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Protocols for Life 1-5 1Sheriffs, 2Local Money, 3Farming, 4EMF Smart Metters, 5Commercial Leans, 
Protocols for Life 6-9  6Schools, 7Medicine, 8FreedomAds,  9Ministry Expense Account & Debt Card

Protocols for Life 10 10County/Parish Response and Support Teams

 Burn Fat, Increase Muscle, Loss Weight, Exercising 16 Minutes EveryOtherDay. Timers Below:
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2014 Resolution Drafted by the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association    (Add Your Signature)

MISSION STATEMENT: Saving The World Together 
from the Lack of Knowledge, the Lack of 

Understanding & the Lack of Unity with A Positive Asymmetry of Value and Meaningful Information

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Videos below for learning Correctness & Applications of Law Over Preconceived 
Incorrect Ideas about Law.



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For Home Owners, Tenants and Landlords, Defeating MOLD @ Northpro Properties

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