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:Jayron-Darnell: Williams 
Research / Development,

Engaged as Project Inventor, 

Management, Reading 700 wpm,
Retention 100%.

For Leadership Training: 


Time Banking,
Local Currency,

Alternative Currency,

Products & Services, 
Research, Development,
Manufacturing, Inventions

Self Organized 
Fund Raising Projects

Well Operate the same a 
Multi Neighborhood, Community Team:  One 4All & All 4One: We do what we Love, What needs to be done, Love & Take Care of Each Others Needs. 

No minimum or maximum age limit. 

Mentoring in 
"Pure Love & Pure Truth". Love Yourself, Love Your Family, Friends & Love All of Your Neighbors.  

Management Support Ministers

Management Support Ministers in Fundraising Projects & Ministry Work Projects (Research, Development, Production, Manufacturing & Distribution) are Elected by those they manage, annually, after a full 360 evaluation of nominees who agree to use the 4Test 4All Things to help keep us all on track with Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another & Loving All Our Neighbors with Our Motto being, "We do what we love doing, what needs to be done, Love and help take care of each other's needs". Note: Before nominations may be accepted STWT Ministers must be active members of:

"Our Enemies r The Lack of Knowledge, Lack of Understanding & The Lack of Unity". Take Someone With You, Apprentice Love & Skills.
Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. 
Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever haveMargaret Meed

Note: A) All STWT "Ministers of Lovebelieve in Loving Themselves, Loving One Another & Loving All of Their Neighbors. Doing What We Love To Do, What needs to be done, Loving & helping take care for Each Others Needs. No member is required to believe anything else, this is our Ethical & Moral Code, Doctrine, Covenant, Doctrines & Covenants, Creed, Statement of Beliefs, Statement of Faith, Visions & Focus!  B) Our "Management Support Ministers" add to this their belief in putting All/Everything to the test by the 4Test 4All Things So they will not be EASILY TRICKED or GULLIBLE!!!! C) are active members of




:Rachel-Salena: Crain (KLove) Focus: Environmental Science, Architectural Design, Management , Interest: Organic Raw Food Chief Traning,
Growing, Fresh Harvesting Maximum Healthy Food™©sm Encouragement & Training Systems. Green Thumb, Loves Everything Out Doors.


(1): Maximum Healthy Food™ "Ministry Work Project"

( Secured but Not Active)

During the annual election of managers, "Ministry Workers" in each "Fund-raising Project will decide, beginning with 1% to how much they want to contribute of the donations their project collects for equally dividing among the individual ministries of all the "Ministers of Love" (As stated above)

(2) Local Time Banking & CashNotes™ ( Secured Not Activated)
Local Exchange Currency: losses 1% a month value on each Dollar which is to be distributed as described above.

(3): Trading Network A Ministry, Family Trading & Giving Network "No Equal Value Expected or Required". 

Example you need a coffee maker & someone else needs a car. You have & extra car, so you get your the coffee pot you want & you give them the car. OR someone can use something you can live without & you give it to them or they have it & give it to you. HOW AWESOME IS ALL OF THAT?  Receiving & Giving in Reality are exactly like Breathing In & Breathing Out. They or Equally Important for A Healthy Life. You are asked to make a donation each time you use the network, it is OK if you do not make a donation. 

(4): "Buying Network" Beginning with 1% to 100% Ministers can at the time of purchase choose the amount of each donation they want to be distributed to Community Services as stated above. Local merchants run "Ministers of Love" Ministry Expense Account Debit Card at the regular price & automatically the merchant donates 10% to "STWT" requesting it be credited to the "Ministers of Love" "Good Samaritan Community Ministers" ministry who is making the ministry purchase with their "Ministry Expense Account Debit Card". The software should be customizable so merchants can exclude or include already discounted items.


(5): Fund-Raising Manufacturing Projects(Research, Development, Production, Distribution of Goods & Services & the Collection & Distribution of Donations or transferring of ministry expense funds for their receiving) The manufacturing of products and services will be "NOT FOR SALE" to anyone, only obtainable by “Ministers of Love” or received as a gift from a “Minister of Love”.




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