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For Viewing, For Having, For Providing A Service to Us, You Agree With Our Terms. Welcome to this Point!  WARNING: If you have malice in Your Heart for any one of us,
put your malice behind you & join us in Loving Yourself, One Another & Your Neighbors, or keep your malice & GO AWAY NOW!  (Continued End of Page
History,  Banking,  IRS 


Dream a Dream, together, You & Me!

Dream of You & Me, Loving One Another
Dream of You and Me, Loving Others
Doing for others, what we'd have them Do for U & Me.
One is Overcome. Together it is Difficult to Defeat us.
We Can, We Will, Prosper In Health & Love Together.
"Dream a Dream" with me, of "People Loving People"
The Answer To Every Kind of Evil. "Ministers of Love".

We're No Longer Alone & Gullible, But Together & Wiser Now!
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HomeHost :Roy: Thompson's STWT Stories

 Assembling, Congregating, Building Up An Ecclesia of People, Who Love Themselves, Loves One Another & Loves Their Neighbors for Saving The World Together.

    For Safer, Economically, Environmentally, Physically Healthy & Loving Family Neighborhoods     

      All Videos & Outside Materials in or linked to this website are for general content only, Not for agreement with their use of words, ideas, concepts or religion.

The Story of Saving The World Together (STWT)                     We Believe in Loving Ourselves, One Another & Our Neighbors, "Pure Love & Pure Truth". Our Worship, Our Sacraments, "Acts of Worship" are acts of "Pure Love & Pure Truth" actuating into reality, "Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another & Our Neighbors".... 

Hi, I am Volunteer :Roy: Thompson. When 12 years old I visioned People Loving Themselves, Loving One Another & Loving All Their Neighbors. After caring for my Creative, Enqueue & Loving Mother, 4yrs with Cancer. Mother died Sept. 27, 1997, I took off to encourage people to be "Saving The World Together" from The Lack of Knowledge, Lack of Understanding & Unity.

69 years old 4/2017, had 10 Heart Attacks, 6 Heart Operations, 2 leaving 80% of my heart functions. After Dietetics, Fibromyalgia & Alzheimer, MD's giving me no hope, I got well using information on our site, I've not taken prescription drugs (except antibiotics). I rode a bicycle once to another town's mall in 110 degrees having a fun day. I'm Encouraging You to Get On With: Saving The World TogetherPlease listen to Zach Gray Now   > > > > 
Please Listen to Jach Gray before the rest of The Story

Strivr Social Media with a Purpose

In Zach Gray's video above his research shows that everybody benefits by helping each other but 7 out of 10 people who need help do not ask. This not asking is hurting us as a society as everybody benefits when we do as we are hardwired  to help each other. Buy not asking for help when we need it we are depriving ourselves of help and others of the giving of love that helps all of us experience the brain & body benefits from Loving One Another. I have been reluctant to ask because I thought asking was only to benefit myself. I was wrong! So I am going to tell you what I need help with as a start. I will be including updates for now below.

The Message (MSG) Matthew 10: 40-42 “We are intimately linked in this harvest work of Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another & Loving Our Neighbors, rescuing one another from condemnation...

(John 3:17 for I your always loving creator ("Pure Spirit, Pure Love & Pure Truth") of all things did not come into your
physical body world, to condemn you but to save you from condemnation created by the condemners who engender your misdirection long term stress by diverting your focus away from my "Pure Love & Pure Truth" to focusing on their substitutions, misdirection, mistranslated & transliterations of words, into false constructs of ideas, thoughts & foundation-less notions. Edited by :Roy: Thompson ERT).

...Anyone who accepts what you do, accepts "Pure Spirit, Pure Love & Pure Truth" who sent you. Anyone who accepts what "Pure Love & Pure Truth" does accepts "Pure Love & Pure Truth", which sent me to be in physical body with you.

Accepting a messenger of "Pure Love & Pure Truth" is as good as being "Pure Love & Pure Truth’s" messenger.

Accepting someone’s help is as good as giving someone help.

This is a large work "Pure Spirit, Pure Love & Pure Truth" has called you into "to Love Yourself, Love One Another & Love Your Neighbors" by doing for them what you would want them to do for you & those loved ones closest to you,

but don’t be overwhelmed by it.

It’s best to start small. Give a cool cup of water to someone who is thirsty, for instance. The smallest act of giving or receiving makes you a true apprentice of "Pure Love & Pure Truth". You won’t lose out on a thing.” Edited by 
:Roy: Thompson

After my great day in the sun, I began a battled according to a local most loving doctor, Dr. Lawrence Dana M.D. a Brain Tumor which according to Dr. Leonard Coldwell & now I am in a vicious battle with EMF Devastation, leaving me in need of help to erect a Faraday cage to work in & one to sleep in & Phi Technology Devices to continue to exist in the EMF fields around our living complex. This devastation has caused my feet & legs to swell & pain so intense with cramping that it took 2 hours to get to where I could walk during some days & some loss of memory or thinking like how to plug in speakers or change a blender blade until someone reminded me. You are about to find out that millions are sharing these same experiences with me around the world & there are simple answers. My teeth as a result of this stress & other longterm issues has abscessed & I could use their pulling & Titanium mini denture implants or whatever is best. (4/22/2017) Thank You SJF! Phi Technology Devices here & being used 4/26/2017

The STWT Story

Now This is the real story about STWT Saving The World Together & how our Always Loving Creator of All Things brought us to right here & right now.

Monday 8/28/2017 
NOTE: The appartment inspector from section 8 just left a little while ago. She told me I have been here at 803 Splane Drive, Apt. B, West Monroe, Louisiana 71291 since July of 2006. But that is another story. 

Years ago in the 80s, I Think?  
It was when I worked for World Book Childcraft our always loving creator of all things, gave me a gift of recruiting.

Quickly I became the top recruiter out of 40,000 recruiters in the USA. I broke all of their 75 years of recruiting records, recruiting over twice as many as the person in 2nd place & so many high school students to PhDs that the entire company could not train them all. Note: As a result of some of my Positive Disabilities I also broke all recorders for rejected paper work. LOL, I may have stayed with this company longer but my manager would have had to give up some territory & was not willing to do that.

My method was not, "Keep It Simple Stupid", but more like, "Keep It (The System U Use) Systematically Simple & Effective" OR "Simply Effective". 

Systems can be evil tyrants or loving friends. 

It is the system that has taken all these years to find for STWT to spread its love through out the world. 

Take a look at it & you will see what I mean.

Check Out "Our Laws of Love & Truth", Vision Statement, Mission Statement, Mission Plans, Self Organized Communities & Management Support Teams with everything having the clearly defined worthy end goal of helping us keep on tract with our "Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another & Loving All of Our Neighbors, adding value & meaning to the lives of everyone of us.

THIS (The Above) IS THE STORY OF Saving The World Together [.org]

We're, Non-Combative, Economical, Environmental, Physical & Spiritual (Love & Truth) Medics, Pilgrims, "Ministers of Love". 
We Believe in Loving Ourselves, One Another & All of Our Neighbors, Pure Love & Pure Truth. Our Worship, Our Sacraments, Acts of Worship are acts of Pure Love & Pure Truth, actuating into reality, Loving Ourselves, One Another & All Our Neighbors.
Saving The World Together (STWT) is an Assembly, a Congregation, Ecclesia of People Who Believes In Actuating into reality, "Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another & Loving All Our Neighbors". We Believe In Truth, Evidence & Facts. We Worship: "Pure Love & Pure Truth" by Actuating it through Our love for One Another, meeting together the 1st-7th weekday for schooling Our Youngest to Oldest in the practice of "Doing What We Love, What Needs to be Done, Loving & Helping Take Care of Each Others Needs, Our Visioning Focus is on "Pure Love & Pure Truth". We Do Not Sale Products or Services or take perks for recommending them, we share some places you can get need things but you need to check them out for yourself. Our Laws are Superior by the Agreements & Precedence of The Common Universal Laws of Agreements Based on Love & Truth. Viewing, Attending, Good Samaritan Neighborhood Ministers, Ministers of Love; "STWT Members" Do Not Own Any Properties of STWT. The Only Thing Each of us Owns is Responsibility to Love Ourselves, Love Each Other, Love Our Neighbors & help care for Each Others needs. Together We are difficult to defeat & Love You!_NOTE: Keeping our commitments, not using coercion or deception against others is the foundation for all law. All Law is Fulfilled by us through Loving Ourselves, Loving Each Other & Loving All of Our Neighbors.

STWT "Ministers of Lovemembers 
believe in Loving Themselves, Loving One Another & Loving All of Their Neighbors. Doing What We Love To Do, What needs to be done, Loving & helping take care of Each Other's NeedsNo member is required to believe anything else, this is our Ethical & Moral Code, Doctrine, Covenant, Doctrines & Covenants, Creed, Statement of Beliefs, Statement of Faith, Visions & Focus! Our Management Support Team Ministers add to this their belief in putting All/Everything to the test by The 4Test 4All Things:      
4Test 4All Things Boot Camp :::: Not Required, Ever!     Volunteers Only, at Their Own Speed

1) Is It Producing Love&Truth or Deception&Lies, Life&Health or Sicknesses&PrematureDeaths?
What is the Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual Efforts & $, Funding, Helping, Supporting?
Is It A Constant of Logical Reasoning (All/Everything is what it is & is not what it is not)?
Is It A Constant of The Clearly Defined Worthy End Goal of "Pure Love & Pure Truth"?
 Is it misdirecting me away from "Pure Love & Pure Truth" or part of my focusing on, living out, "Pure Love & Pure Truth" adding value, meaning (Which Differs 4Eveyone), Health, "Pure Love & Pure Truth", to my life, or not? Is it part of my journey to Coherent Satisfaction or not. 
So they'll not be EASILY TRICKED Into Taking our Eyes off of Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another & Loving All Our Neighbors.

Our Assembly, Congregation, Ecclesia is Self Organizing. Meaning we have NO Bosses. No One Is the Boss Over       
Anyone Else. We all have one boss & that is Our Clearly       
Defined Worthy End Goal for Our Assembling, Congregating,
Ecclesia, "For Safer, Economically, Environmentally,                
Physically, Healthy & Loving Family Neighborhoods".              

Our Management Support Team is No One's boss,
but Ministers placed in strategic positions to be of the
most help in adding value & meaning to each & everyone
of STWT's Ministers, their families and their neighbors::::
Please Watch Videos >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> 
Self-Management Institute                               

The Above MeansThat Our Common Beliefs are:
1) We all Love OurselvesLove One Another & Love All of Our Neighbors
2) Those of us who work within Our Management Support Team also believe in practising the putting of All/Everything to the 4Test 4All ThingsThis Does Not Mean: That any of us, or all of us will come to the same conclusion about any one thing at any given time, nor or we expected toWhat This Truly Means is ThatThe Members of Our Management Support Teams use the 4Test 4All Things consitantly to help keep us from being Easily Tricked, Misdirected, Decieved Out of Staying On Tract with Our Beliefs & Practice, & Way of Life of Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another & Loving All of Our Neighbors.THE END
 ::::   MOTTO: We Do What We love to do, What needs to be done, Love & help take care of Each Others Needs  ::::

Be U with US (Sign Up)

(Continued from Top of Page)

In today's insane world of greed far too often it has become an enigma in our society of climbing over the rights & freedoms of others to assure more profits for one's self, company & or incorporation, who makes full & twisted use of Law to subjugate & rob from you & me while we are out to just stretch our legs & get a new, clean & fresh breath of air.  This is the greed for money, power & control over others evolved into insanity itself, gone fully mad.

Seemingly with nowhere to turn under the Universal Law of Agreements & Ancient, Precedence & Well Established Ecclesiastical, Common & Universal Law rises, Saving The World Together Ecclesia (Ekklesia) A Called Out, Assembly, Congregation of People to Love Themselves, One Another & Their Neighbors with real acts of help by Doing for One Another & Our Neighbors those things each of us & all of us would want each other & Our Neighbors to do for us & those we love also. 

The protection for our way of Loving Ourselves, One Another & Our Neighbors does not come with a gun & knife in our hands but in the from of Economical defense with Common Law Commercial Liens against the individuals & fictitious entities that try to or does harm against any one or more of us. We call this kind of misuse of power an Act of Aggression against all of us even if your aggression is targeted toward only one of our "Ministers of Love". 

We have Our Own Laws & Courts.
A Precedent of Law thousands of years old.

Our Laws Require you to notify us & give us the time to correct any wrong doings you believe we have or are doing before you take any type of action against any one of us or all of us. Taking Lawful action to demand any changes from us before notifying us is considered an "Act of Aggression" against us. 
If it is against one of us it is against all of us, our Laws or "One for All" & "All for One". 

You would be well advised to bring any grievance you may have directly to us as you have agreed to do by proceeding to this point. 

Our Laws also state that each of us & All of Us are to Love You & Do for You what We would want You to Do for Us & Those We Love, Also. 

Our Laws does not restrict us from defending ourselves, family, friends & Neighbors but does not allow us to act aggressively toward you are anyone else or to break anyone else's Laws designed to protect & serve themselves. 

Law 10) PROMENADE: (Our old-fashioned "Plan & Purpose" walk for pleasure, in full view of the public) Should any Minister of Love decide to act outside of our Laws of Love, at the moment they decide to do so & before they do the unloving act or acts which may cause harm to someone or any of their belongings, agrees that they have done so outside of the scope of their calling as a "Minister of Love" & thereby relinquishes their protection by our laws & is encouraged to make other "Ministers of Love" aware of their dis-fellowshipping act or acts, & seek our help with restoration with STWTsm™.org, "Ministers of Love" & personally take full responsibility for restitution with the party or parties their personal act or actions may have caused any harm, damage or cost.

We do not have any Employees: We are all Individual, Autonomous & Collective "Ministers of Love". We do what we Love, What needs to be done, Love & take care of each others needs. We are a Part of Your Community that Loves You!

For Viewing, For Having, For Providing A Service to Us, You Agree, with Our Terms.