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  For Viewing, For Having, For Providing A Service to Us, You Agree With Our Terms.-Welcome to this Point!--WARNING: If you have malice in Your Heart for any one of us,  put your malice 
  behind you & join us in Loving Yourself, One Another & Your Neighbors, or keep your malice & GO AWAY NOW!  
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Dream a Dream, together, You & Me!

Dream of You & Me, Loving One Another
Dream of You and Me, Loving Others
Doing for others, what we'd have them Do for U & Me.
One is Overcome. Together it is Difficult to Defeat us.
We Can, We Will, Prosper In Health & Love Together.
"Dream a Dream" with me, of "People Loving People"
The Answer To Every Kind of Evil. "Ministers of Love".
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Our Goal (Boss)-For Safer, Economically, Environmentally, Physically Healthy and Loving Family Neighborhoods 

LAWS    |    Neighborhood Ministers     TEAMS:  1) Community,    2) Response & Support,    3) Republic Rule of Law,    4) RRTeams    |    Training Centers 
Our Training Centers are Located in, part of or an extension of our Library of Needful Things (.com)|

Local & Global Response & Support Teams

Response & Support Team Ministers are not bosses but Public Servants of the Muliti-Neighborhoods Community and Ministers of Love (whom they where Elected by; to help support and act as a public interface), annually, after a Full 360 Evaluation of nominees who agree to use the 4Test 4All Things to help keep us all on track with Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another & Loving All Our Neighbors with Our Motto being, "We do what we love doing, what needs to be done, Love and help take care of each other's needs". Note: Before nominations may be accepted STWT Ministers must be active members of: / Our Only Boss Is: Our Clearly Defined Worthy End Goal:
For Safer, Economically, Environmentally, Physically Healthy & Loving Family Neighborhoods 

"Our Enemies r The Lack of Knowledge, Lack of Understanding & The Lack of Unity". Take Someone With You, Apprentice Love & Skills.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. 
Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever haveMargaret Meed

Good Samaritan Family Neighborhood Ministers

All members of "Saving The World Together" are "Ministers of Love" who are all "Good Samaritan Family Neighborhood Ministers" by their very inborn nature of being hardwired for compassion & to love others. We all share the following beliefs in: 

1: We're, Non-Combative, Economical, Environmental, Physical & Spiritual (Love & Truth) Medics, "Pilgrims", "Ministers of Love"
We Believe in Loving Ourselves, One Another & Our Neighbors, "Pure Love & Pure Truth". Our Worship, Our Sacraments, "Acts of Worship" are acts of "Pure Love & Pure Truth" actuating into reality, "Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another & All Our Neighbors".

2: Each of us doing those things we Love Doing, those things that need to be done (within our abilities, means, resources & with other's help), Loving & caring for each other's needs (within our abilities, means, resources & with other's help as we are lead by Pure Love & Pure Truth from within ourselves to do so)

3: We are Self Organizing! Meaning that we have no boss other than Our Clearly Defined Worthy End Goal which is to develop Safer, Economically, Environmentally, Physically Healthy & Loving Family Multiple Neighborhood, Communities.

Our Jobs: as a Minister of Love, Good Samaritan Family Neighborhood Ministers with Saving The World Together is: where we are, doing whatever we are doing, to be an example of:

A: Loving Ourselves, taking responsibility for Our own health.

B: Loving Our Family, Friends & Neighbors by encouraging them to take responsibility for their own health, also.

C: Make No Mistake, The First Thing We Need from Ourselves & Each other as a Good Samaritan Family Neighborhood Ministers is for Us to be be as physically & Mentally functional as possible.

D: We are Saving The World Together's "Ministry Boots ON The Ground" in Our Families, Neighborhoods & Communities.

So we "Ministers of Love" ask from One Another that we Listen to The "Pure Spirit" of "Pure Love & Pure Truth" which we believe abides in each of us, as to how to be of real help to others where we live and encourage each other to do it as each of us are lead to with the resources & means we have to do so.

Our Motto Agreement is, We do what we Love, What Needs to be done (within our abilities, resources & means), Love & Care for One Another's needs (within our abilities, resources, means & help from others). [Our Motto Agreement is what is known in other groups as a Creed, Declaration or Oath. Our Motto Agreement is our system, codification of our way of life beliefs.) 


1) For Loving & Caring For: "Ourselves", "Saving The World Together's Ministers of LoveOur Family, Friends & Neighbors!". 

>Our 1st Priority as "Ministers of Love" "Good Samaritan Family Neighborhood Ministers" is to take responsibility for your own health. STWT needs us, "Ministers of Love", "Good Samaritan Family Neighborhood Ministers" healthy, well & functional to the maximum extent that is possible in a way that each of us is lead to by the "Pure Love & Pure Truth" within each of us to do so.  

>Our 2nd Priorityas "Ministers of Love" "Good Samaritan Family Neighborhood Ministers" is to Love & be of encouragement and help to Our familyfriends & neighbors in taking responsibility for their own health & well being in a way that we are lead by the "Pure Love & Pure Truth" within themselves to do so.

>Our 3rd Priority as a "Ministers of Love" "Good Samaritan Family Neighborhood Ministers" is to "Do What We Love, What Needs to be done, Love & help care for "other Ministers of Love" "Good Samaritan Family Neighborhood Ministers" needs, as we have the means and are lead to do so by the "Pure Love & Pure Truth" from within Ourselves.

>Our Priority Ministry Places away from our homes shall be the Poorest Places. To start in USA that will be Lake Providence, Louisiana. To start in the World that will be Bolivia. Our Centers, Farms, Ranches & Villages as possible avoid doing business or working with fictitious entities, corporations & ministries & businesses which are not 100% Worker Owned with all having the same amount of ownership & Self Organized & Zero Waste, EMF Maximum Healthy & Safe & Maximum Healthy Food™©sm places.

There AreTwo classifications of "Ministers of Love" Good Samaritan Family Neighborhood Ministers
APrivate Neighborhood Ministers & BPublic Community Response & Community Support Team Ministers.

A) Private Neighborhood Team Ministers:
Our Ministry is to Ourselves, Family, Friends & Neighbors is what we want to & are lead to exclusively focus on. 

BPublic Community Team Ministers
>Our 4th Priority if we are lead by "Pure Love & Pure Truth" from within each of us
is to try out for actively work with the "Public Community Response & or Support Team Ministers". This Response Team maybe compared with being a member of the Army Reserves in the secular world. Community Team Ministers are expected to be on call, show up 15 minutes early to meetings, ready fully equipped & prepared for the expected & unexpected task at hand.

For students living with parents this will mean the help & understanding of parents & our Public Safety, Learning, Media, Film & Farming School facilitators. 

For Business people this will mean the help of Business partners, etc.  

For Retired people & all of us this will mean, Vision, Dedication & a mind set of purpose for loving & being of real help to others.

Each Community Self Organizes & establishes with training through their own Community Training Centers.

Part of the Local Neighborhoods, Community, School & Global Teams are the "Hosting Teams". 
Volunteer Hosting Teams which are made up of Learning, Media, Film, Farming & people from other skill sets that like our 1st Host & Writer :Roy: Thompson, KLove :Rachel-Salena: Crain, :Jayron-Darnell: Williams, :Garnett-Mary-Alice: Thompson & invite, :Laura-Gay: Parker, 
were not voted in but rose to met a need they saw needed doing & wanted to do or were invited by some one else to do, Keeping In Mind Our Motto: We do what we Love Doing, What Needs to be done, Love & Help Take Care of One Another's Needs. Therefore Our Job Descriptions from day one is Want To, Desire To & Act as you are lead by "Pure Love & Pure Truth" to do. This is encouraged in all of our Local & Global Family.
Go For It!      Just Do It!      Be U with US (Sign Up)

Our Local & Global Republic Rule of Law Teams & RRTeams will see to it you are added into our annual 360 evaluation & voting if required by the Local & or Global Teams you and your work fits into or most effects. NOTE: Local Private & Public Minister Teams are our supreme and final courts.

Making The World a Better Place

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--  For Viewing, For Having, For Providing A Service to Us,YouAgree, with Our Terms.