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#1 Causes of Death WorldwideNOT $, Diseases, Governments & War, Deceivers profiting from $$$Diseases, Gov.., & Wars 
with Totally Misleading & Fake Dissemination of Carefully Packaged Lyes.


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1 Zero-$ Healing   2 Stress   3 Eye Site   4 EMF & Vaccines   5 Air & Mycotoxins   6 Fear & Pain   7 Practitioners
Present & The Future | Now & The Past | Immunity vs Disease | Intuition vs Thinking Physicians vs Big Pharma 

The Present and The Future The Megatastic 4 Combos

Wim Hof Method Testimonials

1&1/2 - 7 Minutes Long
Cold Showers & Ice Baths
Never Be Sick Again!!!!
The Benefits of OMAD?

Do It Yourself Freebies Below:

Burn FatIncrease Muscle & Slow AgingExercising 16 Minutes ⇊M-W-F or EveryOtherDay⇊

< Burst Training  (16 Minutes M-W-F or Every 2 Days) Videos Left <
^Above^ 60 sec. Bust Training & 3 Minute Rest Timers^
gallon water jugs make good beginner Dumbbells.  

Beginner 2 Advanced Breathing 6 Rounds..

Six (6) Advanced Breathing Rounds....

   As a retired physician
   ....For Living to a ripe old age..avoid Doctors & Hospitals & Learn Nutrition & Herbs. Dr. Alan Greenburg, MD. 

↑ 1st ↑ Listen ↑ to ↑ the  above  1 min. 16 sec. video by G. Edward Griffin↑  [The Criminal IRS]

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