINUITY, ARRANGEMENT, OR RELEVANCE : inconsistent c : lacking normal clarity.

Everyone is transformed, that visions
"Pure Love & Pure Truthand Purposes
"Pure Love & Pure Truthwith a Passion
All Other Paths are Less Rewarding.
We can Master Language or Be Mastered by Those Who Do!

The most dangerous mind set is that of those who believe they know the truth, that they have a grasp on what reality really is when in reality they do not! They do not have to or want to put what they know to The 4Test 4All Things because they know they are right without questioning those things that they know that they know! Even though they are 100% WRONG BY ALL THE EVIDENCE OF TRUTH, EVIDENCE & FACTS!  [Check All Things Our for Yourself]

This makes these people in 
AcademiaGovernmentScience & Religion, Dangerous to our health. 

Now, as Science is verifying killer long term subconscious 
stress as responsible for as much as 86% of doctor visits & premature deaths. Coupling this with Sciences' discoveries of our DNA memory reaching back to our first grand parents, Adman & Eve, which DNA Scientist haveidentified, makes Religious false beliefs among the most dangerous killers of Humans worldwide. 
Miss-translations, transliterations & substitutions of words bydisguising their original meaning, origin & original pronunciation traditions their deception by keeping the words emotional response,  causes us to overlook, not to see, the Logical, Reasonable, Appropriately Questionable, Truth, Evidence & Factsbefore us. 
We're traditionalized into NOT seeing Logical, Reasonable & Appropriate Questions needing answers by studying Academia's, Religions & Science within their "Round Pen of traditional Knowledge", instead of investigating them on our own from the outside looking into them Using the4Test 4All Things.

About 13 years here. Retirement $823.00 a month. 7/2018. Section 8 Housing. Food Stamps. End of month pennies, nickels and dimes. Others have even less!. We poor are the biggest givers worldwide, Identification with and compassion for others makes us, as a group the biggest givers worldwide. People on the streets with less than I have & some with more sometimes stop just to give me a few dollars. Saving The World Together is for Everybody, The Rich, The Poor, Those who are healthy and those who are in need of healing
The Number 1 Killer Worldwide throughout history = Failure to get, to learn, to know/live/practice Knowledge, Understanding
and Unity. My People are destroyed because of their lack of knowledge. (The Christian's Bible: Hosea 4:6).


NOTE: Writing, videoed Materials and Conclusions by STWT's 1st Volunteer Host & Writer, ":Roy: Thompson" in

or linked to this website are for general content, not for agreement with use of words, ideas, concepts or religion.

5/07/2018 Editing Underway

In 1987 with the publishing of "Where Forever Stops.... a collection of poetry and performing "Poetry Concerts" I briefly experienced what it is like to order anything I would like to eat, stay a night in a hotel rooms that cost more than my annual rent today, drive the sports car popular with doctors, have women waiting to meet me at a local club (Thanks "Mike  Roberts".), more dates than a sane man needs, doing book signings, being treated by businesses like a VIP, & others trying to control & pimp me. 

I learned this Fame & Fortune for me, was not bringing me "Coherent Satisfaction”. Last I was offered advertising as "Americana's Christian Romantic Poet" and preforming with popular singers and groups. (Thanks Mickey Humphreys [deceased] & Dr. Kevin Finley] I left this "America's Romantic Poet" behind me to pursue "a journey that could bring me Coherent Satisfaction, searching for the most rewarding Clearly Defined Worthy End Goal there could possibly be ". 

A journey that ended at the beginning of a new journey the day I looked into the reality of Pure Love & Pure Truth, Loving Myself, Loving My Family & Friends and Loving All My Neighbors. 
Astroturf & Propaganda
Just Like Sugar      4 UR HEALTH Xylitol 

 For Safer,     Coherent Satisfaction | |     

Economically, Environmentally, Physically Healthy & Loving Family Neighborhoods 
Beginning treatment in a pain management clinic of a Military Doctor "Bones" with injuries brought on by an ego for dangerous work, I had diagnosable impairments which ended for me officially being first seen on 1/12/98 in the PROGRESS SUMMARY NOTE Roy Thompson March 31, 2000 from "Joe Ben Hays, M.D. PhD, “Psychiatry practitioner and teaching professor" collaborated by "Dr. Marci Howard, Ph.D., NCC, CHT" and Dr. Michael Allen chiropractor and PhD counselor". 

These wonderful loving doctors were following up Dr. Lou Ryder MD. PhD Psychiatrist and Doctor of Theology who gave me four years of his time in psychoanalysis which began for us in the late 1980s after some industrial accidents. 

I remember Dr. Ryder answering the Judge when he was asked why did you give :Roy: four years of your time in psychoanalysis saying. When he went to Psychiatry school he had 9 children and could not afford to pay for four years of psychoanalysis which was a requirement for him to graduate. A Psychiatrist gave him four years of his time so he could graduate and he felt like I was the person he was to give that gift to, to pass it on to me. 

This wonderful help ended with the evaluation by Doctor Joe Ben Hays, MD/PhD Psychiatry Practitioner and Teaching Professor telling me that in all his [30+] years of practice, he had never been able to give anyone else such an evaluation totally free from mental impairment, (derangement), having a sound, healthy mind, being the most mentally sound (sane) person he had ever evaluated. Derangement and Sane or my own choice of words. LOL 

This was indeed good news. Doctor Marcie Howard concurred and Doctor "Dr. Michael Allen also agreed. This meant that over 100 years practicing of professionals found me to be the most sane (sane / my word) person they had ever treated and they acted as though it was a pleasure to know me. WOW! Thank You, "Daddy^!" THANK YOU "THE FANTASTIC FOUR".

Because of the work of "The Fantastic Four" above I am more than likely the only person you may ever meet in this life with a Read, Write, Hear, Speak, Cognitive Physical Recognition Dysfunction, Cognitive Time Space Gap Perception of Time & Space, "Positive Disabilities" who may say something that offends you, or things just opposite of what is true, lying or just opposite of what I think I am saying (Lying is what this is called in everyone else so it must me called for me, even if I have no idea what I said. LOL NO!!!! Not Funny! Well Sometimes It Is Funny, Even To Me! I've learned to laugh at myself a lot! I Mean A Lot!!!! And Saying I Am Sorry, I Was or "Am 100% Wrong" has become as easy as easy is. That is some of the way it is being ME! Love You  

I have lost more friends over something I don't know what I said???? More than likely said more lies, falsehoods than many others. However on my behalf you need to know although I maybe a prolific lier I am also one of the most reluctant lairs then you may ever meet. When I needed some reliable professional to verify I was telling the truth in the 2000s Joe Oster a private detective who if my memory serves me right was one of the United States foremost experts on polygraph test. He verified I was telling the truth but you should have seen he facial expression of surprise when he asked me if I had lied before I turned 17 and I answered NO! It had just never interned my thought proses that not telling the truth would have any long term benefits for anybody at anytime. I discerned that Joe was cautioning me not to tell anyone this because most people would consider it evidence that I was a deliberate deceiver of others, no matter how much evidence we have to the contrary. LOL The Take A Way Here may be that it is always time to: STOP THINKING ABOUT WHAT OTHER PEOPLE THINK, LIVE, LOVE AND START WITH LOVING YOURSELF, THEN LOVING ONE ANOTHER (Family, Friends, & Others, All Others) AND LOVING ALL OUR NEIGHBORS!!!! :)     

Desmond Doss 
Conscientious Objector
Medal of Honor Recipient
I am a Conscientious Objector That Is A 100% Supporter of the 
Non-Violent 2nd Amendment Organizations
Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association 
Doug Kirkpatrick Self Management,
because facts prove they work to bring about a stronger
society. For 
Safer, Economically, Environmentally,
Physically Healthy & Loving Family Neighborhoods. 

Together with all of us Saving The World Together 
For Safer, Economically, Environmentally,
Physically Healthy and Loving Family N

I was raised by a mother with pure love for her children which fortunately included me, in a family of Heroes my mother's mother was in the army, My Grandpa one of the 1st Secret Service men before they where called Secret Service, sheriff of New Orleans, Radio & Speech Fighter Against Corruption, with one eye successfully rabbit hunted with a pistol, My Dad a Sniper, His brother my Uncle Ivy all marine fitting champion, when retired went into Professional Boxing. When the mob controlling the boxing bet, told him he was going to through the next fight, Ivy told them ok, I've won 14 boxing matches in a row by knock outs. I have nothing else to prove here. I am refusing to get involved with your evil & totally corrupt ways. I am quiting now and going home to raise my family and if you follow me you will be choosing a war with me and my marine brothers. A war that will not last very long leaving everyone in your mob dead in short order and I mean everyone. Remember don't even let me or my friends even see you, ever! Uncle Ivy and his friends never saw anyone of those guys or their minions again.

Uncle Joe Terry, My Dad's & Ivy's Sister's ex-husband, Veteran Pro. Wrestler smaller and less bulky than most wrestlers always gives me a warm feeling in my tommy, a smile on my face, a chuckle and hope in my heart. He won a lot of matches and was a joy to watch his execution techniques.

I love them all even my Uncle Jack my dad's sister's husband who was a Rambo out of control from World War 2. Uncle Jack was a mean person and liked to see how much pain you could take while he enjoyed to much inflecting it upon you. LOL

What I learned would be best described as Jujitsu until I put on my first white belt and white pants on in some commercialized styles classes.  Defeating the Master's American Markets Representative in that particular style in less than a second, I left Loving Him and all the class mates disappointed after the match and after the armed services, because of my history of asthma rejected my signing up with them.

I pursued the learning of typing etc at Spenser Dome Business College, riding a bicycle 20 miles one way.

The best thing I learned was to honor and respect all military & armed force peoples and to practice what I call IngIng I named after "The Art of Avoiding Fighting", I have never seen this taught in any style. I hope one day "IngIng will be a style of it's own". There is always a potential for hurting others when they insist on fighting but in my opinion many harms and deaths may be avoiding with a Style of IngIng Avoiding Fighting was compiled today by the best of the best and freely taught. It is no dishonor to Love Your Enemy(s) and run a way and leaving your enemy(s) and yourself live to learn to love and help each other in another day. 

When I was 20 years old I left the City of Baton Rouge I had moved to, to learn typing etc. and moved back to my parent's house and become a Home Missionary to people from adolescence to the countries accepted age for calling them adults. When studying one day on the floor of my parent's living room using my dad's library of Greek and Hebrew Lexicons, Concordance, Dictionaries and Commentaries, Various People's Publication of what all of them where calling "The Bible" preparing to work for Coffee House Style Home Mission's work (My dad loved Greek, Hebrew, studying them and had a doctorate degree.  I had made a path for everyone to walk through through our living room with books all over the living room floor with paper markers in the places where I left off searching through.  

I heard Our Always Loving Creator Daddy (Abba Father) speak telepathically to me
1) "Put up all the Bible's and other related books until you find me in Science and
2) do not use all your evangelical methods of bringing my love to others, "Witnessing Made Easy", Soul Winning Made Easy", Etc. Etc. instead tell them that if they have a witness in their hearts of my love (Pure Love & Pure Truth) living within them, Evidence of their efforts for Loving Themselves, Loving Those Closet to them and Loving all their Neighbors, they are listening to me, I am alive and well living within them.

If the above does not apply to them simply tell them to cast all their cares upon me for I Love and Care for Them. 

This worked Wonderfully Well and many people's lives where changed and we witnessed many miracles as a result.

3) Put up all those things you have that's only purpose is a weapon and all your fighting modalities and let me "The Always Loving Creator of All Things" be your defense . 

THAT WAS THE DAY I BECAME A Conscientious Objector That Is A 100% Supporter of Non-Violent 2nd Amendment Organizations, Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association and Self Management, because the facts proves they work to bring about a stronger society "Safer, Economically, Environmentally, Physically Healthy & Loving Family Neighbors". 
All Videos & Outside Materials in or linked to this website are for general 
 not for agreement with use of words, ideas, concepts or religion.

Is Self-Defense a Right & Duty?

This 3) above worked Wonderfully Well so that when I was shot at, all the bullets turned to air and I was not harmed, etc.... NOT ONE THING I COULD DO OR I HAD COULD EVER MATCH THAT KIND OF PROTECTION.

It has been over 50 years now and I will put in our Boot Camp some of what I think I have learned after finding "Our Always Loving Creator of All Things" in the Sciences, for your to check out for yourself, when I have the time to do so. :) Love You!!!!

We [Members] Saving The World Together, Ministers of Love, Good Samaritan Family Neighborhood Ministers", Believe in Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another & Loving All Our Neighbors, "Pure Love & Pure Truth". Our Worship, Our Sacraments, "Acts of Worship" are acts of "Pure Love & Pure Truth" actuating into reality, "Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another & Loving All of Our Neighbors"....



   Enjoy Your Free Life: Dance, Laugh, Love U, Each Other, All UR Neighbors, Work, Play & Sing, Together!     
Love, Trust, Self & Others.

Coherent Satisfaction   |   Poetry by :Roy:    |   Disabilities/Positive   |   What Happened?   |   Some People I Am Thankful To: