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  For Viewing, For Having, For Providing A Service to Us, You Agree With Our Terms.-Welcome to this Point!--WARNING If you have malice in Your Heart for any one of us,  put your malice behind you & join us in Loving Yourself, One Another & Your Neighbors, or keep your malice & GO AWAY NOW!  (Continued End of Page)   (History $ IRS          CSPOA Constitutional Sheriffs        

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Dream a Dream, together, You & Me!

Dream of You & Me, Loving One Another
Dream of You and Me, Loving Others
Doing for others, what we'd have them Do for U & Me.
One is Overcome. Together it is Difficult to Defeat us.
We Can, We Will, Prosper In Health & Love Together.
"Dream a Dream" with me, of "People Loving People"
The Answer To Every Kind of Evil. "Ministers of Love".
We're No Longer Alone & Gullible, But Together & Wiser Now!
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All Videos & Outside Materials in or linked to this website are for general
 not for agreement with use of words, ideas, concepts or religion.
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 Assembling, Congregating, Building Up An Ecclesia of People, Who Love Themselves, Loves One Another & Loves All of Their Neighbors for Saving The World Together.

          For Safer, Economically, Environmentally, Physically Healthy & Loving Family Neighborhoods          


 ::::   MOTTO: We Do What We love to do, What needs to be done, Love & help take care of Each Others Needs  ::::

Original Hosting Team:   [Site seems to work best at 90% zoom]
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Saving The World Together (STWT) (United Sates IRS Classification: Non-Registered, Never Incorporated 501c3 Church) [Assembly, Congregation, Ekklesia]. STWT "Ministers of LoveGood Samaritan Family Neighborhood
Ministers" plans helping Develop Small to Large Farm, Urban, House, Condo, Apartment & Tent Dwelling Peoples into Sustainable Abundance Villages and LovingBill of RightsConstitutional, fully funded Volunteer Departments for All of their Elected Peoples. See "Atamai Village" video.

          We encourage everyone who can afford it, to become an active member of:  Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association




Don't be easily tricked - enslaved into believing deception, test everythingout for yourself form it's very beginning. Keep Pure Love & Pure Truth, let go of everything else. 

People aren't free who allow kings, politicians & priest to make laws they have to pay for & obey. They are slaves to those making public & religious laws & those who bribe, coerce & threatened them.

Democracy is the last trick the insane greed mongers have to enslave people before they can establish a Republic government, based on the laws of loving themselves, one another & their neighbors.

Law 18) To Do Good, Treaty Agreement!
SavingTheWorldTogether™©sm (STWT) 
To Do Good, Good Samaritan
Family Neighborhoods, Community
Non-Amendable Treaty Agreement

As STWT an Assembly, Congregation, Ecclesia of those called out to Love Ourselves, Love Our Families, Love Our Friends & Love All of Our Neighbors are congregated for creating Economically, Environmentally, Physically Healthy Loving, Family Neighborhoods, Communities of 
Non-Combative, Economical, Environmental, Physical & Spiritual (Love One Another), Medics, "Ministers of Love" "Good Samaritan Family Neighborhoods, Community Ministers" and
[Sheriff/Police Chief/Other Elected People] 

Office Title:__________________________________________________

(name: ______________________________________________________

Elected by the people's of: _______________________________, whose confidence is enhanced by STWT's Non-Amendable Laws such as LAW 10) PROMENADE ("Our old-fashioned "Plan & Purpose" walk for pleasure, in full view of the public) Should any Minister of Love decide to act outside of our Laws of Love, at the moment they decide to do so & before they do the unloving act or acts which may cause harm to someone or any of their belongings, agrees that they have done so outside of the scope of their calling as a "Minister of Love" & thereby relinquishes their protection by our laws & is encouraged to make other "Ministers of Love" aware of their dis-fellowshipping act or acts, & seek our help with restoration with STWT™©sm [.org], "Ministers of Love" & personally take full responsibility for restitution with the party or parties their personal act or actions may have caused any harm, damage or cost."; provides intent of lawful coherence, I therefore agree to the following:

I Do hereby agree to provide Diplomatic Immunity "To Do Good" and protection "To Do Good" to the extent it is possible from STWTMinisters being interfered with as they actively pursue their form of worship & implementation of their sacraments of worship which is to Love Themselves, One Another & Love All of Their Neighbors seeking "To Do Good", Green (meaning help provide Organic Foods, Safe Ecological & Healthy helpful Actions & Things) for themselves & one another & my office & other elected officials offices and the people's we serve at STWT's own cost. Which includes to work at the developing of a self funded volunteer department for My & Each Elected Government Official's office with STWT's directive being to goal the working under the authority of the Elected Officials Job Description & with the Elected People themselves helping to bring continuity from one Elected Officer to the next for helping to add value and more interactive meaningful transitions and operations for the Elected and the Peoples their office serves.

Signatures & Witnesses... This is non-amendable law.

We the people must have for ourselves the right to develop, adopt, challenge, modify & nullify laws that we, our children, friends & neighbors have to pay for & obey or reconcile ourselves to being the salves of those who do

We can 
Master Language 
or Be Mastered
by Those Who Do!

Law 16) 
We Support the concept that, People are not truly free with the liberty to make choice, unless they have the right & process to vote on the creation, modification, challenge & deletion, nullification of all laws, statues, policies, & procedures they, their children & neighbors have to pay for & obey.

Until that time is, we live in a governance of people with people we love & desire to be of real & valuable help to; this includes the people working in their governance & those living with in their governance. 

This is non-amendable law.


School Security
Home Security
Sheriff: Home, City, Village, County
Bad Cops

Believers SelfDefense

Gangs: The Growing 9th Largest Army in The World 

"Believers Self Defense" is about you Being & Doing what is right for you! Our hero's in the videos on this page & Desmond Doss "Congressional Medal of Honor winner are both Hero's for protecting the lives & rights of human beings.  I was raised in a family of Hero's. My grandpa "W. L. Thompson" was what you would call today a secret service man. He had one eye & successfully went rabbit with a pistol, was sheriff of New Orleans, Louisiana & Politician unsuccessfully run for Louisiana Governor several times. My dad, W. L. Thompson Jr. was a military sniper turned home missionary & pastor. My Uncle Ivy Thompson was all Marine fighting champion, turned professional boxer who after 14 straight knockouts with nothing else to prove & avoid a fight with the mobsters controlling boxing quit instead of through his next fight, warning the mobsters that if they followed him or messed with their family they would not only being fighting against him but all his marine buddy's which would be a fight he assure them they could not win. They Never Bothered Ivy after that. My Uncle Joe Terry Veteran turned professional wrestler was a joy to me. Just thinking about him today puts a smile on my face & laughter in my tummy & over whelms me with safe and warmed hearted feeling.

I learned from the man in my family to love & respect everyone, especially veterans.  I learned first the art and rewards of avoiding fighting. My name for this is Inging. Compared with my Grandpa & Dad, I Hunted best with a shotgun. I used a 20 Gage shotgun & would have been more successful if I had a 1-10gage shotgun. LOL

I was of the smallest weight among us Thompson men being an Asthmatic & sick much of the time. Eventually classified as 4F preventing me from joining the military which at that time I desperately wanted to do when I was old enough to join. When I went to join up I learned my Dad & Family Doctor had already managed to make sure none of the military would let me join. Dad figured I was hard headed & determined as much as any of the Thompson family & may have found a away to join if I could. LOL of course he was right. I Love My Dad.  I think the recruiting officers of the various branches of military services loved my never give up tensity and wanted to reward my efforts by telling me something like this, "We do not care if you could out fight everyone of us, your asthma could get you and others of us killed.  If you come back we will call the sheriff and have you arrested". Of course they where right and still today everyone who wears a uniform is my hero, even if they are among those who have lost their way, sometimes.   

A few years latter, getting over feeling sorry for myself, it was beginning to sink into my thick & very hard head that listening to Our "Pure Love & Pure Truth" Always Loving Creator of All Things was always a more positive outcome than not listening and "Pure Love & Pure Truth's" plan & purpose for my life did not include military service. 

I liked the idea of being a Kind, Gentle but Very Tough Guy.  The Whole Male Macho Carp was fully vested in my over imaginary ego.  All of us know to many guys filled with the same macho carp as me then. LOL. 

However when I was 20 years old I wanted to work in home missions (My dad was a home missionary & pastor who loved Greek & Hebrew languages & had a doctorate degree. He let me use his library of lexicons, concordances & research materials which I had spread over the entire living room floor with a path to walk through the room.  

It was in that time that, "Pure Love & Pure Truth" Creator of All Things told me to:

1) put up all the books, including the 66+ Collection of Ancient Historical Writings most call the Bible. To find Him first in Science, Truth, Evidence & Facts outside the 66+ and then take a look at the 66+ from the outside looking in.  
2) To tell the people around me and that I meet through the missions I work in:
2A: If they do not have love for one another in their hearts,
2B: If they do not have a witness in their spirits that Love for Themselves & Others lives inside of them, 
2C: If they do not have evidence in their living that "Pure Love & Pure Truth" has changed their lives,
Then just ask, "Pure Love & Pure Truth" The Creator of All Things" to make "Pure Love & Pure Truth" Real To Them & It Will Be So.

3) Not to train or fight to defined myself anymore,

4) To retire my weapons.
and His "Pure Love & Pure Truth" self will take care of me.

4) Above was proven a few years latter when I steped out of a car only to have a man shot at me from such a close range that even I could have easily hit the target every time. All of the shooter's bullets where turned to air? I guess, for to Vince Scotia (I am sure I've misspelled his name, over six toot tall who almost always carried a gun but not on that day), said the man fired 5 times at me. Vince could hardly believe I was unharmed.

The Point Is: Believers Self Defense: Is not taking up arms or being a Conscious Objector!
The Point is: Listening to and following the "Pure Spirit of Pure Love & Pure Truth" living within you is your greatest defense and offense when it comes to you living out your life for the happiest & fullest Coherent Satisfaction you can experience in this your free body life existence.  

Hero's in real life includes gun owners & Consciousness Objectors like "Congressional Medal of Honor Recipient Desmond Doss of Hacksaw Ridge (See Video Playlist on your right below).     

                                                                                                                                 Desmond Doss: Conscientious Objector, Congressional Medal of Honor Winner.  

Our Common Beliefs are:
1) We all Love OurselvesLove One Another & Love All of Our Neighbors
2) Those of us who work within Our Management Support Team also believe in practising the putting of All/Everything to the 4Test 4All ThingsThis Does Not Mean: That any of us, or all of us will come to the same conclusion about any one thing at any given time, nor or we expected toWhat This Truly Means is ThatThe Members of Our Management Support Teams use the 4Test 4All Things consitantly to help keep us from being Easily Tricked, Misdirected, Decieved Out of Staying On Tract with Our Beliefs & Practice, & Way of Life of 
Loving Ourselves, Loving One Another & Loving All of Our Neighbors.THE END

Be U with US (Sign Up)


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   Enjoy Your Free Life: Dance, Laugh, Love U, Each Other, All UR Neighbors, Work, Play & Sing, Together!     
Love, Trust, Self & Others.

   (Continued from Top of Page)

In today's insane world of greed far too often it has become an enigma in our society of climbing over the rights & freedoms of others to assure more profits for one's self, company & or incorporation, who makes full & twisted use of Law to subjugate & rob from you & me while we are out to just stretch our legs & get a new, clean & fresh breath of air.  This is the greed for money, power & control over others evolved into insanity itself, gone fully mad.

Seemingly with nowhere to turn under the Universal Law of Agreements & Ancient, Precedence & Well Established Ecclesiastical, Common & Universal Law rises, Saving The World Together Ecclesia (Ekklesia) A Called Out, Assembly, Congregation of People to Love Themselves, One Another & Their Neighbors with real acts of help by Doing for One Another & Our Neighbors those things each of us & all of us would want each other & Our Neighbors to do for us & those we love also. 

The protection for our way of Loving Ourselves, One Another & Our Neighbors does not come with a gun & knife in our hands but in the from of Economical defense with Common Law Commercial Liens against the individuals & fictitious entities that try to or does harm against any one or more of us. We call this kind of misuse of power an Act of Aggression against all of us even if your aggression is targeted toward only one of our "Ministers of Love". 

We have Our Own Laws & Courts, Precedent thousands of years old

Our Laws Require you to notify us & give us the time to correct any wrong doings you believe we have or are doing before you take any type of action against any one of us or all of us. Taking Lawful action to demand any changes from us before notifying us is considered an "Act of Aggression" against us. 
If it is against one of us it is against all of us, our Laws or "One for All" & "All for One". 

You would be well advised to bring any grievance you may have directly to us as you have agreed to do by proceeding to this point. 

Our Laws also state that each of us & All of Us are to Love You & Do for You what We would want You to Do for Us & Those We Love, Also. 

Our Laws does not restrict us from defending ourselves, family, friends & Neighbors but does not allow us to act aggressively toward you are anyone else or to break anyone else's Laws designed to protect & serve themselves. 

Law 10) PROMENADE: (Our old-fashioned "Plan & Purpose" walk for pleasure, in full view of the public) Should any Minister of Love decide to act outside of our Laws of Love, at the moment they decide to do so & before they do the unloving act or acts which may cause harm to someone or any of their belongings, agrees that they have done so outside of the scope of their calling as a "Minister of Love" & thereby relinquishes their protection by our laws & is encouraged to make other "Ministers of Love" aware of their dis-fellowshipping act or acts, & seek our help with restoration with STWTsm™.org, "Ministers of Love" & personally take full responsibility for restitution with the party or parties their personal act or actions may have caused any harm, damage or cost.

We do not have any Employees: We are all Individual, Autonomous & Collective "Ministers of Love". We do what we Love, What needs to be done, Love & take care of each others needs. We are a Part of Your Community that Loves You!

                                                                         For Viewing, For Having, For Providing A Service to Us, You Agree, with Our Terms.