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For Viewing, For Having, For Providing A Service to Us, You Agree With Our Terms... WELCOME TO THIS POINT!   WARNING: If you have malice in Your Heart for any one of us,
put your malice behind you & join us in Loving Yourself, One Another & Your Neighbors, or keep your malice & GO AWAY NOW!  (Continued End of Page)
History,  Banking, IRS


Dream a Dream, together, You & Me!

Dream of You & Me, Loving One Another
Dream of You and Me, Loving Others
Doing for others, what we'd have them Do for U & Me.
One is Overcome. Together it is Difficult to Defeat us.
We Can, We Will, Prosper In Health & Love Together.
"Dream a Dream" with me, of "People Loving People"
The Answer To Every Kind of Evil. "Ministers of Love".

We're No Longer Alone & Gullible, But Together & Wiser Now!
People Loving People Songs $1 Monthly Contribution. Liaison Help!

:Roy: Thompson
First: Volunteer Host & Writer



Click the green arrow to contribute to the specified fund.
For Giving to "Saving The World Together" (STWT)
UNDER CONSTRUCTION: by :Roy: Thompson Volunteer Host & Writer

Your $1Monthly donation secures your "Minister of Love", Membership each month with the understanding; You Love Yourself, Us & Your Neighbors. Like me, anyone with a small Retirement or less may enjoy giving $1 to help & be part of something as wonderful as, Saving The World Together from the Lack; of Knowledge, Understanding & Unity.

You May donate any amount over $1 also.

100% Donations after fees & charges goes for Our Global Ministry Support Team for adding value & meaning to the Local "Ministers of Love", "Good Samaritan Neighborhood Ministers" "Multiple Neighborhoods', Community Teams", "TRAINING CENTERS" with development of "Doctoring Consultants Clinics" & "Ministry Libraries" for Learning, Tools & Needful Things, Transportation Vehicles, Human & Animal Shelters, etc.