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With a Constitutional RosaParksApproved Endorsed Sheriff We can give our Children Happier, Healthier, Lives & Educations.       We can "Grow, Invent, Love & Thrive
Without a Constitutional Sheriff We are Doomed to Repeat History.       History 1 through 11 & We The Awakened
General Information to know for Learning Yourself or Helping Others to Learn!

Safe & Effective Self Organized Learning Schools
Motto: We will help facilitate your learning, "How to Learn", "Healthy Life Skills", "How to Love Yourself, Love One Another & Love All Your Neighbors, Personally & Together", so you will be better equipped to choose what you want to learn, do & live a more stress free, joyfully abundant life, than you would've without our help". 
Day 1 Project: Help each other video your School Experience Story.

Invite others & prepare for Rachel's Challenge Day, Weekend, 1-4 Weeks/Month.

Our Schools are 2B Located @ Our ,
Where Library & School Workers are Members of
1) Saving The World Together, Loving Ourselves, One Another & All Our Neighbors
2) Constitutional Sheriff's and Peace Officers Association for Lawful Authority and
3) Non-Violent 2nd Amendment Rights Group Defending Our Rights 4Safer Schools
4) UR Library of Needful Things with Trained STWT, CSOPA & 2Ad Members 4Safety
with Local $ & "Common Good Banking", Learning MaximumHealthy©™SM Criteria,
LOVE, Minimalism, Personal Finance, What Greed Has Done!!!!

Student Examinations focus the Internet, Collaboration for Problem Solving, Decision Making, Logical Thinking (The Logic of Existence: What Is, Is What It Is & Is Not What It Is Not!), Clearly Defined Worthy End Goal Setting, Love for Self, Others, Family, Friends & Neighbors, knowledge & applications: Dealing with Individual Studies, Automatic Negative Thinking, Am I Believing A Lie?Doctoring Healing Modalities, Language, Language Fraud, Quantum Language of Law, How to Live Happy and Healthy and Die Happy and Healthy etc.... 
Only a Committed 5% is Needed 2Give Our Children Safe & Effective Learning Schools


As it turns out Encouragement is the key to Learning, public asses to the Internet of Information is the curriculum & student's curiosity is the driving motivation for Learning. Punishments & Examinations are seen as threats. We need to shift those threats to pleasure. Learning is the product of self organized education.  If we allow the the educational process to self organize then learning emerges. It is not about making learning happen, it is about letting learning happen. (School in the Cloud) 

The Learning Facilitator encourages the learning process with questions & encouragements & steps back
in amazement watching it happen. Sugata Mitra's SOLE Self Organizing Learning Environment, (Tool Kit). Broadband + Collaboration + Encouragement and Administration.
The Learning Facilitator only posses the question and stands back and the students find the answers.  

Sheriffs' School People's Safety 
Schools for Farming 
Schools for Film Makers
Schooling for Inventors
Schooling for Researhers
Schooling for The Arts
Schooling for Media
Schooling for Students Learning

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:David-Wynn: Miller Quantum Language of Law

Safe and Effective, Self Organized Learning Schools 


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