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For Viewing, For Having, For Providing A Service to Us, You Agree With Our Terms... WELCOME TO THIS POINT!   WARNING: If you have malice in Your Heart for any one of us,
put your malice behind you & join us in Loving Yourself, One Another & Your Neighbors, or keep your malice & GO AWAY NOW!  (Continued End of Page)
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Dream a Dream, together, You & Me!

Dream of You & Me, Loving One Another
Dream of You and Me, Loving Others
Doing for others, what we'd have them Do for U & Me.
One is Overcome. Together it is Difficult to Defeat us.
We Can, We Will, Prosper In Health & Love Together.
"Dream a Dream" with me, of "People Loving People"
The Answer To Every Kind of Evil. "Ministers of Love".

We're No Longer Alone & Gullible, But Together & Wiser Now!
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:Roy: Thompson
First: Volunteer Host & Writer

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:Roy: Thompson
803 Splane Dr, Apt. B, West Monroe, Louisiana 71291

Phone (225) 612-9713 
In 1987 with the publishing of "Where Forever Stops... a collection of poetry & performing "Poetry Concerts" I briefly experienced what it is like for businesses to treat me like a VIP, to order anything I like to eat, stay in expensive hotel rooms, drive the sports car doctors liked, more dates than a sane man needs & having women waiting to meet me at a local club (Thanks "Mike Roberts").

I learned this Fame & Fortune for me, was not part of a journey to "Coherent Satisfaction”. Last, I was offered advertising as "Americana's Christian Romantic Poet" and preforming with popular singers and groups (Thanks Mickey Humphreys [deceased] & Dr. Kevin Finley [Dentist] for being a part of extending such love to me). I left this to pursue "The Clearly Defined Worthy End Goal of Coherent Satisfaction". 

A journey to Coherent Satisfaction I am enthusiastically continuing today.

Lake Providence Louisiana


Children of Hunger

Poorest Places Global

We Believe in Loving Ourselves, One Another & Our Neighbors, "Pure Love & Pure Truth".
Our Worship, Our Sacraments, "Acts of Worship" are acts of "Pure Love & Pure Truth"
actuating into reality, "Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another & Our Neighbors"....

       $807 monthly SS, Poor in USA, Top 10% Richest in the World. 5/2017   Go Figure!     Take A Look & See:    

You and I are not as healthy as we can be unless we are 
Brain Healthy, > > > > > > >
Emotionally Healthy, Physically Healthy & Spiritually (Love Yourself, Love One Another & Love Your Neighbors, Which Includes Everyone), Healthy. 

None of use, no matter how much money we have, how intelligent we are, no matter how popular we are or how Emotionally, Mentally, Physically
Brain Healthy, > > > > >
Spiritually (Love Yourself, Love One Another & Love Your Neighbors, which includes everyone) healthy we think we are, are not complete without taking into account our "Coherent Satisfaction". 

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines COHERENT as: LOGICALLY OR AESTHETICALLY ORDERED OR INTEGRATED: CONSISTENT {coherent style} {a coherent argument} b : having clarity or intelligibility : understandable and INCOHERENT as: lacking coherence: as a : lacking cohesion : loose b : LACKING ORDERLY CONTINUITY, ARRANGEMENT, OR RELEVANCE : inconsistent c : lacking normal clarity . . .

. . . or intelligibility in speech or thought and SATISFACTION as: a : fulfillment of a need or want, convinced assurance or certainty. Therefore,   "Coherent Satisfaction" is the best way I could find to describe this most basic of all human needs. 

"The drive and quest within each of us to make the right decision. To Be Right! 

To be on the road or journey to the most beneficial end for us and for those we love as our decisions effect their choices also." 

Studying "The Five Languages of Love" by Dr. Gary Chapman, "The Six Human Needs" by Anthony (Tony) Robbins and "The 7 Habits of Successful People" by Stephen R. Covey, all of them woefully have failed to adequately address the most basic, most vital need we have and that is the need in all our hearts, in our minds and the very essence of our life force within each of us to be correct in our life’s focus, to have believed in the Truth rather than a deception. To be on a Clearly Defined Worthy End Goal Journey that is in unity with the Clearly Defined Worthy End Goal Journey of The Creator of All Things for All Things in Our Created Cosmos, All Things, Everything. 

Coherent Satisfaction is available to those of us who are willing to
keep only that which is of 100% Pure Love and 100% Pure Truth, complete by the proofs of evidence and facts while throwing everything out that is tainted, that contains the lest amount of deception of misdirection away from “Pure Love for One Another” and “The Pure Truth about Everything”. 

I encourage you to take responsibility for your own Coherent Satisfaction and Your Own Health! 

4Test 4All Things 
Truth, Evidence & Facts can best be determined by putting all, every thing to the 4Test 4All Things

1) Production of Fruit(2) Investment of Treasures, (3) Logical, Practical Reasoning (4) Clearly Defined Worthy End Goal. Is it misdirecting me away from "Pure Love & Pure Truth" or focusing me on, living out, "Pure Love & Pure Truth" adding Value, Meaning, Significance (which differs for everyone), Health, "Pure Love & Pure Truth", to my life or not?

Religion: Simple Definition: Wester's traces back to an
Latin word religo meaning "taboo, restraint." Deeper study shows 2 words re & ligare. Re a prefix meaning: "retrun," & ligare means "to bind;" /"return to bondage". 
Value Added Ministry: Their are two (2) basic needs in every human being, #1 is to believe with certainty that they themselves, their lives are valuable, significant, important & #2 to also believe with certainty that they are on the right journey, path so that at the end of their lives they have lived for what is truly worth living for. That is what I call "Coherent Satisfaction".  

When a child or adult is dying I believe it is better to get that child or adult to blink their eye, raise their hand, do something, anything, even if it pains them to do so because they will inspire others when they do, and because they are needed, they truly are important and we want them to know this, as long as they are with us in their "Free Body Life". Tough, but Our Job of Loving & being of real help to Others
NOTE: From video 5 in playlist above: Studies show as the expensiveness of a car increases the drivers tendency to break the law increases as well. None of the cars in the lest expensive category broke the law. Close to 50% of the cars in the most expensive category broke the law. 

Other studies show that show that wealthier individuals are more likely to lie in negotiations, to endorse unethical behaviors at work like stealing cash from the cash register, taking bribes, lying to customers. This does not suggest that it is only wealthy individuals that display these behavior patterns. Most individuals struggle day to day with these competing motivations of when & if to put our own interest above the interest of honesty, integrity & other's interest & the American dream of all of us having an equal opportunity for Success (The Progressive Realization of a Worthy End Goal of Pure Love & Pure Truth, Loving Ourselves (meaning: sometimes we need to put our own interest above the interest & well being of others), Loving One Another & Loving our neighbors. as long as we apply ourselves & work smart & hard to do so. 

What the studies are showing is that the wealthier you are the more likely you are to pursue a vision of personal gain of achievement & accomplishments to the detriment of others around you. i.e. the top 20% of the population own close to 90% of the total wealth in this country. 

While the studies show the wealthier you are the more you have a tendency to put your own vision of wealth accumulation above the needs of others & are willing to do things to serve that selfish greedy interest there is every reason to think that these patterns will only get worse. Everyone not just the people at the bottom of economic inequality does worse, not just the people at the bottom. That is why changing this is important!!!! 
So Everyone Rich & Poor Individual Can Do Better with a more enjoyable & longer healthy life also. 
Further Studies Show: Small Psychological Interventions, Small Changes to People's Values, Small Nudges In Positive, More Loving "Pure Love & Pure Truth" Directions, Can Restore Levels of Compassion & Love, Integrity with our selfness (A Product of our Creator "Pure Spirit, 'Pure Love & Pure Truth") with Compassion & Love for Ourselves & Others that cause Wealthy Individuals to be just as Compassionate & Loving as Poor People. 

Watch Video> Start at 14:00 minutes. Shows the intervention of reality can & does change a rich individuals heart for "Pure Love & Pure Truth" advantages of Loving & Caring for Others. Loving Ourselves, One Another & Our Neighbors.  

Everyone is transformed, that visions
"Pure Love & Pure Truthand Purposes
"Pure Love & Pure Truthwith a Passion
All Other Paths are Less Rewarding.
We can Master Language or Be Mastered by Those Who Do!

The most dangerous mind set is that of those who believe they know the truth, that they have a grasp on what reality really is when in reality they do not! They do not have to or want to put what they know to the 4Test 4All Things because they know they are right without questioning those things that they know that they know! Even though they are 100% WRONG BY ALL THE EVIDENCE OF TRUTH, EVIDENCE & FACTS!  [Check All Things Our for Yourself]

This makes these people in
Academia, GovernmentScience & Religion, Dangerous to our health. 

Now, as Science is verifying killer long term subconscious
stress as responsible for as much as 86% of doctor visits & premature deaths. Coupling this with Sciences' discoveries of our DNA memory reaching back to our first grand parents, Adman & Eve, which DNA Scientist have identified, makes Religious false beliefs among the most dangerous killers of Humans worldwide.
Miss-translations, transliterations & substitutions of words by disguising their original meaning, origin & original pronunciation traditions their deception by keeping the words emotional response,  causes us to overlook, not to see, the Logical, Reasonable, Appropriately Questionable, Truth, Evidence & Facts before us.
We're traditionalized into not seeing Logical, Reasonable & Appropriate Questions needing answers by studying Academia, Religions & Science within their "Round Pen of traditional Knowledge", instead of investigating them
on our own. Using the 4Test 4All Things.

4Test 4All Things
Testing Everything in Academia, Health, Religion & Science (AHRS) Systems reveals they've been designed to deceive us into staying away from asking Questions which may lead us to Knowing, Understanding & Unifying ourselves with others
who vision "Pure Love & Pure Truth" with a passion. Deceiving us into traditional thinking putting blinders
between our eyes & appropriate, logical questionings.  

Visioning Pure Love & Pure Truth leads to
Freedom from gullible, acceptance of deceptions. 

See: 4Test 4All Things". Never, Never, Never Quite Learning, Never, Stop Asking Questions & Investigating Every Thing...
Science from studying "Outside of Science' Academia Looking Into, Investigating it on your own".      Example: 

Roy's First Poem:
   2017 Edition


A Man, A Man, I shall be
a man of great love 
               and loyalty

a man of great courage and

a man of great honor 
         and heroic deeds...

But, Abba Father, Daddy?
What is this 
you are telling me?

That the Greatest Battles
I might fight 
are not on horse 
with armor bright?

But in my home both 
          day and night?

Against my own lack
            of caring.
lack of empathy, 
and lack of sharing???

That my rewards of victories
--land & cattle may not be
--but a share of 
--dishpan hands
--dirty babe's behinds
--and clothes to be 
hung out on the line.

Can't I just work 
      and buy the bread?
      Pay for a place
      to lay our heads?

Must I help make the beds?
     Knead the dough?

     Listen to my wife
     and children's woes?

But this can not be....

    this far exceeds 
    My Self Interest
    and Macho Image
    ---- Can't You See?

My Abba Father, 
Always Loving
Creator Daddy!!!! 
Help Me!  
Or a real man 
I shall never be  ... ... ...
2Ways, 2Methods, 2Systems 2Study Everything pertaining to Academia, Religion & Science:

1) From The Inside Out, going for their certifications, licenses & degrees or self learning.

2) From The Outside In, going for expanding your knowledge & maybe qualifying for some of Academia's certifications or degrees.

Both can provide a guanine opportunity for Truth, Evidence & Facts if you fully utalize the 4Test 4All Things.  

Jayron WilliamsKLove,
Laura Parker&Garnett Thompson

STWT has 2 Investigative Researchers besides myself, "CE" who began helping me in 1997 in the USA & 1 other "PL" later from Canada (as Investigative Researchers for DoctoringConsultants .org, We do not take perks or $ for recommendations of products or services nor do we sell anything. We do give some places you can get products but we do not accept kickbacks for our recommendation. You are responsible for checking out the places you buy from for yourself. With the exception of myself all of Researchers are anonymous. 

The 2two Investigative Researchers & Friend & Family below have been relentless in their encouragement & help & significantly add value to my life & work with

Friend & STWT Colleague: :Jayron-DarnellWilliamsKLove "My Daughter", 
Mrs. Laura Parker, younger sister & Miss. Garnett Thompson my youngest sister. 
Environmental Science
Food, Farming

KLove :Rachel-Selena:

We're, Non-Combative, Economical, Environmental, Physical & Spiritual (Love & Truth) Medics, "Pilgrims", "Ministers of Love"...
We Believe in Loving Ourselves, One Another & Our Neighbors, "Pure Love & Pure Truth". Our Worship, Our Sacraments, "Acts of Worship" are acts of "Pure Love & Pure Truth" actuating into reality, "Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another & Our Neighbors"....
For Safer, Economically, Environmentally, Physically Healthy & Loving Family Neighborhoods
Saving The World Together (STWT) is an Assembly, Congregation, Ecclesia of People Who Believes In Actuating into reality, "Loving Ourselves, One Another & Our Neighbors".
We Believe In Truth, Evidence & Facts, Worship: "Pure Love & Pure Truth" by Actuating it through Our love 4One Another, meeting together the 1st-7th weekday for schooling
Our Youngest to Oldest in the practice of "Doing What We Love, What Needs to be Done, Loving & Taking Care of Each Others Needs, Visioning "Pure Love & Pure Truth" Focus.
STWT does not sale products or take perks for recommending them, we do share some places you can get need things but you need to check them out for yourself.
Our Laws are Superior by Agreement & Precedence of Common Universal Laws Based on Love. Viewing, Attending, "Good Samaritan Neighborhood Ministers", STWT members Do Not Own Any Properties of STWT. The Only Thing Each of us Owns is Responsibility to Love & Care for each other's Needs. Together We are difficult to defeat and Love You!
Keeping our commitments, not using coercion or deception against others is the foundation for all law. All Law is Fulfilled by Loving Ourselves, Each Other and Our Neighbors.

Rich/Poor & Compassion
,  Race & Religion,   Membership Easy!,   Getting Started.    STWT Stories: 1) Coherent Satisfaction2) Health Challenges
LAWS    |    Neighborhood Ministers     TEAMS:  1) Community,    2) Administration,    3) Republic Rule of Law,    4) RRTeams    |    Training Centers

(Continued from Top of Page)

In today's insane world of greed far too often it has become an enigma in our society of climbing over the rights & freedoms of others to assure more profits for one's self, company & or incorporation, who makes full & twisted use of Law to subjugate & rob from you & me while we are out to just stretch our legs & get a new, clean & fresh breath of air.  This is the greed for money, power & control over others evolved into insanity itself, gone fully mad.

Seemingly with nowhere to turn under the Universal Law of Agreements & Ancient, Precedence & Well Established Ecclesiastical, Common & Universal Law rises, Saving The World Together Ecclesia (Ekklesia) A Called Out, Assembly, Congregation of People to Love Themselves, One Another & Their Neighbors with real acts of help by Doing for One Another & Our Neighbors those things each of us & all of us would want each other & Our Neighbors to do for us & those we love also. 

The protection for our way of Loving Ourselves, One Another & Our Neighbors does not come with a gun & knife in our hands but in the from of Economical defense with Common Law Commercial Liens against the individuals & fictitious entities that try to or does harm against any one or more of us. We call this kind of misuse of power an Act of Aggression against all of us even if your aggression is targeted toward only one of our "Ministers of Love". 

We have Our Own Laws & Courts. A Precedent of Law thousands of years old. 

Our Laws Require you to notify us & give us the time to correct any wrong doings you believe we have or are doing before you take any type of action against any one of us or all of us. Taking Lawful action to demand any changes from us before notifying us is considered an "Act of Aggression" against us.
If it is against one of us it is against all of us, our Laws or "One for All" & "All for One". 

You would be well advised to bring any grievance you may have directly to us as you have agreed to do by proceeding to this point. 

Our Laws also state that each of us & All of Us are to Love You & Do for You what We would want You to Do for Us & Those We Love, Also. 

Our Laws does not restrict us from defending ourselves, family, friends & Neighbors but does not allow us to act aggressively toward you are anyone else or to break anyone else's Laws designed to protect & serve themselves. 

Law 10) PROMENADE: (Our old-fashioned "Plan & Purpose" walk for pleasure, in full view of the public) Should any Minister of Love decide to act outside of our Laws of Love, at the moment they decide to do so & before they do the unloving act or acts which may cause harm to someone or any of their belongings, agrees that they have done so outside of the scope of their calling as a "Minister of Love" & thereby relinquishes their protection by our laws & is encouraged to make other "Ministers of Love" aware of their dis-fellowshipping act or acts, & seek our help with restoration with STWTsm™.org, "Ministers of Love" & personally take full responsibility for restitution with the party or parties their personal act or actions may have caused any harm, damage or cost.

We do not have any Employees: We are all Individual, Autonomous & Collective "Ministers of Love". We do what we Love, What needs to be done, Love & take care of each others needs. We are a Part of Your Community that Loves You!

For Viewing, For Having, For Providing A Service to Us, You Agree, with Our Terms.